Who Are The Dark Horses for Our No. 1 ?

We keep going in circles about DeCastro, Kuchly, Poe, Brockers, even Gilmore and Cox (who i don't see dropping) - but Pioli went left field and drafted Baldwin last year without a single conversation happening on this board about it.

At 11 - Mark Barron - Barron has been shooting up the boards of teams because he has some ability to play cover in a 3-4. Why does Safety make sense?

A) Saban's D has similarities to Romeo's. It's a lot of sub-package D and Blur Coverage / Blitz assignments. At times Barron was playing inside the box at a Mike position. At other moments he was playing a FS position.

B) With Berry's playmaking ability the Chiefs like to run 3 Safeties as much as possible. McGraw and Berry would take turns trying to trick the QB into reading which one was the In-the-Box and which one wasn't. The main problem was that when Berry would stay in McGraw struggled on TEs / Backfield WRs.

C) What is the overall Ceiling for Kendrick Lewis? Does he have Pro Bowl caliber potential. A team with Barron and Berry could be a very formidable opponent.

D) Depth - Sabby Piscatelli , any questions?

TRADE DOWN - 14-18

Shea McClelin - McClelin has been a quick riser for some time, and his biggest push has been in the last week. He's getting comparisons to Brian Urlacher in 1 on 1 interviews in terms of his ability to study game film. If the idea of drafting an extra DE/OLB pass rusher makes you hesitate keep in mind :

1. The Chiefs have not re-signed Wallace Gilberry and despite his 2.5 sacks, he was still 3rd overall in the team last season. The Chiefs will need a player than can man his role as well as play on the line in goal line situations.

2. Ask the Giants if they regret drafting Jason Pierre Paul.

Coby Fleener - The Chiefs have Boss and Moeaki but Fleener is much different than both. In an era where the Chiefs plan to run, the addition of Fleener might not seem so crazy.

TRADE DOWN - 23-28 Range.

Kirk Cousins - I've said for awhile that if there's a 4th QB drafted in the first round, it's probably Cousins. To a west coast lib like me, he's a bit polarizing. But he's disciplined, accurate, and has been a leader for 4 years. Cousins is probably smarter than Luck , RGIII, and Tannehill but there's nothing significantly "sexy" about his game. He's the Andy Dalton prospect of this draft , where he could probably have a better winning % than RGIII , Tannehill, or Luck but his game numbers won't make him a Fantasy Football star.

Bobby Massie - his tape has made him rise to where he is. Is it too high? Perhaps. But by this point you're in a world filled with 4-3 specific players.

Amini Silatolu - Might be better suited for Power Blocking that Zone. But the guy is something to watch on tape.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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