Recap of Poe in the 1st, and should the Chiefs trade up to the top of the 2nd?

The First round of the 2012 NFL draft is in the books with the Chiefs walking way with Poe (NT - Memephis) as not only the first DT/NT, but the first of ALL D-Lineman off the board at #11. RAC knows D-Lineman like Shanahan knows RBs, Haley knows WRs, Herm knows DBs so I think that Poe will do the damn deal and punches some folks in the mouths at Arrowhead on Sundays for years to come. Period, end of sentence, end of recap.

On to the 2nd round...Is there a player on the board right now worth trading up to the top of the second round to get??? Let's take a look (w/ Poll) after "The Jump"...

To move from #44 to #33 is 120 points (4th-5thish). Is there a player worth trading #44 & a 4th-or-5th to move up to #33 to get??? Here are 4 of the top 10 'best available' players right now (per



Courtney Upshaw (DE - Alabama): The Chiefs have contract renewals coming up for Dorsey, so drafting a player such as Upshaw would add insurance and depth. Just like Poe in the 1st, I trust RAC better than any coach to judge D-Line talent so if the Chiefs trade-up/land Upshaw I am optimistic he will work out well.

Courtney Upshaw Overview from -

Alabama head coach Nick Saban predicts that Upshaw can play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense or "put his hand in the dirt and play defensive end" in the NFL. Based on his play in college, regardless of where Upshaw lines up he will probably wind up in a quarterback's mug. Used as an edge rusher, sometimes as the Tide's so-called "Jack" linebacker and sometimes as an end, Upshaw thrashes blockers with great hand and arm action and shows ample speed and agility to find his way into the offensive backfield. He has instincts beyond that of a pure pass rusher, with an uncommon awareness for draws, screens, counters and reverses. Although he was not asked to drop into coverage often at Alabama, he has a fluid athleticism that may allow him to adapt to such a demand. In Alabama's 49-7 thrashing of Michigan State in last year's Capital One Bowl, Upshaw was voted MVP after a pair of sacks, five tackles (three for a loss) and a forced fumble. Upshaw benched 225 pounds 22 times at the Combine and like several teammates at Alabama's March 7 Pro Day, deferred a full workout until March 29. -



Cordy Glenn (OT - Georgia): Much like Dorsey at DE, Albert also has a contract renewal due soon and Glenn would add insurance and depth to OT. At 345 lbs with 35.75" arms and 10.13" hands and in addition to depth at OT Glenn is versatile enough he can add depth to Guard too.

Cordy Glenn Overview from -

This massive man looked like a natural when he was first thrown into starting role as a freshman. Glenn went on to tie a school record with 50 total starts, including 28 at left guard, 18 at left tackle and four at right guard. There was even talk about trying him on the defensive line, but it didn't happen. Glenn obliterates defenders on the run and was a very good pass protector in college, certainly a factor in Georgia finishing third in the SEC with an average of 413 yards of offense per game. Glenn appears most natural at guard, but was used at left tackle last season and in Senior Bowl workouts. He lacks an explosive first step -- perhaps quantified by a 23.5-inch vertical jump that was third-worst at the Scouting Combine -- so he will probably play inside in the NFL. He has all the strength you would expect of a man his size and then some, but somehow manages good enough footwork to be efficient much of the time as a pass blocker and can get downfield to pick off second level defenders, much to the surprise of both to scouts and the overwhelmed defenders themselves -



Coby Fleener (TE - Stanford): This would be a luxury pick as the Chiefs have Moeaki back as well as FA acquisition Kevin Boss, however Pioli loves him TEs and Fleener is the #1 TE in a lot of mock drafts.

Coby Fleener Overview from -

Fleener is another former star high school basketball player who has the leaping ability and soft, sure hands that are mandatory in that sport and a big asset in football. Fleener lined up at almost every eligible receiver position at Stanford and was a huge target for quarterback Andrew Luck. He showed a good feel for finding soft spots in zones and had the speed and guts to run across the middle to catch passes in stride without blinking. He is not built for, nor does he seem to relish those tough, in-line blocking assignments, although he was impressive on the bench press at the Scouting Combine, hoisting 225 pounds 27 times. He was most productive as a senior with 34 catches, 667 yards and 10 touchdowns, boosting his four-year totals to career totals in included 96 catches, 667 yards and ten touchdowns, 96 catches, 667 yards (16.1-yard average)and 10 scores. He is generally considered the best of a below average group of tight ends, but helped himself with a good workout at his pro day, where Luck even threw some bad passes so Fleener had the chance to look good catching them. -



Peter Konz (C - Wisconsin): I think this is the player the Chiefs 'might' be able to stay at #44 and still pick up (if we are real lucky). Another versatile O-Lineman who can play both Center and Guard positions adding depth to both and providing insurance for Lilja's re-up.

Peter Konz Overview from -

Konz (pronounced "Kahnz") is the dedicated type player coaches look for at center. He showed that and his high character when he made the decision to opt for the draft after his junior year. Konz wrote a letter of explanation for Badger fans, telling them, among other things, that he crammed 18 units into the fall semester so he could graduate this spring and, oh yes, he was getting married. Konz was equally accountable on the field, where his intensive off-field work was evident. His anticipation and alertness compensate for average quickness, so he still gets in position in time to take on defenders. Konz is more of a persistent, wall-off type of blocker than a physical mauler. In order to start in 30 college games, he overcame several setbacks including blood clots in both lungs (2009), a severely sprained ankle (2010) and a dislocated left ankle that kept him out of three games last season, including the Big Ten Championship Game, before he returned to play in the 2012 Rose Bowl against Oregon. -

All of these players had 1st round grades in MANY mock drafts...Is it worth moving up to the top of the second round to grab on of these players (or perhaps someone not listed)????

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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