7-Round Mock Draft By The Draft King Rizzo

Pioli's doesn't get the credit he deserves for the improvement he has brought to our organization. If look back to the year before Pioli started his reign as Kansas City Chiefs General Manager and compare it to now you'll see a drastic differences in the organization. In my eyes Pioli has to make a huge splash in this years draft to take our organization to an even higher level and in the post I chose to label Realnamic Mock I will share the best picks that Pioli could and should make in the draft for the betterment of our and 2013+ years of the organization. Enjoy the post.

We were a force on the defensive end of the football field last year and I feel that the lack of Offensive Production severely hurt our organization, so the primary focus of this years draft should be be on drafting players that would greatly benefit the Offense, and adding valuable picks on the defensive side. To summarize, the focus should be 85% Offense and 15% Defense. On the Offensive side we are in serious need of upgrades at both the LG, and QB positions, and drafting a high-profile OT wouldn't hurt that only lead to the betterment of our O-Line. On the defensive side we have a single pressing need which at nose-tackle, but drafting a top-tier LB to play next to Derrick Johnson, or a top-tier CB to play behind the aged veteran Stanford Routt and inherit that position in the near future would also prove great benefits of this draft.

Round 1, 11th Overall

David Decastro, OG, Capricorn


David Decastro is rare Offensive Guard prospect. He favors top tier talent currently in league in many ways and he will exceed all expectations in this league. The characteristic that im most impressed by from Decastro is his sheer will to perfect his technique and to execute all assignments down to the T, he bring a hard-working aggressive/perfectionist persona to our Offensive Line and that would only make his teammates work and play at a higher level. Decastro's presence on our Offensive Line would be of great benefit to running gamed and would be of even greater benefit to our passing game. So drafting him 11th Overall would be the best move Pioli could make for the betterment of our organization in the 1st Round of this years draft. One more thing, I don't know how many people reading this are aware of the Zodiac signs but Decastro is a Capricorn, although they are known for their hard work and determination, they often break under pressure and don't produce at a high level when the heat is on, another high-caliber athlete that shares this sign is Lebron "King" James and that aura of breaking under pressure is always seen in his late 4th Quarter Performances, so I just wanted to put that out there. But another player that shares this sign is Eric Berry, so Decastro could go either way, either he learns to play at a high level when the pressure is steep like Berry did/does, or he breaks like Lebron did in the finals and about every 4th Quarter that he has played for the Miami Heat. Just putting that out there for you to dissect.

Round 2, 44th Overall

Mike Adams, OT, Pisces


Mike Adams has the has size, athleticism, ideal foot-work, and the killer instinct that coaches, fans, analyst, and owners love in a franchise left-tackle, but in all honesty Adams persona is a double edged sword. Adams will need a strong Positional/Offensive-Line Coach to flourish in the NFL, He lacks the ideal technique, he is in need of an upgrade in strength, power, and brute force, and he lacks the ideal mental approach to his career as an elite football player. I look at players like Adams as a gamble, you could either hit the jackpot or you could crap out. Adams has the potential to be one of the best tackles in the league and will need strong coaching to unleash his full potential. Mike Adams is a Pisces and some of the most influential and successful entertainers and athletes have this sign, off the top of my head Michael Jackson, and Prince pop into my mind in terms of entertainment, and Steve Smith pops into my head in terms of football. People with his sign tend to be extremely gifted, are great listeners, Kindhearted, pick up things very quickly, have top-flight instincts and make great teammates. On the flip side, they are weak-willed, and they are easily led, so don't expect Adams to completely dominate opposing DE's, and DT's early in his career, that's just not a strength that he has, but in the right he has potential to develop a strong-willed dominating personality similar to the ferocious nature of the very talented Steve Smith. So Adams could go either way, either we are looking at a Hall of Fame Left-Tackle, or we are looking at a crapped our failure in the league. Keep in mind there are no risk without reward. Why Adams if we have Brandon Albert? We have Albert and he is solid and has held down the LT position for the last several years, but you can never have too many tackles, we could develop Mike Adams behind Albert and plug him in when he beats out Albert for the position. The reason we have Albert for insurance make this pick more valuable to our cause, and keep in mind that Albert is a OG playing LT and not a LT playing LT, he could serve as elite depth when Adams earns the LT position and he could play at any position among our Offensive Line except for the Center position, this move is both logical and wise and would benefit this organization.

An Offensive Guard and An Offensive Tackle in the 1st 2 Rounds?

Our primary offensive weakness last year was poor offensive-line play and that strongly hurt our organization and severely hurt our play-off chances. We had a top-flight defense last year and if we had an Offense to match we would be among the leagues elite. I honestly believe that with the addition of 2 future-all-pro-offensive-linemen we are taking a major step forward in the direction of building an elite offense. People will say that we should invest this years 1st and 2nd Round Picks on a nose-tackle and a inside-linebacker but there are players set to hit the draft next year that would better serve those needs in T.J. Barnes (NT),and Manti Te'o(ILB). So this years focus should be as I said before at 85% Offense, and 15% Defense. And the best way to improve an offense is to make improvements among the men up front and the drafting of David DeCastro and Mike Adams would be phenomenal choices. These moves would also be wise considering the fact that Brandon Albert and Ryan Lilja are set to hit the free-agent market next year, with the signing of Decastro (an immediate starter) I could go as far to say that we should trade Lilja, sign Albert and Winston to long-term contract extensions, and solidify the Offensive Line for years to come. These 2 moves would warrant an A Grade for Scott Pioli in this years draft and it would be a move that would benefit the future of the organization.

Round 3, 74th Overall

Russel Wilson, QB, Sagittarius


Russel Wilson is in my eyes the best quarterback in this draft and the statistics point to that fact. If Wilson was 6'6 and 240 pounds he would be ranked number 1 in this years draft no if, ands, or buts. Wilson has gained alot of negative criticism for his height and we all know that it's the not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. Let that marinade. Wilson has set NCAA records, he posted one of the best quarterback ratings in NCAA history and severely out-played this years top-ranked QB prospect Andrew Luck. Bottom-line Wilson is a beast and in my eyes is a steal here in the 3rd Round, he's going to be elite and has everything to lose. He's hungry and he will out-work all of this years QB prospects, he's going to be a very valuable asset to whoever drafts him and if Pioli is really committed to building an elite organization he will make this move. I'm going to be honest I might be a little bit biased because we share the same zodiac sign, we both are Sagittarians, but his production speaks for itself. Alot of the best players in NFL history share this sign, off the top of my head there's Dick Butkus, Reggie "The Minister of Defense" White, Warren Sapp, Deacon Jones and the list does on. Currently in the league there's Derrick Johnson, Joe Thomas, Tyvon Branch, Legarrette Blount, and Phillip Rivers. Saggitarians are known for good judgment, being strong-willed, optimistic, intuitive, original, and most importantly Saggitarians are best under-pressure. When the heat is on we shine, and Wilson brings that to the quarterback position. On the flip side, Sagittarians are risk-takers, impatient, demanding, and are prone to anger. If Wilson has the ability to stay disciplined and shy's away from the home run every play, if he develops the ability to understand the capabilities of his teammates and not to push them too far past the limits, and if he learns how to control his inner beast he is set to take the NFL by storm. He truly has the ability to be the best QB in the NFL and the face of our franchise until retirement. So Pioli could and should make this investment, this is the best move he could make and I would gain a lot more respect for him if he makes this move.

Round 4, 107th Overall

Markelle Martin, FS, Gemini


With Peyton Manning now in our division we are in high demand for depth, consistency, competition, and competence at the defensive back positions. Markelle Martin is an ideal middle round pick for just that cause, he brings a hard hitting identity to the FS position and he would flourish under the tutelage of our Defensive Back coach Emmitt Thomas. I honestly believe that Martin and Berry would be a monster combination and that Martins presence in our Safety rotation would benefit the organization in more ways than 1. These are the 3 characteristics of Martin that im most impressed by, he's Instinctive, Experienced against top-quality passing attacks, and he's a Big hitter. His instincts and his ability to lay the ferocious hit on opposing receivers complements Berry's style of play in so many ways, and his over-all style of play would be devastating at the FS position. Martin is a Gemini and they are known for being quick on their feet, quick minded, and are clear minded, so don't expect Martin to be a strong motivating factor but expect him to execute and play his heart out each and every play.

Round 5, 146th Overall

Markus Kuhn, DT


With Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey inching towards their contract years Kuhn would be a wise investment to make in this years draft. Kuhn is very strong with long arms and powerful hands. Has a tremendously powerful bull rush. Mostly quick off the snap. Excels at holding the point, even against double teams, and collapsing the pocket. Gets hands up and bats passes and he is a workhorse. He would be a solid addition to our defensive line and could marinade in the tutelage of our defensive line coach until he beats out Jackson or Dorsey for a starting spot. He has top-flight potential and his style of play translates well to our system, I wouldn't mind seeing Kuhn in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform and that's why he warrants a late round pick.

Round 6, 182nd Overall

Devon Wylie, WR


With the introduction of top-flight Offensive line and QB (in Russell Wilson) another good move we could make would be to invest in a topflight slot-receiver and Wylie is the guy for the job. He has drawn so many comparisons to Wes Welker but I believe he has a higher ceiling. Devon has a compact built and frame to beat the jam. Good burst after one or two steps. Shows exaggerated movements on jerk routes and the ability to quickly adjust to throws. Fights through trash well and is not afraid to take a hit in the middle of the field. Hits top speed immediately after the catch. A dynamic player from the slot and in the return game with experience on the outside and he is as sure-handed as any receiver in this years draft. Wylie would be an ideal investment in the future and would greatly benefit our offense and return game.

Round 7, 218th Overall

Matt Conrath, DT


For all those who thought we should've made a move for Calais Campbell this off-season this pick should intrigue you. Conrath has all of the traits, the size, and the athleticism to play at the high-level that Campbell has in recent years. The only knock on this guy is the lack of strength and power but as we all know those 2 traits can be trained and improved upon during rigorous training. Matt Conrath has great quickness off snap, is highly athletic for his size and frame, has more than enough bend and hip fluidity for effective double and spin moves, and got consistent penetration from the 4-3 DT position against BCS competition. Long arms and quality hand placement add to the arsenal, he is also phenomenal at blocking FGs, and to ice the cake he knocks down a lot of passes. For a late round pick he has more than enough skill and potential to warrant one of our two picks and this would be an ideal investment in our defensive line.

Round 7, 238th Overall

Vontaze Burfict, ILB


The pick right before the Mr. Irrelevant pick would be an ideal spot to experiment with Burfict. Before the end of the college season Burfict was rated in the top 3 of the ILB's and he was neck and neck with Kuechly, but somewhere along the road after a poor combine showing, and a poor verbal showing Burfict's stock plummeted severely. But that doesn't take away from his elite talent, and his ability to diagnose and destroy plays. The way I see it Burfict might be a warrior type, you couldn't ask Achilles to step into a combine and execute at a high level in combat drills, but when Achilles was on the battle-field he was an unstoppable force(added that he covered his Achilles) so that's how I view Burfict. The thing that intrigues me about this guy is that from a mere playing aspect he is phenomenal(minus the penalties and the eating of babies), the main nack on Burfict is the mental approach he takes and if he could develop a Pro's attitude on our roster he would be a force to recon with. Burfict played in mediocre shape and produced at a high level, imagine if he got into great top-flight shape, we would be looking at a future hall-of-famer, so why not draft Burfict in the 2nd to last sot in the draft?.... Rhetorical Question!!!!!..... {-=--*FUQ-U BTCH*--=-}

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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