what i would like to see kc do in the draft

Alright, so obviously we're all super excited about the draft. I know I am just for the simple fact that we have man different ways we can go this year. This is unchartered territory for us Chiefs fans and I for one am in love with it. For the first time in as long as i can remember Ive actually wanted to do a mock draft. I feel it could go multiple ways and no matter which direction we go, it'll be hard to screw up. So heres what im gonna do. I'll post my hopes, just like everyone else is doing, and you guys can tell me if you like the picks or think im off my rocker.

ROUND 1: At number 11 overall....we trade back. as much as i love decastro, i think we have a pretty good line set up now with good overall prospects later in the draft. i could see multiple teams willing to trade here, most likely being the eagles who need a lt. My gut says Reiff is still there and they'll want him. so thats what ill play with. philly trades their 3rd and 1st for our first.

With the number 15 pick, the Chiefs select cb dre kirkpatrick of alabama. Now, before you get on me about taking a db in the first round, let me say this. peyton manning, phillip rivers, carson palmer, peyton manning. Teams are going to try to pass on us all season for the next few seasons. we will be running a nickel package the majority of the time and I feel kirkpatrick will help us big time there. If nothing else, hes a safety net in case someone goes down.

ROUND 2: with the number 44 overall pick, the Chiefs select kevin zietler, og wisconsin. we may have missed our main man in decastro in round one, but zietler is no slouch. i think he comes in and cometes with lilja for the starting spot, eventually taking it over and securing it for the future.

in a bit of a twist, kc trades their sixth and 7th rounders plus next years 3rd for the number 48 overall pick with new england. Now, I have no reason behind why they trade with new england, or really what theyll trade to get here. But i really think theres talent depth here that we could take advantage of so this is what im going with.

so, with the 48th overall pick, the Chiefs select alameda ta’amu, dt Washington. With this pick, that should solidify our NT position. i could see us carrying an extra NT this year as i feel we will sign a veteran FA so go along with powe, ta'amu, and gordon. that will give us a young group of hopefully reliable and talented guys for years to come.

ROUND 3: with the number 74 overall pick, the chiefs select trumaine Johnson, s montana. Again, dont criticize me on this one. we all saw how sabby worked out for us last year. safety is a position we need depth at and this guy can fit that model. hes a good looking prospect we could use at this position.

ROUND 4: with the number 107 overall pick, the Chiefs select Joe adams, wr Arkansas. Sure wr may be a strong point for us as of now. But Adams is fast. Very fast. He provides great depth at this pick and is good insurance if Bowe decides not to come back next year.

ROUND 5: with the number 146 overall pick, the Chiefs select Vontaze burfict, ilb Arizona state. This guy obviously has character issues. So did Houston. He seems to be panning out just fine. and in the fifth round, hes a great bargain player. If he doesnt work out, we didnt waste a high pick on him so little risk there. if he does, which i think he will, its a steal. the guy has a mean streak a mile wide which is something we definately need. skills out the wazoo to go with. im sold.|

ROUND 7: the Chiefs have 2 picks in the 7th round this year. so, that being said, with the 238th overall pick, the chiefs select kellen moore, qb boise state. whats the worst thing that happens...he plays on the practice squad? the guy is a winner, is accurate with the ball, and makes multiple reads. he may be small, but flutie seemed to work out.

So thats it. Hit me with responses.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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