Chiefs Perfect Draft And Alternative Picks

Positions that need to be addressed in the 2012 draft: NT, G, QB, S, FB, DE, ILB and CB in no certain order.

Round 1 Pick 11: Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College
Luke Kuechly was phenomenal at the Combine. Some scouts thought he would run a 4.8 in Indianapolis, but he silenced his critics when he showed off his terrific athleticism. Kuechly is the best player if he is available. Although we may not have a huge need for ILB, taking Luke Kuechly would instantly make the chiefs better on defense all around in the run and pass game. He has amazing football smarts and great character which is what Crennel and Poili are looking for.

Alternative Pick: David DeCastro, G, Stanford

If the Chiefs take either of these players or trade back I'll be happy.

Round 2 Pick 44: Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin

I like DeCastro but I think with our first round pick we should really pick an impact player. Zeitler comes from great coaching at Wisconsin that seems to breed offensive linemen. He paved the way for Montee Ball who was on the Heisman ballot, imagine if he was blocking for Jamaal Charles. This would solidify our line for years to come. I also think it's a great value here because I think he has the potential to be just as good as DeCastro.
Alternate Pick: Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State

Round 3 Pick 77: Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama
I actually like Chapman better than Ta'amu. He's coming out of a National Championship team, He has been groomed by arguably one of the greatest college coaches in history. He's got great football smarts and character. He may not have had the great stats that we would hope for but he's supposed to be a plug and that's what the Chiefs need.
Alternative Pick: Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State

Round 4 Pick 107: Derek Wolfe, DE/DT, Cincinnati
Tyson Jackson will be owed $14.72 million in 2013, so this could be his last year with the team depending on how well he plays. The Chiefs should probably add some depth just in case. He has dominated his conference and could be a player to reckoned with in the future.
Alternate Pick: Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin

Round 5 Pick 147: Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

After hearing the Pre-Draft press conference I think it's pretty obvious the chiefs want to have a 4th quarterback. If Russell Wilson drops to the fifth round I think Kansas City would be idiotic not to take him. Yes I understand he's 5'11'' but he reminds me of Drew Brees, he may be short but he can make all the throws. He has great character and from the way he talks you can talk he's willing to do anything to be a franchise quarterback. I think he could be well groomed in 2 years.
Alternative Pick: DeQuan Menzie, CB, Alabama .

Round 6 Pick 182: Christian Thompson, S, South Carolina State

Romeo Crennel loves using three-safety formations at times, so the Chiefs may want to spend a mid- or late-round pick on the position, especially considering that both Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis are coming off injuries. Also adds depth and I'm tired of McGraw and Shabby who shouldn't even be on an NFL roster.

Alternative Pick: Brandon Hardin, S, Oregon State

Round 7 Pick 7a: Brad Ewing, FB, Wisconsin

With LaRon McClain a Charger we need to draft a FB unless they have those plans for Payton Hillis.

Alternative Pick: Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

Round 7 Pick 7b: Junior Hemingway, WR, Michigan

Wide Reciever depth never hurts in this league. Junior is a good route runner with great hands and would be a steal if he drops this far. You can't pass him up with this pick.

Alternative Pick: Justin Bethel, FS, Presbyterian

Also I am not a Wisconsin or Alabama fan I just love there talent. Actually a huge Cornhusker fans

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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