2012 NFL Draft: 1st Round Reactions and Thoughts on Poe



Well the 1st Round is over and it was an interesting one to say the least. A record 8 trades took place and 3 RB's were taken in the first round (so much for Dime-A-Dozen).

Well rather than a "What I Saw" I am going to give my reactions and then thoughts on Poe.

  • Free Falling- Every year a tremendous player falls from where they think he will go. This year it was David Decastro who fell all the way into the Steelers. Everyone thought that KC was going to take him.
  • First picks were obvious- Luck, Kalil, RGIII and T-Rex went to the teams everyone thought they would. Blackmon went to Jacksonville when everyone thought he would go to the Rams.
  • Billy Boy Breaks the Mold- New England traded up twice which is against their model. Normally Bill likes to trade down but they had too many defensive needs. I think they traded up to get Dontae Hightower simply because they didn't want Baltimore to get him. I don't blame him.
  • No Offensive Linemen in the first for Pioli- My only thing Chiefs related until Dontari Poe. After thinking about it I had a feeling he was not taking an OL. Since coming to KC, all of the OL that he has taken has sat a year. While last year he was going to take Pouncey, he could not have been sure Casey Weigmann was going to play. When he could not budge Pouncey from Miami, he drafted Rodney Hudson in the second.

Now my thoughts on Poe.
I was not mad at the pick but just shocked. I was almost positive that Pioli was going to trade down. When the pick came in, Dontari Poe was the last name I thought. I had DeCastro, Floyd and Hightower higher but well that went right out the window.
Everyone says he lacks a motor but after hearing about having 3 Defensive Coordinators in 3 years, it made sense that he would not excell. Think Matt Cassel in KC. He has had a different OC every year since he started. With a player that needs to step up or improve, consistent coaching is where it is most important.
If RAC thinks Dontari Poe is going to be a good player, I will defer to him 100%. My scouting role model Mike Mayock described him as being like Haoli Ngata due to his versatility and athleticism. If Poe is half of what Ngata is then I will take it every day and twice on Sunday.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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