2012 Chiefs Mock Draft

Round 1: Trade Back to Late First/Early Second (Try to receive a 2012 3rd Round selection AND 2013 1st Round selection)

Going into this season the Chiefs have no “have to fill” positions or needs on paper, yes they could need improvements, but no player that presents itself at #11 looks to be an “absolute must.” The Chiefs have multiple starters that in 2013 will be Free Agents (LT- Branden Albert, WR- Dwayne Bowe, LG- Ryan Lilja, DE- Glenn Dorsey). Not to mention others who may see their way out (i.e. QB- Matt Cassel, DE- Tyson Jackson). The Chiefs also have many players coming back from injury and one could say that the Chiefs need more DEPTH than they do IMMEDIATE starters or help through the draft.

Round 2- 1st Selection: Mychal Kendricks (ILB) California

Everyone seems to agree that the Chiefs could use an upgrade at ILB to truly solidify the Linebacking corp for years to come. While many people talk of Luke Kuechly, Kendricks may present the better VALUE in the draft. Kendricks is explosive, gritty, athletic, and seems to have both the tangibles and intangibles, enough so to be the Pac 12 Defensive POY. His combine is every bit as good as his film, and vice versa. He reminds me of more athletic, explosive Zach Thomas who could fit great into a 3-4 scheme and provides versatility and a skill set that very few linebackers have in this league. Kendricks is great against the inside run, has the speed in coverage, and possesses the ability to be a threat in the pass rush game. Frankly, if he were 2-3 inches taller (5’11’’) he’d probably be a top 20-25 pick.

Round 2- 2nd Selection: Trumaine Johnson (CB/FS) Montana

A smaller school prospect Trumaine Johnson is a ball-hawk who has great physical attributes (6’2”) that could allow him to play multiple positions in the secondary. He could provide a very capable cornerback depth-wise and the same with safety. The Chiefs secondary will likely have some injury occur in the 2013 season. Johnson would be a great fit and could develop into a key player. With his size he would at worst be an upgrade over Jon McGraw to cover tight ends who seem to always hurt the Chiefs (i.e. Scott Chandler).

Round 3- 1st Selection: Billy Winn (DE) Boise St. or Derek Wolfe (DE) Cincinnati

The writing is on the wall that the Chiefs will not see both Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey back next year. Quite frankly, when you look at the Chiefs their defensive line seems to be a weak spot or area that cost them. The Chiefs d-line doesn’t get sacks and doesn’t stop the run, not a whole lot of evidence out there to prove otherwise. Both Winn and Wolfe should be available here and have played in multiple spots across the line. They both have good size, agility, and production during college. Either one could possibly develop into a starting 3-4 DE to pair with Allen Bailey in the near future.

Round 3- 2nd Selection: Ryan Broyles (WR) Oklahoma

Broyles is an explosive, playmaker who has reliable hands and played at one of the highest levels one could ask for in college. Getting him in the 3rd round could be a steal, even with his ACL injury. If an ACL injury is enough to deter the Chiefs, then shouldn’t they be looking for a new RB, TE, and Safety? While not having elite size or speed Broyles would likely find a niche somewhere on an NFL team, either as a slot receiver, return specialist, or possibly developing into a #2 somewhere down the line. If the Chiefs let Bowe walk, Baldwin will likely move to #1 leaving a hole at #2…

Round 4: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste (NT) Baylor

Baptiste may hold one of the better values in the draft as a team won’t have to spend a whole lot to wait for their returns. Baptiste is noted as a hard worker and full effort guy, something any coach (especially Romeo) would like to have. He has the size and stature to go with being an NFL starting nose tackle. Having him along with Powe and Gordon could create some sort of competition at nose tackle. Many feel that Baptiste would eventually build himself into a starter in the NFL, and at a 4th round pick there seems to be little risk involved.

Round 5: Nate Potter (OT) Boise St.

With Albert and Winston recently signed the Chiefs don’t need an immediate starter at OT, however they could use someone with a solid track record to provide depth. Saying that Mims is or would be our back up going into 2012 is speculating on speculation. Potter was a solid starter for several years in college, seeing plenty of action. He has the size and all tangible items. The Chiefs have done worse drafting in similar rounds at this position (i.e. Collin Brown & Barry Richardson).

Round 6: Adam Gettis (OG) Iowa

The Chiefs continue to build depth as getting Gettis would provide for a player who can learn the system, continue to develop, and then see if fully capable at pushing for a starter in the Chiefs line. Gettis seems to be a player many scouts, coaches, and other give high marks. Especially considering he only really started this last year or so. The ceiling may be high for Gettis and he could serve the Chiefs greatly on down the road.

Round 7- 1st selection: Brad Smelley (FB/TE/H-Back) Alabama

While considered undersized (6’2’’/ 238 lbs) for a tight end role Smelley was instrumental in Alabama’s national title run. He lined up everywhere for Alabama and as former high school quarterback he seemed to have a knack for blocking and doing many of the things that he’d have to do in order to land on a NFL roster. Hillis likely won’t line up much (if at all) as a fullback for the Chiefs and who really knows about Shane Bannon. Smelley has great hands, can block, and has played at the highest level. Not sure what there would be to lose with him in the 7th round.

Round 7- 2nd selection: Marc Tyler (RB) USC

The Chiefs cold really go any direction here and it wouldn’t seem to matter. Tyler is a big back (6’1’’ 230 lbs) who has played in a zone blocking system. He seems to have pretty decent vision and cutting ability. Yes, he told TMZ that USC players get paid better than most, but whatever he’s going to get paid now anyways. Perhaps pulling special teams duties and paying his dues will help humble the once 5 star high school prospect.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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