Tears of a Clown: Maybe Amy Grant IS the Lucky One

You live and you learn. You don't:

1) tug on superman's cape
2) spit into the wind
3) Believe that Peyton Manning would ever not shit on you
4) (Most importantly) Satire Tim Tebow ( ...if you haven't already lambasted me)

Although I accomplished my goal of stirring up more comments, I lacked miserably in recs. I learned something about myself:

RelaxingPoo : recs :: Gollum : The Precious


This is not pandering for recs, but announcing the revelation that I am in desperate need of approval around these parts. It's sad, really.

My Tebow post was so poorly received that I didn't even hear from my homeboy Shanghai_Chiefs in the thread. He has been my favorite and most staunch supporter through my attempts at knocking the rust off of my writing bone. I pretty much just defended my life. Well, I guess, for this post, I'm going to play The Scout and find a new Muse. (yep...3 Albert Brooks references...if you're counting, which, you're not*).

So, after the jump, I will delve into some much less controversial topics (you guessed it: slavery, gay marriage, abortions, and ending women's suffrage). Should be fun.

Quarterback of the Future is a term that is so foreign to me as a Chiefs fan that I sometimes underestimate the actual value of one. I've been arguing with some friends for months about what trading up for an Andrew Luck/RGIII type was actually worth. My thoughts have always been don't give up multiple top prospects to receive one top prospect. Well, until

I've been pretty public in my support of our free agency period this year. It got me thinking. Our depth chart, since Pioli has gotten here, has turned over and filled out rather nicely (sounds like an ideal prom date). I think that being a KC resident has ruined me. Pioli is going to build "the right 53" through the draft. The Royals are having a perpetual youth (bowel) movement. I'm so set in my ways thinking that the stars are going to align and every young player for both teams is going to have a career year at the same time winning my teams lightning in a bottle championships that...I've forgotten there are other ways.

We need a center while Hudson develops? Pioli gets Weigman back. We need a stopgap nose tackle? Kelly Gregg is available. We have complemented the speed of Jamaal Charles with both an aging Thomas Jones AND an out to show his worth Peyton Hillis in just a few short years. It matters less if we lose Carr because we snatched up Routt immediately. There are other examples, but you know the team and get the point. The guy does what he can to shore up weaknesses. After acquiring Orton AND Quinn, one could argue he's even tried to fix our backup QB position.

We have a lot of elite athletes right now. I could debate (and have) that we are a franchise QB away, but the question is...for how long? I don't mean "how long until we get our QB", I mean "how long do we still have all of these players in the same place at the same time?" How long until players like DJ, Hali, Charles (?), Berry (?), Moeaki (?), Bowe, Baldwin, Flowers, Albert, Houston, Mims, and...Carr aren't all together and/or playing their best football. Have we already missed the window on four of those players?

If the goal is to win a championship, with this team, maybe it wouldn't be the worst lightbulb moment since Edison the future and realize that the future is now. We've got players getting older. We've got players with expiring contracts. Every player ever is an injury risk.

Now, I understand that this is all moot because the Colts wouldn't have released Manning if they were planning on trading away the pick, but...that's kind of what I do. I talk about nonsense.

(fake jump)


One thing I have seriously underestimated in my steadfast belief that you amass picks and never just GIVE them away works well in conjunction with--what seems to be the Pioli/Hunt model--getting the most bang for your buck and having extra money stashed has to do with this:

Cam Newton- 4 years / $22 million
Sam Bradford- 6 years / $78-86 million
Matt Stafford- 6 years / up to $78 million
Matt Flynn- 3 years / $26 million
Matt Cassel- 6 years/ $62.7 million

Now that there is a rookie wage scale, developing a top tier QB talent is a true "try it before you buy it" type scenario (with little, to no, "you break, you buy"). Would you rather have an unproven commodity with unlimited potential like, say, Andrew Luck, or, would you rather take an older, unproven commodity like a Cassel/Flynn type? With the talent in place, I'll take Andrew Luck for a 4 year/$22 million-ish test drive EVERY TIME. The craziness surrounding Peyton Manning's free agency showed just how rare a TOP QB hitting the market is. Free agency and low round draft picks are a crap shoot. As a team, you have to, find your guy...and get him.

Sure, we'd have to give up multiple top picks, but...we have the talent in place already. If we signed Andrew Luck, we would be a nose tackle away from a near perfect starting lineup. Since we have starters in place, the draft is, essentially, for depth. You don't, generally draft for depth with top picks. It's definitely something to think about.

Again, I understand that Indianapolis is getting their QB for the foreseeable future with their pick , but what is stopping us from giving them a Godfather-esque offer? We could get Luck. The scenario I was thinking was letting the Colts draft Luck, trading back with the Bengals, and then offering the TWO firsts from this year with our top pick next year and a random 2nd or 3rd (and maybe Matt Cassel) for Luck the person--not the pick. By trading back, in theory, we are sacrificing less of our future. We have an elite talent, and are done giving up picks after 2013. Who knows if it's feasible? There are a lot of extenuating circumstances here. I don't think it's outlandish though. It IS a scenario that gives us every opportunity to develop (and keep) a top QB prospect for years to come--and compete for Super Bowls. I really hope I didn't go to Skitzo with this. It makes sense to me.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Pioli has been able to bring in good-great role players to play on, what is known as, a bad team. If we start winning, people WANT to come here for cheap. Players at the end of their careers (think Tony G) WANT to come here to win a ring. Can you imagine? I can't.

We are so close to being a wrecking ball that it keeps me up at night. I need something like this.

*deleted sentence due to the pointlessness of it all: "I'm coming back to Real Life where I'm no longer Lost in America and you don't think I'm a Mother fucker"...there wasn't a need for three Albert Brooks references, let alone three more. I'm not even a fan of the guy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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