My Draft Prediction (Making it Early Since Most Will Come Later)

Prediction : Chiefs won't draft at 11. Trade Back midway for an extra 3rd or a future 2nd and a 2012 4th. For argument sake, let's say it's an extra 2012 3rd Round Pick.

Reasoning : The biggest problem the Chiefs had last year wasn't G or ILB... it was Depth. For a team that lost as much as they did, it's shocking that the Chiefs are drafting at 11. Although this might not be what I want, I don't think that Pioli will be interested in Kuechly or DeCastro enough to draft either at 11.

1. Cordy Glenn , Georgia , G/T - This is a Pioli type of pick. Glenn will probably be booed because he's not David DeCastro. And that's fine. Glenn is smart, versatile, and played against higher competition than DeCastro in the SEC. He can actually come in and play every position on the offensive line, but could win the starting position at LG by Week 1. He could also be groomed to move into Brandon Albert's position within a year or two if needed.

Glenn had a better combine showing than DeCastro and has the energy and will power to get better as a player as time goes by.

2. Shea McClelin, Boise St, LB - Another Pioli type of pick. I could actually see him going higher in the 2nd round. Or maybe to NE/NYG in the last two first round picks. McClelin has more versatility than Kuechly and played 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB, 3-4 ILB, 4-3 ROLB, 4-3 MLB , and 4-3 LOLB in college. Also played special teams.

Is a very solid pass rusher standing up and knows how to be sneaky when delaying or getting through the gaps. Good tackle but doesn't have a wide body like Hightower where he'd be stuck in clogs.

3a. Brandon Taylor, LSU , DB - LSU runs a very similar secondary scheme as the Chiefs. In the ideal Crennel Secondary all DBs could play all positions. Taylor could play corner but also cover SS. With Berry coming off an injury this is a key role. Taylor is a 3 year starter and Team Captain. What hurt his stock most was the National Championship game against running backs. Was going LOW too often when he should have been trying to go for body tackle. That being said he has an excellent frame and knows how to get his body in position to cover larger targets. Shut down the Bama passing attack 2x in one year. Had a selfless season to finish his career.

3b. Malick Jackson, Tenn, DL - Jackson is a rarely talked about prospect, but his tape is something for 3-4 fans to take a look at. Not only is he 6'4 280 he also has a great wingspan. Could become a 5-tech LE of the future and be used in some pass rushing situations. Team Captain and also a very intelligent player.

4. Brandon Boykin, Georgia , DB - Boykin slips due to the fact that he has a broken leg and will likely sit out for the majority of the offseason workouts. That being said, he is a player worth the gamble. Whereas Jalil Brown can cover outside, Boykin is a KR/PR and slot corner and could groom himself over time under Stanford Routt.

5. Evan Rodriguez, Temple , FB/TE - A bit of an Aaron Hernandez clone, Rodriguez brings a blocking/receiving option for Daboll. Played in the same offense as Charles Clay (Tulsa) . Clay had a great job finding the ball in his rookie season.

6. Chandler Harnish, N Illinois, QB - Broke all of Kurt Warner's passing records at N Illinois. Training camp competition for Stanzi.

7. Tyler Horn, Miami , C- underated center that could also play guard. Also a long snapper.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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