Dontari Poe Film Breakdown Part 2

From the previous thread, I continue to go play-by-play through the 2nd half of Dontari Poe's film found here:

Dontari Poe (via ldawg0073)

11:53 - Poe is lined up at LDE in a 3-4 on the outside of the RT. Poe has a good snap reaction and sets up proper technique and gets under the RT's pads getting a good punch in looking to move inside. Quick pass from the QB for a good gain.

12:32 - Poe is lined up at RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT. Good snap reaction but as he starts to work on the LT but the QB has another quick pass that is completed.

12:54 - Poe is lined up at LDE in a 3-4 outside of the RT. Has a good snap reaction and hits the RT, but its another quick pass in the flat for minimal YAC gain.

13:18 - Poe is lined up at RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT. Good snap reaction, play-action fake and Poe gets off his block to fall on the RB. QB meanwhile keeps the ball and runs around picking up a big gain.

13:55 - Poe is lined up at RDT in a 4-3 over the LG. Good snap reaction, however Poe recognizes its a running play and hangs back. LT/LG double team Poe and slow him down long enough for him to just barely miss tackling the RB. He does get a hand on him though which slows the RB down. Unfortunately his teammates couldn't capitalize, and two LBs miss tackles and the RB gets a good gain.

14:10 - Poe is lined up a LDE in a 3-4 Under the RG. Slow Snap reaction but Poe is able to build up speed and get good leverage to get underneath the RG's pads and blow right by him, RG looks like he may have held Poe. He moves right and upfield, a blitzing corner takes out the play-actioned RB. Poe recognizes it is a play-action and as he is going up the middle turns toward the QB who had rolled out left.. However the blitzing DB tackles the RB into Poe's legs. Effectively tripping Poe up and slowing him down, giving the QB enough time to find a guy deep who had broken through coverage.

14:27 - Poe is lined up at LDE in a 3-4, under what looks like the RT. Slow snap reaction, Poe gets in there in-between the RG/RT and is double team blocked by the RT/RG. The QB hands it off, pretending to hold onto the ball to run upfield, while the RB runs left where Arkansas state has cleared a huge hole for a nice gain.

14:42 - Poe lines up again as the LDE in a 3-4, underneath the RT. Slow snap reaction after QB audibles, meets the RT who tries to use technique to push Poe left although Poe is able to edge right. RB is designed to run left, but when that's clogged he patiently sets up the block and hits the hole. Poe sheds his blocker and nearly chases down RB while LBs meet it after 5 yards.

15:08 - Poe is lined up as the RDE in a 3-4, outside of the LT with the stand-up rusher on the other side. LT hits a downfield block, and Poe moves upfield to meet the pulling RG. RG is futile, Poe is able to shed him and nearly tackles the RB. Does get a hand on the RB though which slows him down and the NT is able to make the tackle with a linebacker.

15:27 - Poe lines up as the RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT. Slow snap reaction, Poe recognizes the run play and tries to angle towards the middle. The NT is yanked around and taken off balance and he falls in front of Poe, Poe trips over him and falls. Meanwhile RB is running to the right away from Poe and is able to make his way upfield for a very good gain.

15:42 - Poe lines up as the LDE in a 3-4 outside of the RT. Great snap reaction he moves upfield, RT moves inside, the Full back moves up to get a hit on Poe and the RG pulls towards Poe. Poe swipes at the FB but isn't able to get rid of him, RG is able to gain good leverage and the Double team stops Poe. RB sees the hole to Poe's right and hits it before a LB that is shooting upfield can get to him. Bad tackling enables the RB to get a good run.

16:00 - Poe lines up as a LDT in a 4-3 under the RG. Good snap reaction, Poe keeps his butt down and moves upfield quickly. Recognizing its a pass play he angles more towards the center, and starts hand fighting as soon as he sees OL. Its a pass play and the Center reaches him first, while the RG helps in support. Poe is too much of an animal though, he keeps fighting hard and moving his feet upfield pushing the double team back. QB however boots out left away from Poe and hits a wide open receiver for the TD or at least make it to the goal line.

16:18 - Poe lines up as the RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT. Slow snap reaction, Poe angles behind his NT who is seeing multiple blockers. After some pushing, shoving and serious clogging of run lanes it looks like Poe gets a good shove in and that sorta helps the NT slip through the blockers. NT gets a hand on the RB, and Poe goes around the other blockers quickly to also hit the RB and 3 DL slam the RB to the ground for a loss.

16:34 - Poe lines up as the LDE in a 3-4 under the RT. Good snap reaction the entire OL is angling Left leaving Poe unblocked to run upfield. WR Reverse, Poe slows down just in case the QB holds onto it and the WR takes off to the left away from Poe. Poe chases after the WR but can't keep up, doesn't really matter since the WR is stopped for a loss.

16:49 - Poe lines up as the RDT in a 4-3 under the LG. Good snap reaction, Poe gets low and explodes upfield past the LG's Right shoulder. He shoots into the backfield, definitely looks like some holding, the QB fakes to one of the RBs and Poe barely misses the QB who runs upfield for a good gain.

17:02 - Poe lines up as the RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT. Good snap reaction, another reverse Poe is slowed down keeping an eye on the running QB, the WR who's coming from the left finds a hole made by the RT blocking an OLB and gets upfield for a short gain.

17:14 - Poe lines up as the LDT in a 4-3 under the RG. Great snap reaction, the RG pulls and Poe moves into the empty space. The RT hits Poe to the side with the Center helping out in support. A couple linemen pull out to the right outside of the RT, and Poe almost grabs the RB who is able to find the alley and get a good gain.

17:25 - Again Poe lines up as the LDT in a 4-3 only in between the Center/RG. Slow snap reaction, Poe keeps low and hits what looks like the Center with the RG helping. Poe slips through the block, or it seems like the OL doesn't hold blocks for anyone, QB tosses it out and the RB is tackled for a loss by a corner I believe.

17:38 - Poe lines up as the LDT in a 4-3 under the RG. Good snap reaction, RG pulls and Poe shoots upfield but he gets tripped up by the Center or the RT holds him because he falls. RB gets the ball and makes his way outside to the Left finding the alley and getting a good gain.

17:54 - Poe lines up as the LDT in a 4-3 again under the RG. A little slow off the snap, RT engages Poe and is able to stand him up and keep him in place. Seems like holding to me since the arms are outside of the jersey.

18:05 - Poe lines up at RDT in a 4-3 under the LG. Good snap reaction, LG pulls to the left and Poe shoots upfield thinking the QB is running. LT aims for him to engage and pushes him towards the middle and the RB kicks outside to the left sideline for a good gain.

18:16 - Poe lines up at RDT in a 4-3 in between the C/G. Good snap reaction, Poe recognizes the double team and gets low to take them on. Unfortunately he bends at waist and is pushed back. The other DL make it upfield but the RB makes his way through and is able to find the hole for a good gain.

18:36 - Poe lines up at RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT, OLB is on the other side. Slow off the snap, but Poe recognizes its a run play and follows the pulling LG to the other side of the line. As he's following I think the FB hits him as does the RG, and the RB kicks out to the sideline for a 5 yard gain.

18:49 - Poe lines up as LDT in a 4-3 on the RG. Great snap reaction, RG pulls and Poe shoots upfield. Doesn't show what happened but I'm guessing he disrupts the play because Arkansas State doesn't get anywhere.

19:03 - Poe lines up at LDT in a 4-3 in between the RG/RT. Good snap reaction, Run play and Poe takes on the RG. The RT also cuts which effectively stops Poe, but he eventually disengages and makes his way downfield where his teammates are taking out the RB for a loss.

19:20 - Poe lines up at RDE in a 3-4 outside of the LT. Barely get set before the snap and reaction is slow. Goes unblocked and notices the quick dump off to the RB but can't reach the RB in time and he gets an okay YAC.

19:35 - Poe lines up at LDT in a 4-3 under the RG. Good snap reaction, the RG is going left and Poe gets a hand on him. Uses the RG's momentum against him to push him to the ground in front of the Center who's taking on the other DT. RG trips up the Center who loses the DT who is able to shoot upfield and I think make the tackle for a loss or at least disrupt the play.

20:13 - Poe line us at RDT in a 4-3 between the LG/C. Good snap reaction, he starts moving upfield and is stonewalled by a double team of the Center/LG. He fights with his hands really well and is able to follow the RB without giving up to much ground, at least until he runs into the DE. He's able to disengage though and nearly makes it in on the tackle, RB had outside LT for a good gain.

20:23 - Poe lines up at RDT in a 4-3 between the LG/C. Great snap reaction, LG pulls right and Poe tries to shoot upfield. LT takes him on and the Center helps. Poe keeps pushing into the pocket, the LT gets off his blocks and the RB runs up and cuts around Poe and runs for a huge gain.

20:42 - Poe lines up at RDT in a 4-3 under the LG. Great snap reaction, Poe goes unblocked up the middle. Can't really see what happens but I'm guessing the Full back gets the ball and Poe takes him down.

21:10 - Poe lines up at RDT in a 4-3 between the LG/C. A little slow off the snap, LG heads for him and Poe jolts him. LT comes in to double team then disengages to move downfield. Poe holds his ground and swats the LG disengaging. RB is funneled straight for him and Poe stays still and just lays on top of the RB.

21: 21 - Poe lines up at RDT in a 4-3 between the C/LG. Good snap reaction, Poe engages the LG but once he sees the QB boot out to the right he disengages and follows. QB throws a short pass that becomes a big gain because of poor tackling in the 2ndary.

21:37 - Poe lines up at LDT in a 4-3 under the RG. Good reaction, Poe engages the RG and there's some pulling. RG looks like he might be holding but I'm not to sure, Poe keeps his hands and feet moving. Anyways, Poe is able to disengage to take on the RB and stop him.

22:08 - Poe lines up at LDT in a 4-3 under the Center. Good reaction, Poe swats away the Center but hesitates a bit once he sees the RB before pursuing. RB runs to the right sideline and is stopped for a short gain.

22:22 - Poe again lines up at LDT in a 4-3 under the Center. Good reaction, this time they triple team Poe. They get a good push and the RG heads upfield while the LG/C continue to push Poe. But garnering the attention allowed better match-up for the teammates who move in the backfield and stop the RB for a loss.

Conclusion: My Conclusion is there isn't any. Not much of one can be gleaned from one game tape especially against a team that employs the option, but to me Poe looks promising. Things are there I like, things I don't. All his problems stem from bad technique, reminds me of BJ Raji when we played the Packers last year. Raji was using bad technique on Ryan Lilja, and even though he probably had about 50-60 pounds on Lilja, Lilja stopped him cold in his tracks by himself. Lilja was able to gain leverage and stonewall Raji, even though he's no where near as strong or as talented. Same goes for Poe, if he can get the technique down with consistency he can beast it up. Consistency is the key word though, and bad technique will be exploited. His athleticism does show up on the field though, as does his strength even dealing with bad technique he still did rather well.

I might also add that he's a guy the Offense specifically game planned for, which is very promising. If offenses have to game plan for somebody I believe they're special, people give Dexter McCluster gripe but I've heard quite a few defenders talk him up as somebody they have to plan for and that makes him dangerous. The majority of offensive snaps were always away from Poe's general direction, and hardly any runs up the gut or even in Poe's direction period. QB continuously rolled out to the opposite side of Poe, and the RB continuously bounced to the outside on the opposite side.. I also thought he used his arms and feet well, they were constantly moving and he seems like an active player.

Only issues I find is his shorter arms don't help him. Many times it seems he'd have the tackle if his arms were about 2-3 inches longer. Also conditioning will always be a concern for a big man, and I've heard he takes plays off although I didn't really see it on this tape. I talked about his overaggressiveness, and its something that would get taken advantage of. They double teamed Poe regularly but Poe didn't look his best because of bad technique, or tricked his aggressiveness to get upfield by having a blocker try to push him off balance which would slow Poe down. He also tends to get fooled by play-action and the option.

Can this guy be a nose? Well I just don't know yet. He's got some good promise at multiple positions on multiple fronts it seems like. NT is a definite possibility, but I could also see him doing well at DE ala Ngata. I don't know about a top 11 pick, I've heard top 10 but that might be a bit overzealous. In a trade down scenario he's definitely a guy we'll give a long hard look if he's around, because the potential is All Pro or even HOF caliber if Poe can reach it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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