A possible Chiefs Draft


Scott Pioli has been busy watching tape, interviewing, and visiting with College players leading up to the 2012 draft. We all know Scott is all about value and generally moves down to pick up more picks to take talented players. I know, I hated watching Jerrel Powe slide, but Scott knew where he had value to the Chiefs.
Will 2012 be any different? Probably not. Scott did his prep work. If Scott can work the board, again, he could solidify the Kansas City Chiefs at many positions this upcoming draft.


1st round

LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers (4/?).
Dontari Poe NT Memphis - visit
Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M - private workout and Visit

2nd round

Kelechi Osemele OT/OG Iowa State - visit
Doug Martin RB Boise State - visit
Chandler Jones DE/OLB Syracuse - private workout
LSU safety Brandon Taylor (4/?).

3rd round

Miami (Ohio) guard Brandon Brooks (?/?).
Marvin McNutt WR Iowa - private workout
Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State - private workout
Mitchell Schwartz OT Cal - visit
Kirk Cousins QB Michigan State - private workout
Josh Chapman NT Alabama - visit
Arizona receiver Juron Criner (?/?).
Ben Jones C Georgia
Montana defensive back Trumaine Johnson (4/?).

4th round

Cyrus Gray RB Texas A&M - private workout
Utah State running back Robert Turbin (?/?).
Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma - workout attended

5th round

West Virginia linebacker Bruce Irvin (4/?).
Donald Stephenson OT Oklahoma
AJ Jenkins WR Illinois - visit

6th round or later

Drew Nowak DT/DE Western Michigan - visit
James Hanna TE Oklahoma - private workout

Clearly this is not his draft board. But it could be :)

A Possible Draft

1 21 Kansas City Dont'a Hightower SILB Alabama

Is a powerful in the box run defender. Exhibits a burst when asked to close downhill, takes good angles inside and has a jarring pop on contact. Stays down, displays an explosive pop on contact at the point and brings his legs through the play. At times will struggle to find the football on some miss-direction plays and lacks the kind of speed to make up for a slow recognition. Does a great job though extending his arms into contact when asked to keep himself clean and/or play off blocks. Has the power and length to stack on contact with the quickness to shed and wrap on the ball carrier. Exhibits "plus" instincts inside and displays a sixth sense of when he needs to attack downhill and run through/take on a block for a negative play or shed and make the tackle. Is very natural making quick decisions on the fly and creating impact plays.

2 52 Kansas City Kelechi Osemele OG Iowa State

A powerfully built, naturally girthy offensive lineman who plays left tackle for the Cyclones, but his body type might be better suited to play as a guard. Possesses natural athleticism for his size and he does have the ability to bend and sit into his stance despite getting lazy and bending at the waist at times. Needs to do a better job getting off the snap count on time and not wasting so much motion into his man in the run game. Has a tendency to pop upright off the football, struggles to gain natural leverage and will bend at the waist and extend his arms into contact. Struggles to play as powerfully as his frame would suggest in the run game, especially when he needs to reach a defender off his frame. Displays a powerful set of hands, long arms and can stick through contact. He works his legs to create a push, but seems to roll his hips into defenders and there isn't a real snap at the point. Moves well and looks coordinated on the move for his size, can drop his pad level and chop down defenders at the second level with the initial quickness to get out of his stance and reach blocks.

2 53 Kansas City Brandon Taylor FS LSU

Impression: He can tackle in the box and in space, despite being a bit inconsistent at times. Displays some natural coverage ability and looks capable of maturing into tweener starter/nickel safety at the next level.

3 74 Kansas City Ryan Broyles WRF Oklahoma

Impression: Isn't a legit number one type wide out and isn't a guy who I would even play on the outside in the NFL. However, has the polish and quickness needed to separate underneath and should be a solid contributor early inside for an NFL offense.

4 107 Kansas City Josh Chapman DT34 Alabama

Impression: Has the making of a starting caliber nose at the next level in either a 3-4 and 4-3 front. Can consistently anchor on contact, is long armed and tough to move off the football. Also, is a better pass rusher than given credit for. Will likely fall because of medical concerns, but could be a real bargain because of it.

4 134 Kansas City Justin Bethel CB Presbyterian

He's a long armed kid who is fluid, can run and be physical off the line. However, too often he allows himself to pop upright when he looks for the football and doesn't generate the type of closing burst to go make a play on the throw. He's close to really taking his game to another level, but needs to do a better job keeping his pad level once he snaps his head around to find the football.

5 138 Kansas City Joe Adams WRS Arkansas

Impression: An explosive athlete who can go get the football down the field and has some savvy to his game setting up routes. However, is inconsistent catching the football and as a route runner. Nevertheless, does enough well to make a roster and see early playing time inside and outside. An ideal fit for Philadelphia running the deep crossers.

5 146 Kansas City Bruce Irvin OLB34 West Virginia

You can see him turn his speed into power on his outside rush when crashing back inside, and he possesses good natural power in his upper body when working the club move as he can really jar tackles for his size at times. He's a glorified nickel rusher at this stage who isn't asked to play the run game often, but lacks the natural girth to anchor with his hand on the ground consistently at the next level. Nevertheless, he is an excellent run and hit guy with a great first step with "plus" range and works very hard in pursuit. Demonstrates a good motor and the fluidity to breakdown on ball carriers.

6 182 Kansas City Andrew Datko OT Florida State

Impression: He's a solid athlete who can bend, re-direct and block in space. However, he's had some struggles with power when trying to stay engaged and hasn't been able to stay healthy throughout his career. Nevertheless, in a weak offensive tackle class, he's one of the few prospects that possess the skill set to start in the NFL.

7 218 Kansas City Chigbo Anunoby DT34 Morehouse College

Impression: He's never going to be a "plus" pass rusher in the NFL. However, he's a strong, long kid with a really well proportioned frame who can anchor inside and certainly has the talent to get plenty of looks from both 34 and 43 teams as a developmental big body.

7 238 Kansas City Kelcie McCray SS Arkansas State

However, he does possess some cornerback like qualities to his game. Gets a bit hunched over before the snap, but can get into his drop, keep his feet under him and cleanly sit into his drop. Is impressive with his balance in and out of his breaks when asked to click and close on routes in front of him. Will line up in off coverage over the slot and stays compact with his footwork, exhibits a natural burst to his game and will quickly eat up space and close on the football. Looks fluid when asked to turn as well. Gets a bit upright and might need a step to get back up to speed, but showcases the ability to turn and run. Looks like a low 4.5 guy and when motivated he has the ability to cover some ground.

Scouting reports from Wes Bunting at

Scott Pioli thinks this is a Deep and Talented draft in 2012.

Geaux Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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