The Brady Quinn Bandwagon

Because of his pre-draft goody-two-shoes attitude, I'll be the first to admit that when he sat there and dropped in the draft I was laughing my ass off. I completely lost it when Goodell invited him back into his personal greenroom. He just seemed like such a pretentious bunghole that I just couldn't find it in myself to even consider him once. I was so thankful that the Chiefs didn't have the opportunity in drafting him and instead picked up one of my favorite players in Some-Where-Over-Da-Wayne-Bowe.

I see all of these poor mock draft speculations considering Tannehill as honorable mentions. We sucked at sucking for Luck and we see countless DeCastro posts with Tannehill being brought into the question this past week A LOT! Do you all really think Pioli is going to draft Tannehill? Seriously? Get over it ladies and gents.

So I'm sitting here thinking that we obviously won't get RGIII or Luck for that matter and I can't take anymore Cassel- no offense man. So I started studying and edu-ma-kating myself about this Quinn guy.


The guy held out on his contract and was late to camp and was frowned upon by management causing him to be a third stringer. After week one he was a 2nd stringer due to Frye getting traded. Then Anderson had his pinky hurt and Quinn came in for a horrible showing. But, come on y'all... thrown into the game after getting douched on for the entire season? Really?


He got the start in week 6 after a 2-3 start by Andersen. He played an awesome game against the Broncos with a lost, but won the next one against the Bills. BUT, he broke his finger and couldn't quite avoid surgery after the texans game. Come on y'all... a broken finger- that shit's gotta hurt.


Crennel was fired and came to the Chiefs... enough said. Eric Mangina was in charge. Quinn was named the starter for the year and then wasn't and then was? Come on Mr. gina? Make up your mind about which QB you wanna throw behind that pathetic line... lol

2010 & 2011 (Broncos) In his first year he was behind the respectable Kyle Orton... nuff said. Then in 2011 the Tebow Show came to town. We all know how that ended.

I've realized the dude was a bit snobby and got his pay day. But, then I read that he's a fighter. He practices just as hard even when he's not in the starting role. I'm starting to like this dudes character!

Then I go back in time to the real wayback machine that is youtube and check out his highlight reel...

I'm sorry y'all, I'm gonna bounce off every other bandwagon and jump onto the Quinn bandwagon. See ya!

P.S. Please update the twitter feed Thormans!

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