Dear Mr. Pioli..........

This is a little advice from a fan, who IS in your corner. I have a plan that you should adopt as your own and implement it over the course of the next year. Since you have high expectations similar to those of our beloved fan base, it is in your best interest to prolong your tenure here. A simple way is to win, however I feel that you need to correct this QB issue for this city as well. It is a simple plan, from a simple fan who seeks to offer remedies as oppose to complaining as some other fans prefer....

This season offers hope for improvement. In large part due to the return of key injured personal, as well as good FA signings on the part of the front office. This coupled with an easier schedule should allow our Chiefs to improve upon this year's result. This is a key factor in my plan. Since we will be an improved team already, we are afforded the luxury not having our success tied to this year's draft class.

We have to someday have a franchise QB (most used term in the NFL) in Kansas City!! That means we must create a scenario to get one. I and fellow Chiefs fans are not interested in drafting 2nd tier QB's. Besides the fact that teams are wasting 1st round picks, they are also setting their franchise back years. We have no interest in waiting on guys like Dalton, Ponder, Henne, Sancez, etc. How many years will these teams be wasting by picking non elite level QB's simply based on hope and need?

So....... here is what you should do:

We have another season to evaluate Cassel, and with an improved line we should have our answer by the end of 2012. However, we must act now as if Cassel will fail in order to solve this issue in next year's draft.

Trade our #11 to the St. Louis Rams for their #33 this year and the latest first rounder in 2013 (theirs or the one they received from Washington). This gives the Rams a chance to draft immediate help for Bradford. They could easily come away with WR Blackmon and a starting LT in this years draft.

Now we are at #33, and due to the new format we will receive several offers for this pick. One team I believe that may be interested is the Texans. They could jump to the top of the second and pick up WR Kendrall Wright to fill one of their biggest needs. We drop to #58 and gain their first in 2013.

Now we would enter the 2013 draft with three 1st round picks. I believe we will the odds on favorite to move up in the first and select the #1 QB on the board, most likely Matt Barkley.

Also, we still have the same # of picks in this years draft and could pull a draft such as this:

R2 #44 CB Janoris Jenkins-N. Alabama

R2 #58 NT Alameda Ta'amu-Washington

R3 #74 OC Ben Jones-Georgia

R4 #107 SS Brandon Taylor-LSU

R5 #146 DE Jaye Howard-Florida

R6 #182 FS Aaron Henry-Wisconsin

R7 #218 RB Brandon Bolden-Mississippi

R7 #238 WR Jeff Fuller-Texas A&M

Draft Recap--- Janoris Jenkins is a steal and could be a stud in the rough. We drafted guys like Eric Berry for more than the obvious reason. Berry would mentor Jenkins and keep him straight which would create a very good secondary for several years to come. Ta'amu is another high upside guy that will slide. Ben Jones adds depth and will be a solid pick. Taylor and Howard are slight gambles, but both are very good athletes.

In closing, this is the year to set our team for many years. If Cassel improves, we are all the better with a amazing talent addition coming after that 2013 draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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