If not a QB now, then when?

I read a recent Tannehill poll thread with my jaw open. When I saw the poll results, I thought surely a team with only 1 glaring need at the most important position and close to top 10 pick would be an obvious and ecstatic "YES!" to drafting a QB.

Instead I see all sorts of buffoonery in these posts. I'd even have to include our mentor Joel in his article (sorry Joel). Methinks our fan base needs a wake up call. At the very least, they need to get up to the 2012 way of thinking when it comes to the NFL draft.

Do you all not realize that there is a rookie wage scale now? Are you unaware of what that will do to the amount of trades we'll now see? The draft hasn't even started and we've already seen blockbuster trades for the 2ND pick in the draft!


We are no longer in the "can't take a chance" era. We have now entered the "Draft a 1st round QB EVERY year" era. And why the heck not? It's not like it'll crush the franchise with salary cap woes. Go 3 consecutive years grabbing the best QB that falls to you and let them fight it out. Who knows? Chances are one of them is better than the QB that's starting for your team now.

Using this logic, I've cut and pasted some of the replies in that thread with my rebuttals as to why these posts scream of buffoonery. My apologies to the posters. I'm sure they are all lovely folks in person. They just need an updated fan adjustment...

"The thing about picking quarterbacks, at least for me, is that I think you need to be 100 percent committed to that quarterback."

Why? You know what being 100% committed has done for us the last 4 seasons? Thought so. Grab a gaggle of them and be 20% committed to each one. Would you rather play poker with one hand or 5?

"he’s too much of an unknown to be picked at 11."

Maybe. But he's this year's "next man up". Sure, the 2 can't misses are gone by 11. But if he's been deemed #3 by the experts, then so be it. Check please!

"About 30% of those "approves" were actually Cassel disapproves."

Correct. And the other 70% are in denial.

"This just screams Mark Sanchez all over again"

Yes but Sanchez demanded 3 times the contract that we'll pay our guy. Much easier to drop if he doesn't pan out.

"It just seems like a luxury pick to me. And other impact players for the 2012 season are more important, IMO. We’re not good enough to waste a number one pick on a second tier player with upside."

Please refer to the top of this article.

"I dont want anything to do with Tannahill"

Me either. Now, Tannehill on the other hand...

"Is he better or worse than some of the QB’s that will be drafted next year? Barkley, Jones, Wilson, etc. If he’s better than them, I wouldn’t mind taking a shot. If they are better, then let’s wait a year and see if our QBOTF might be on the roster (Quinn, Stanzi)."

Sure. When we are drafting 15 spots later. That'll put us at the #4 QB on this list next year without giving up 3 years #1's.

"With all the QB's that are slotted to go in the 1st next year I don’t think we would have to move up to get one"

Sure. When we are drafting 15 spots later. That'll put us at the #4 QB on this list next year without giving up 3 years #1's.

"We already have our project in Stanzi taking a project at 11 that we’d be lucky to see playing by 2014 seems like a waste to me. The #11 pick needs to make an instant impact on the field in 2012."

The #11 pick needs to be an impact IN THE FUTURE. If he turns out to be the franchise in 2014, wasn't it worth it?

"Only 1 or 2 QB's worthy of 1rst round picks Each year 1 or 2 QB’s deserve to be a rst round pick. We are starting to see teams so desperate for a QB that we are seeing too many going in 1rst round that is a 2nd or 3rd round pick that is a project QB. They are not ready for the NFL."

Teams found out last year what the new salary cap means. QB's are moving up draft boards because of the disposable contracts they are signing. The only clubs that don't draft back-to-back QB's are ego-driven GM's. Just like Pioli won't get rid of Cassel. It'll make him look bad.

"I’m all about value, so it makes me crazy to have to think about giving up multiple picks for the right to draft a QB that’s not even that good.

True enough. But my money says we trade with Jax at #7 and only have to swap our #1's and 1 more pick.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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