2012 NFL Draft Rumors That Could Affect The Chiefs

From the FanPosts -Joel

We are coming along the homestretch to the draft and we have entered the "cloak and dagger" phase. Charlie Casserly gave some great insight about the use of "pre-draft" information with regard to rumors about other teams. He writes:

Prior to the week before the draft, I had a member of our scouting department compile the following items: • Team needs, as determined by our pro scouting department. • Team needs, as determined by the team's local media. • A list of player visits. (The NFL does not publish this information. You need to hustle: Researching various media outlets, speaking to agents and calling players themselves.) • Key comments made to the media by other teams regarding their needs. All of this information would be summarized by team. I would then do my own research on what opposing teams were looking to do. I found over the years that there were a few members of the media who I thought did a good job on gathering draft information.

After reading this, I got to thinking, "what could this mean for KC?" A couple reports on the Dallas Cowboys gives us a great insight into the misinformation of the NFL. Take this first report from Tony Pauline for example:

April 2nd: 2PM - On the Monday of the combine, when we reported the Dallas Cowboys were the favorites to sign free agent cornerback Brandon Carr, we also posted the team was looking heavily at offensive lineman Cordy Glenn. Several sources have told us in recent weeks the franchise has shifted its focus to the defensive line and as of today Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe is the apple of their eyes.

On the surface this "inside" report would lead you to believe that Poe is now the "it" guy in Dallas. But wait, check out this report from Rob Rang over at

Since 2006, the Dallas Cowboys have invited each one of their first round picks to their facility as one of 30 pre-draft visits allowed by the NFL. Knowing this to be true, what can we glean from the players Dallas brought in this year? Maybe more than you'd think. Though the Cowboys did not pick until the third round of the 2009 draft, the team has used six first round picks since 2006. Those players -- OT Tyron Smith, WR Dez Bryant, RB Felix Jones, CB Mike Jenkins, OLB Anthony Spencer and OLB Bobby Carpenter -- were each invited to tour Dallas' facility. So who does Dallas appear to be interested in this year? Well, despite what you may have read the team did not invite Memphis DT Dontari Poe, Stanford OG David DeCastro or Stanford TE Coby Fleener to the facility.

It makes me wonder if Glenn really isn't there target at #15, also unless Dallas really makes a move out of character DeCastro isn't there guy but the smokescreen is because they are worried that one of their guys might go higher than their pick.

The wonder of Ryan Tannehill: Man or Myth?

Now the last several days we have been "hearing" from all over that the Chiefs are going to be players in the Ryan Tannehill "sweepstakes". With many even suggesting that KC will have to move up to get him but is it true we would have to trade to get him? The two other prominent teams mentioned for Tannehill are Cleveland and Miami. But I have to ask, "Is Cleveland really interested in Tannehill?" Nolan Nawrocki at had this to say about Cleveland's QB interests

Q: What’s your evaluation of Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden, and do you think the Browns could target him? Nawrocki: I do think Weeden is a guy they are targeting, whether they select him with the 22nd or 37th pick. I think he would definitely bring more size to the position. He ran a similar-style offense at Oklahoma State, and I think he’s flown under the radar a little bit.

Weeden is definately more "Pro-ready" and would provide Colt McCoy with a challenge as opposed to Tannehill who most recommend develops for a couple seasons. Plus Cleveland could get a ready to play Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson right now. Even though Jim Irsay tweeted that any club wanting Tannehill would have to trade with Minny, I'm not sure that's true. So that brings us to Miami. Do they want Tannehill? Check out this statement from Rob Rang:

With the Cleveland Browns, owners of the fourth overall pick, thought to be strongly considering taking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Spielman has let it be known that the No. 3 pick is available to any team that wants to come get him before Cleveland. The Browns have publicly stated that they will not trade up in this year's draft, but that may not stop them from moving down. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 5) and the Miami Dolphins (No. 8) appear to be especially likely to consider trading down due to the number of holes on their current roster as well as the fact that each club is now operating under a new head coach.

This brings us to KC. With our very public show of interest in a new QB (from the desire to talk with Manning to the gushing at the combine of Pioli and Crennel regarding RG3, Luck and Tannehill) are we really that interested? and what happens if Cleveland and Miami both bail on Tannehill? Charles Davis' draft at with the Chiefs taking Tannehill at #11 might have a real chance. Or maybe just maybe Pioli is playing the "claok and dagger" game himself. Consider this from the draft tip sheet at

In talking to scouts and personnel people the past week or so, it certainly seems a consensus is forming that quarterback Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M could be the most "overdrafted" player in the first round ...

But enough about Tannehill. If you are like me, I want a first round pick that can be a starter from day one and if they are taken at #11 hopefully they will be up for Pro Bowl consideration every year. So what about some of the rumors about other potential Chiefs' picks?

How about the fast rising Fletcher Cox?

The D-line debate used to be Dontari Poe or Michael Brockers but now everyone seems to have Fletcher Cox moving into the #1 DT position. But would the 298lbs MSU Bulldog really fit in KC? Check out this Draft Tip Sheet tidbit:

• Quick kicks: Mississippi State's Fletcher Cox seems to have inched ahead of Dontari Poe of Memphis, Michael Brockers of LSU, and Michigan State's Jerel Worthy among the defensive tackles on a lot of draft boards. Cox appears to be more a 4-3 tackle, but there are a couple 3-4 teams that play their nose tackles in unconventional ways who feel Cox might be a decent fit ...

How about the great David DeCastro?

Over at, UkRedskin quoted Adam Schefter as saying the following:

It could be that Kalil falls and if Buffalo wants to go trade up to No. 5 (Tampa Bay) or No. 6 (St. Louis), those teams would be all ears in terms of listening to offers. If Buffalo stays where it is, the sense around the league is that the Bills will have their choice between Kuechly or DeCastro and other good players who will be available at that spot.

Really all is quiet on the DeCastro front for the most part. Usually, you hear that a guard doesn't get selected that high, however, if Schefter is mentioning him in connection with Buffalo at #10, it would lead you to believe that with the new CBA and how prized guards like Carl Nicks, Ben Grubbs, etc. were in FA DeCastro just might go top 10.

How about the enigma that is Michael Brockers?

Brockers is meeting with everybody, so what does that tell you? Even the Indianapolis Colts have a meeting with him.

Michael Brockers has met with several teams Louisiana State DL Michael Brockers has already had pre-draft visits with the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins. 2012-04-10 23:06:05 | Source: - Aaron Wilson

So the "cloak and dagger" is full speed ahead and all we really know is that things are never quite what they seem until they are exactly what they seem. Man, I love draft season.

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