Things I learned from the Gruden QB Camps

I watched all 10 of these, and while they were usually filled with a fair amount of fluff, I thought there were some things to take note of. Here is my non-professional summary of the Gruden QB Camp episodes:

  • Spider 3 Y Banana. Banana, banana, banana. And that you never throw the Venus on the Spider 3 Y Banana.
  • Andrew Luck is a bright guy, and has all the tools to be elite.

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  • Kirk Cousins has some trouble with fades in the end zone, throwing to a spot. He also made more in-game mistakes than you'd think for the reputation he has. I think his arm strength is better than he's given credit for, but his decision making is worse than he's given credit for. He made mistakes at times by locking onto receivers or falling in love with routes, even when they were well covered. Those are tendencies that could really hurt him in the NFL. On the other hand, his reputation as a hard-working, intelligent team leader is spot on IMO.
  • The distance between Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson is about 4 inches. Wilson is really good, but that height (almost 2 inches shorter than Drew Brees) is going to be a real challenge in the NFL.
  • Scouting 10 QBs is a world record (for FFCA, since it's the only one of itself in the world, I guess).
  • Brock Osweiler reminds me a lot of Philip Rivers in demeanor on the field, that kind of low-slung delivery, and in being a big guy with a smidge of scrambling ability. Their junior year productivity is almost identical when you look at the completion percentage, yards per attempt, TD-to-INT ratio and overall QB rating. If he had followed it up with a senior year like Rivers had, he would have been a sure first rounder. He also shares Rivers' tendency to sometimes ride the momentum wave a little too high and try to make a spectacular play when it's not needed - and it costs his team. I think if he gets to the right organization that will let him sit and learn a while, he could be a very good QB.
  • Robert Griffin is fast and likes socks (wait, no, that wasn't new). Actually, I can't think of a single thing I learned in that episode. They did talk about "sniffer" and "non-sniffer" more than I was comfortable with.
  • Brandon Weeden rarely, if ever, called plays on the line. They went with silent counts and hand/eye signals for pre-snap reads/changes. He certainly has the arm and I believe he can make every throw on the field. The question I came away with is: How is he going to adapt to the NFL? The systems in the NFL are going to be vastly different IMO, and it makes me think he's going to need a year or two to learn a pro system. The team that takes him will have to either a) tailor their offense around him, like Carolina did with Newton, or b) let him sit and learn, and know that he'll likely be 30+ and a year or two into his contract by the time he's a starter. That could drop him behind some other QBs in this draft (like Osweiler and Foles).
  • Jon Gruden is afraid of floods. He didn't say that, his pants did.
  • IMO, the prospects in order of raw potential are: Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Osweiler, Foles, Weeden, Wilson, Cousins, Moore, and Keenum.
  • IMO, the prospects in order of ability right now are: Luck, Griffin, Foles, Weeden, Cousins, Osweiler, Tannehill, Wilson, Moore, and Keenum.
  • Nick Foles can make every throw on the field, has prototypical size, and is a tough kid. He's a pocket passer, and reminds me of Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. They've both got 2 Super Bowl rings.
  • FFCA stands for Fired Football Coaches Association. Poor Jon.
  • Kellen Moore could make an excellent backup somewhere. I don't think he can take a lot of hits at his size, but he surprised me with how well he understands football in just about any system. I agree with Gruden that if Moore doesn't make it as a QB, he's got a future as a coach.
  • Case Keenum can throw the ball and was really productive. On the other hand, he doesn't have great size and isn't outstanding in any one area that I saw.
  • So there you have it. Anyone else who watched these: I'd be interested to hear your thoughts/jokes/comments on what you saw. I also attached a poll for the heck of it. Even if you don't think the Chiefs will draft a QB, play scout for a minute and take your pick. 2 days until the draft!


    I forgot to mention Tannehill. My impression of him was really no different than before I saw the episode. He's got a good arm, good athleticism and his knowledge at WR could be an advantage when working with his receivers. He has a lot to learn, and a lot of upside.

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