Let's play Devil's Advocate

Everyone is always making mocks and defending their picks only to find out (usually) that we were all mostly wrong in who the team actually selects. I mean some are so DOWNS on anyone except for DeCastro that they don't even chime in much about other players. (I know you saw what I did).

I propose something different. Let me begin by saying that I don't know the last time that there have been so many great posts in the offseason. Hopefully this will be just as interesting. What I want to do is instead of us listing our favorite players and why we like them is to play the Devil's Advocate so to speak.

Let's take the absolute last player we hope or think the Chiefs would pick and tell why they could possibly be chosen.

I will start, but let me give my disclaimer. As many of you know, I get most of my information from Path to the Draft, so I don't necessarily have too many players that I do not want to see in a Chiefs uniform. So what I will do is take a player that many others have thoroughly expressed never seeing in Arrowhead, even as a visitor. (Hopefully we don't have a list of the same 1 or 2 people.)

Let me start with Dontari Poe.

Ahhh. The combine king of 2012. He put up gaudy combine numbers for a man his size. Dude is a straight up freak. I know, I know, his game tape is........misunderstood? Ok. I am in Memphis and I know that he didn't quite dominate the competition as many of us thought he should, but, I can honestly say that he he lacked something that is very important to a players development. Coaching. To say that our coaching situation (U of M) sucked all to hell would be the understatement of the year. And the team as a whole was probably even worse. If there is one thing we have here in KC, it's coaching. Many refer back to yester-year and the horrible drafting we had under King Carl in his latter years. And while the drafts weren't the best, we lacked developpmental coaching. Very few players improved during their time here. And I won't even get into the Lawrence Tynes and Kawika Mitchells who left and became much better players. They improved arguably because of better coaching. We are in a good position, a unique position if you will. We have the privilege to draft without having to draft for need.

We could even take on a project. And did I mention that as of right now, regardless of what happens with the other Powe, we still need a NT.

I mean how awesome would it be for the opposing QB to be chased down by the Poe Powes?

Powe is almost 350 on paper, can move faster than many of the LBs we have had in the past. The things you can't teach, he has in spades. And how often have we looked at Baltimore and thought how awesome it would be to have Haloti Ngata? Who is in the draft or the league for that matter is closer to Ngata's intangibles than Poe?

If we draft him in the 1st and he doesn't pan out, then we haven't lost a lot. Many other positions could be effectively filled later in the draft, and with the new pay scale, we don't lose out like we used to. When we weigh the pros and cons, there are more pros than cons. Besides, anyone could be a bust, even Luck or RGIII. No one can guarantee that those two will be successful just as no one can guarantee that that Poe will not be an awesome NT.

The question is if a player could reach their top potential, who has a higher ceiling at a position of need than Poe?

Wow. That was fun. I almost convinced myself. I really don't believe that we would take Poe in the 1st, but I will be happy with whoever is selected because again, I believe in the brass. I think that I have to throw my hat into the Decastro Rink so far. I would love for us to maul every other defense.

Ok. Let's have at it. Who do you hate, and why should we take him?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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