A Case For/Against Every Chiefs Option in the Draft

From the FanPosts. Nice work. -Chris

Happy Draftmus,

I'm going to go out and say this.... this is maybe the least nerve racking draft day I've had in some time. That being said, I think that what ever puzzle piece we get - it will be a valuable one. So as fun as it is to stress out on the day, just remember that everything might be fine with any player we get.

With that - I give you our options :


David DeCastro , G, Stanford : Some people on this forum think that I'm anti-DeCastro. He's a stud offensive lineman. The greatest case for DeCastro is a chapter from the best-selling novel WAR ROOM. The Chiefs top player on their draft board was Mike Pouncey. To the point that they were ready to trade UP for him but couldn't out-bid Miami. Pioli could be smoke screening to make sure DeCastro - an incredibly athletic lineman - comes home to Kansas City.

Why should you be excited : The 49ers did this a few years ago with Mike Singletarry and we know how Frank Gore did this year. It's also getting back to the basics of Kansas City Chiefs football - which is basically a power running game that frustrates defenses left / right.

The Case Against : I won't say that it's drafting DeCastro too high. The draft does have a multitude of guards, as many as 5 that could start on week 1. Pioli drafted and sat Jon Asamoah and Rodney Hudson for a year. Mostly to learn the system. He likes undersized but fast and smart players. Although DeCastro's size is a plus..... he might not be able to play anything other than guard ... the Chiefs might be better off in the short term drafting a LT that could play LG.... and it's unknown if Rodney Hudson is the Center of the future.

Luke Kuechly , LB, Boston College


Kuechly is a smart player. He's the guy you build a defense around. He's the person who the reporter interviews in the locker room. Adding him to Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, and Tamba Hali makes this a defense that could compete against the Ravens or Steelers. He can cover TEs and Taller targets. He also has the ability to be placed at all sections of the LB chart. He plays hard and reminds people, personality wise , of Scott Pioli.

Why you should be excited : The Chiefs get a player who is an extra leader on the field. He's the most reliable player on the defensive side of the ball in the draft.

The Case Against : in a 2-4-5 or 3-3-5 where does he stand? Belcher was taken off the field a lot last season. Also with teams running less and throwing to TEs more is the 2nd MLB position worth considering. Much like Derrick Johnson, he's not a terrific blitzer but that could be due to the fact that he wasn't asked to do that much in college.

Mark Barron , DB, Alabama


Simply put. The Chiefs got killed when teams attacked them with large TEs / WRs for the majority of the season. The Bills getting 3 TDs off of unknown Scott Chandler / Donald Jones .....was stealing from the Ravens gameplan against Kansas City in the playoff game. The LIons abused this as well. Although NT is considered to be a need.... the Chiefs two worst enemies amongst their starting lineup were Javon Belcher , Jon McGraw, and Kendrick Lewis.

Pioli wants to beat Manning but he also wants to beat Playoff Caliber Quarterbacks using a variation of the Spread. If he gets his way he'll be able to stop the Mannings, Bradys, Rivers, and Roethlesbergers from scoring and run the clock out w/ a running game. This doesn't spell the end for Kendrick Lewis, but it might make him more of a sub package. Regardless, KC could use depth in the secondary.

Barron actually played in a variation of the Chiefs offense that rotated players in different parts of space. He played Middle Linebacker and Outside Linebacker (which is DJ's spot) through out major games against LSU and Florida.

There are very few safeties that are ready to start in this draft. Most people say 2 - Barron and Harrison Smith.

Why You Should Get Excited : In the Crennel 3-4 QBs will try to audible to see which Safety is covering X and which is staying zone or on a blitz. Both Berry and Barron could alternate that role blurring (which is Crennel's style) the Chiefs scheme. PLUS THE RED BARRON is the COOLEST NICKNAME EVER FOR A DEFENSIVE BACK

The Case Against : The real case against is your comfortability in Lewis and your belief that Berry will come back in 100% healthy. If you look at Pro Bowlers like Troy Palaumua and Ed Reed they face injuries often and when they are injured their teams don't win.



Brockers is a run clogging machine that demanded double teams at LSU. The Chiefs seemed to like Brockers enough to have him come to KC and eat a meal w/ him. With Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey potentially off the team next years, this is - without question - a concern to Pioli.

He's a better prospect than either for a 3-4 and most people state that his potential has the highest celing in the draft (outside of Dontari Poe ... who in my opinion... has high potential because he was rotten in college)

Why you should get excited: Unlike some... I think he can find ways onto the field next year. He might not become a penciled in starter.... but he might find himself on the field as much as Amon Gordon or any starting NT. There should be something that should be said for the fact that the Chiefs could have 3 LSU players on the same line at the same time. Perhaps, with Dorsey and Jackson being in Contract years.... their might be an actual dominance that we've never seen or expected. Keep in mind that Green Bay fans were miserable with productivity until their Super Bowl year.

The Case Against : The LSU thing doesn't phase me. Les Miles runs the same D as Saban and as Bellicheck and as Crennel. You get a player that knows a large variation of the playbook before training camp which , as a coach, is one of the things draft experts don't harp on enough. The biggest issue that I have is that Jackson was actually a draft pick that was made w/ the style that Clancy Pendergast would use... NOT ROMEO CRENNEL. If Crennel was the DC in Year 1 of the Pioli era... I would bet that it'd be BJ Raji. Crennel tends to prefer literal Mammoths on the Line ... and they do very well w/ his coaching. Brockers is a bit lean for the types of players that were in New England and Cleveland.

Ryan Tannehill , QB, Texas A&M


Playoffs. More specifically - Playoff wins. Matt Cassel has very few BIG WINS let alone the fact that he was dissected like an 7th grade frog by Baltimore in an AT HOME playoff appearance. Kyle Orton gave the Chiefs an energy and confidence that they never played with in the final three games. Remember... we have a new head coach and a new OC... there could potentially be the same learning curve for Matt as there is Tannehill.

Tannehill is an exciting player to watch and a great person to root for. His footwork is great. When his game is on, he gets the ball into the right place to catch and make up yards after. His potential is sky high.

On top of everything, had Cassel never been hurt ... or in our sakes.... Orton.... the Chiefs could have made the playoffs last season. They need a back up that can play right away.

In terms of Free Agency... Kansas City is not a hot destination for QBs , and the market for high caliber Free Agent QBs has been dead for the last 5 years. The Broncos appear to be trying to WIN now and have little insight on the long term future. If the Chiefs land a hot QBOTF in the next few years... we could own the division for the next 10. You own the division with top caliber QBs. You go back in forth w/ average ones.

Why to get excited: Tannehill is the first Face of the Franchise QB drafted in EIGHT coaching changes. They can't afford to wait for the free agent market to open. We saw what happened w/ Manning.

The Case Against : What if he fails? If he fails, the Chiefs probably wouldn't have won w/ a Pro Bowl Guard + Medicore QB. That being said, the main argument is that asking for Tannehill is asking for a redo which could delay the team. The way the NFL works is that very few Top Tier QBs will ever leave the Top 10. That being said, some experts or fans believe that next year's class is signifantly better than Tannehill. My only concern is not the fact that the Chiefs would have to give up the farm for a shot at the Top Ten (assuming they make the playoffs ) but the fact that they might try to bet the farm and not even have enough to get the QB they want.

Tannehill might need a year on the bench. I don't really believe in those statements because proof has shown that with the RIGHT OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR you can make a simplified offense tick w/ a Rookie QB and still perform at a high level.

STEPHON GILMORE , DB , South Carolina


In my opinion , Gilmore is the 2nd best corner in the draft. I have him higher than Claiborne but lower than Jenkins. Although Brandon Flowers is great... you can't really put him on size. Gilmore shut down Julio Jones in his 2x appearances against him. The Chiefs have to face Vincent Jackson, Julio Jones, Marques Colston, Anquan Boldin, AJ Green, and in my opinion - Michael Floyd. Gilmore has some decent hands, but he's a very physical WR. He's as smart as they come as well.

A bit like Patrick Peterson, I could put him in at Safety and feel like I have a legit playmaker but I could also put him in at corner. Remember - Pioli still offered Brandon Carr a contract before Dallas beat us out. He knows the value of secondary depth.

Why to Get Excited : The Chiefs are going to be running 5-6 defensive backs per game as much as they will run a regular 3-4. Gilmore won't gamble unless the coaching staff tells him to. He's also a solid tackler and a leader.

The Case Against : Travis Daniels had a sleeper season for me and Javier Arenas appeared to be getting better. Perhpas the biggest question is w/ Jalil Brown who had a share of good and bad moments last season. If the Chiefs believe in Brown... there's no reason to draft Gilmore.

CORDY GLENN , T/G , Georgia


Glenn had a mainly dominant career at Georgia. He can play Tackle as well as Guard and could be a starter at guard this year and move to Tackle next season should Albert leave. With the market of Free Agent Tackles being next to nil, that would appear to be a Pioli move (ala drafting Baldwin to counter Bowe's impending free agency).

Glenn is smart and versatile. He played very well against higher competition than Stanford's DeCastro.

Why to Get Excited : I don't see much of a drop off in Glenn's guard play to DeCastros. DeCastro is better at guard but the Chiefs line will still be dominant w/ Glenn over Lilja.

The Case Against : Some might say Glenn is only a right tackle prospect which would defeat the puropse as Eric Winston is in KC for a long time. Bobby Massie in the 2nd Round might be the same value and versatility.

FLETCHER COX , DT , Mississippi State


Cox was a star on the MSU defense all year round. He's a Pioli type of player. Team Captain. Great Personality. He has the most pass rushing ability out of all of the 4-3 DTs / 3-4 DEs in the draft. His wingspan is excellent and he isn't afraid to get a paw up when chasing after the QB.

His best attribute is his hands. He wins battles that way and wins them often. That being said, he's a dominant run stopper than makes extremely clean wrap tackles.

Cox also has the frame to gain 20-30 pounds if need be and still get the results on the field. He's not a guy that gets rested easily, unlike other DTs.

Like Brockers... I think that Coach RAC would find ways to put Cox on the line. Especially on pass rushing downs.

Why to get excited: Perhaps it's counter productive, but Cox and Allen Bailey could be an insanely different duo than Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey. They are both considerably faster and more muscular than both. Both also have nickel and dime pass rush ability should they be asked to.

The Case Against: Cox might be best suited for a traditional 4-3 Defense. If Dorsey and Jackson have breakout years and the Chiefs want to re-sign Dorsey , Cox could find himself a lost cause like some DL in the past.

MELVIN INGRAM, LB/DL , South Carolina


Find a player more versatile than Ingram. He was a high school quarterback that played 9 positions while at South Carolina. He plays big in big games. Although he could play 4-3 DE , he was dropping back to Strong Safety on Hail Mary plays. Could be a Javon Kearse type of maniac.

He could potentially play 3-4 ILB in place of Belcher. And if you question him beating out Justin Houston, then perhaps I should ask you - Do Giants fans hate the full house of Osi , JPP, and Tuck in New York?

Since Vrabel came over, the Chiefs haven't had much diversity in pass rush. The saddest part could be that their 3rd leading pass rusher , Wallace Gilberry was not offered a contract this offseason (and hasn't been offered a contract by anyone else either).

Why to get excited: He's literally a Sub-Package DC's dream. He is selfless and plays like Lawrence Taylor and Ray Lewis's child on every down.

The Case Against: The Chiefs primary concern w/ MLB is pass coverage. Could Ingram cover Gronkowski for 15 yards? Also like JPP , he didn't start that often although he had a lions share of snaps.



Shea has moved up draft boards in an eerily similar way that Clay Matthews III did right before the draft. McClelin impresses in private work outs and on tape but is not a "combine" type of guy. He played in a whacky defense at Boise that was more like Notre Dame's four horsemen than the 3-4 but still dominated every position.

Draftnick's liken him to Brian Urlacher. From a player standpoint, he reminds me a lot of Ryan Kerrigan. That being said he could easily play 3-4 ILB fairly well. He'd be physical at the line w/ TEs and probably need a safety to play wingman.

Another team captain, he leads his underdog team like a general in big games.

Why to get excited: He has the motor of Jared Allen. The idea of having him rush behind the nose tackle just gave me goosebumps.

The Case Against :He played in an unconventional defense. He's smart but some of the techniques might cause him to be a bench player for most of the year ala Justin Houston. It's also a fairly decent gamble if he can't play ILB.

Other Options :

Dontari Powe - If Crennel sees something that he can get out of the guy... then I'll be on board. But I'll question the hustle

Michael Floyd : You need 4 starting WRs in the NFL not 2. Floyd was the best WR in college football last year based on his competition. That being said what sacres me is that he has DUIs more than the fact that we are fairly loaded. I know it was Jones fault that Baldwin got hurt, but Baldwin 's attitude caused part of the fight. Pioli could be gambling big if he put the two of them in a room together.

Riley Reiff : Reiff as a guard hasn't been discussed but I think it's possible.

Dre Kirkpatrick : We need someone to cover taller WRs. Kirkpatrick might be a Michael Jenkins type of Corner that could play a physical version of FS in the Chiefs D.

Janoris Jenkins : Best corner/return man in the draft. Is he a changed man?

Justin Blackmon : In my opinion he's a slot WR, but luckily the Chiefs need a slot WR.

Harrison Smith : Under-rated leader, could replace the important McGraw Role and allow Lewis to start for a year?

Kirk Cousins : Outside of Luck/RGIII .. i think he's the Andy-Dalton-Ready-To-Start-Now-Pick

Brock Osweiler : Size and Speed. Pioli has been a fan of Ben Roethlisberger as a player for some time.

Devon Still : Family played for the Chiefs. Potential replacement for Jackson. Defensive Player of the Year in Big 10.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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