You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your MEAT

With darn near 1,000 lbs of MEAT headed to KC it was clear that Pioli and crew targeted larger players on both sides of the line. This team is obviously trying to bulk up on the OL and push the pocket on the DL. Poe was a pick I had the Chiefs going after before the combine. Believe more or not but I did. Allen just screamed Pioli pick when Mayock talked about him on some Path to the Draft shows. Stephenson was one of the guys at the local pro day that I had a feeling about that the Chiefs would go after, but in a much later round. Now that we have our MEAT can we have our pudding?

First my thoughts on each pick so far.143445793_crop_650x440_medium

Dontari Poe - I will admit I threw my hands up for joy, and yelled "Called it" when we picked Poe. With his ability and Crennel's obvious faith in the guy to overlook lackluster game tape I knew Crennel could turn this guy into a beast. Look what he did with Shaun Smith, and journeyman/out of the league Amon Gordon, and out of scheme Glen Dorsey. Turned them all into good pieces with this defense. With Poe's ability I trust Crennel and Pleasant can get alot of snaps out of the guy. He definitly fits the MEAT category.

Now with that said, I still think we should have traded down to get extra picks in rounds 2-4. If one of those 2 "trade down opportunites" was only a few spots down then shame on Pioli for not taking it. I do think we could have had Poe at a few picks cheaper for a couple more draft picks. I am not knocking Poe. I am truly happy we have him. Just wanted Pioli to finesse the draft a bit to get more shots at some of the excellent talent that fell in rounds 2-4.


Jeff Allen - Pioli pick. Pure and simple. The kid reminds me alot of Hudson. Good technique, smarts, and agility. So it is not surprising that they plan on moving him to guard even though he played tackle. He is just a solid, hard working player. As Mayock said this kid has a very high floor. At worst you have good starter. If I had to give this pick a letter grade then it would be a B. Not a sexy pick, but got a dependable player at a position in need of upgrading. Allen will probably site for a year like Hudson, Asamoah, and Stanzi (had to throw my boy in there). He will add more bulk and strength on an already 307lb frame. More MEAT for a line that needed to get bigger.


Donald Stephenson - The guy isn't a BAD pick. Just not one I would have made in the third round. 4th round at the earliest, but a 5-7 round guy. I was at least hoping we would get him in those rounds, because then it would have been a "steal". Now, being the 3rd round, what can you expect from the guy. Insurance for Albert leaving? But what if we resign Albert? Then you just spent a 3rd rounder on a backup swing tackle. I get that adding depth is great, but we aren't THAT good of team just yet, where we can spend key picks on just adding depth for that year.

But Stephenson I saw play enough times on TV that I know he can bloom into a good enough tackle. Sort of like Albert. Good, but never great. I heard his name pop up several times throughout the draft process leading up to tonight. When he came to our pro day he really was the one guy I figured would get keyed in on by our staff. He has talent for sure. And it will be interesting to see what they do if Mims shows up and plays well. He was definitly a reach, but a solid piece of MEAT to add.

With three servings of MEAT can we now get our pudding? And by that I mean Safety depth (Martin, Iloka, Allen, Bernstine). RB depth (Miller, Turbin, Gray). WR Depth (McNutt), TE depth (Hanna). ILB competition (JMJ, Carder). CB depth (Boykin, Dennard). Even a FB for competition (Diehl). If we traded down in the first, even for a bit, we could have more shots at guys like these. But I think Safety depth, RB depth, and WR depth are the 3 more important needs at this point in that order. But don't be surprised if we add more MEAT (Crick, Chapman, Ta'amue, Daniels, Jones). I will say one piece of pudding we don't need any part of is Cousins. Unless he falls to the 6th or 7th then I would take him for a chance to develop on the practice squad. But we are fine for now at QB with who we have. More reps for Stanzi is a good thing.

With all this talk of MEAT I think I'm going to go make a chicken, turkey, and ham sandwich. The three best meats in one sandwich can't be wrong. RON SWANSON APPROVES THIS MESSAGE!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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