Mock Draft 4.0

Chief nation: this is my fourth mock draft and is my next to last mock draft for the chiefs this year, the next one will come the day before draft day. As always i have given all the picks a lot of thought and i have provided alternates for each round excpet for round 7.

Hope you enjoy it and approve of this draft.

Round 1- LUKE KUECHLY LB Boston College- This guy is a great player, might be one of the greatest prospects of this years draft. If we pair him up with Derrick Johnson along side, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. We would have one of the greatest front 7 in the NFL. He can play coverage, run and rush the passer. Very versatile and a great pickup.

Alternate- DAVID DECASTRO OG Stanford- This guy looks to be the next top guard in the NFL. He is very smart, very athletic and a great football player. He can play almost anywhere in the offensive line. Great pickup but i believe defense is more important (the best offense is a good defense).

Round 2- KEVIN ZEITLER OG Wisconsin- If we pickup Kuechly we need an upgrade in the guard position, Zeitler being the next top prospect would be the most logical pick. This guy is also great and dominated the Big 10 and paved the way for Montee Ball to have a huge year. Great pickup if we grab Kuechly in the first.

Alternate- JAYRON HOSLEY CB Virginia Tech- This guy is greatly overlooked, he is a natural ballhawk with great speed. This guy could play anywhere in the secondary and he is not afraid to rush the passer or play against the run. Great pickup.

Round 3- BRANDON TAYLOR S LSU- This guy might be the safest pick in the draft and not many teams know his potential. He would greatly improve our secondary which is in need of an upgrade with Peyton Manning twice a year. This pickup should be made under all costs.

Alternate- JOSH CHAPMAN NT Alabama- This guy is disruptive and would be great addition to our D-Line, however NT can be a position that can be filled in later rounds. I really believe with our 3 round we should pickup Brandon Taylor.

Round 4- JOSH NORMAN CB Coastal Carolina- This guy is a very underrated corner and he is a top player at his position, we NEED to improve our secondary and a team can never have enough good players in the secondary. I think this pick makes sense as he can also play special teams.

Alternate- ANDREW DATKO OT Florida State- This guy would provide depth at the tackle position and would help for a later O-Line. He is a good player with the potential to be great.

Round 5- NICHOLAS JEAN-BAPTISTE NT Baylor- This guy may be the most disruptive nose tackle. He is a beast when it comes to occupying 2 gaps and stuffing the run. He is very hard to stop when he bull rushes which is why this pick would be a great one.

Alternate- MICHAEL BREWSTER C Ohio State- We need depth at the center position and this guy can provide it. He is very good and can help in both pass and run game.

Round 6- DEVIER POSEY WR Ohio State- This is a player that could help us greatly in the slot position or even outside. he is considered to have top 64 talent but his stock dropped due to his off the field issues. He could greatly upgrade our offense.

Alternate- JAMES HANNA TE Oklahoma- We need another TE due to the injury prone Tony Moeaki. This guy is good and could help out a lot.

Round 7a- DANIEL HERRON RB Ohio State- This guy is a big RB with tremendous ability. He is a powerful runner with great speed and a decent pass blocker. Would provide a change of pace.

Round 7b- CHAD DIEHL FB CLEMSON- We NEED a FB and this guy is very very powerful. He could open holes for Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Dexter McCluster and Daniel Herron and would help a lot in the Run game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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