Poe; an attempt at reason

Look, I understand you are upset, you feel betrayed, you feel Pioli has failed you. Poe is not what you expected. DeCastro was there! Cox was there! Poe was a workout warrior and goes against everything Pioli has ever said. fBefore we jump off the ledge let's breath and take a look at some hope and some reason.

Poe has issue's but they are not well understood. Poe is NOT lazy, he is raw. Poe had to go through 3 defensive coordinators in college. Look I'm not trying to give excuses for lack of production in a terrible conference what I'm trying to do is give everyone a little bit of empathy and understanding. Back to the lazy issue, Poe has been praised by Mayock for his work ethic, hell you aren't going to succeed like he did at the combine without working extremely hard. If that isn't enough evidence then there is always this "DuBose says Poe is a dedicated athlete in the weight room and on the field" but I know what you are thinking "of course DuBose would say that, he coached the kid!!" well how about this then from ProFootballWeekly "Extremely versatile. Tough and durable. Solid character, work ethic and accountability.". Poe has issues but all of those issues can be traced to his lack of quality coaching. Follow me after the jump for more.

The best way to show how coaching has negatively affected Poe is to read scouting reports, so here is the report done by CBS sports.

"Relies often on a simple bull rush but it is only marginally productive due to the fact that Poe routinely stands up at contact, losing leverage and negating his own strength. Does not possess an adequate secondary move if his initial burst is contained. Too often struggles to disengage with blockers smaller and weaker than him. Needs to do a better job of using his height to his advantage and present to the quarterback obstacles to throw around."

All of the above show coaching didn't allow Poe to succeed as much as his abilities should have allowed him to. This continues to be shown with this quote also courtesy of CBSsports

Voted Team MVP and Defensive Player of the Year by his teammates. If Poe had returned for his senior season he would have been playing for his third head coach in four years.

Teammates voted this guy the Team MVP and Defensive Player of the year despite not having great stats. This shows me that he was impacting games, whether or not he was making plays. Furthermore maybe he was allowing his teammates to make plays which would make him EXACTLY the type of selfless player to play on the KC d line.

Now time to get excited. This kid has unworldly athletic ability and a great work ethic, that is the best combination of traits that is possible. Mayock said this kid reminded him of Jason Pierre Paul in the sense that both were raw but extremely athletically gifted and had great work ethics. If Poe develops then he will be that inside pass rusher that many of us have called for. Not only that but a subset of Hali-Bailey-Poe-Houston has the potential to become an elite pass rushing unit. The best part about that subset is we have also added extreme size in the middle so that we can stop the run even when we are in our sub set which is a great attribute to add to a pass stopping defense. Now if we use Poe as a DE and Powe can develop into a solid NT then we have a front three of Poe-Powe-Jackson. That is a lot of ifs and I understand that but this front would be amazing some one would get single coverage and be able to dominate. Pioli is IMO trying to replicate a Patriots front of solid run stuffers Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork and Richard Seymour. Will it work? I have no idea but you win football games by controlling the trenches and I have no problem focusing our first round draft picks here.

Finally, I am not asking you all to blindly support Poe, I am asking for everyone to breath and calmly think about what this pick could be. Make no doubt about it this is a risky pick he could be Haloti Ngata or he could be Ryan Sims but how many of you have called on Pioli before to start taking some risks and what better time to take a risk then at a point where the majority of our holes are filled. Look I wanted DeCastro, I really wanted Cox, and I have said before that I didn't want Poe. Maybe I am trying to convince myself, I don't know but what I do know is that if there was any coach that I would want to give a raw athletic freak to it's Crennel. This is a guy that got great production out of an aging Kelly Gregg, journeymen like Amon Gordon, Shaun Smith, Ron Edwards and Shaun Rogers, and has transformed our defense into one that could be a top 10 unit next year. Go Chiefs! In RAC I trust! and Beware the POE-POWE!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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