Hey Peyton, Come To The Kansas City Chiefs

Mar 7, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning speaks at a press conference announcing his departure from the team at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Hi Mr. Manning, welcome to Kansas City. Take a minute to stretch, I'm sure it was a long flight from Florida.

It's no surprise we want you to come to the barbecue capital of the world. Our Chiefs are one step away from a Super Bowl and you would be that final piece. Our organization is well aware that you have drawn major interest from the team on South Beach. We're also cognizant that you have a house close by.

However, you should take the plunge and come to Kansas City. You're the most competitive player in the league and potentially the world. Don't you want to play where your passion is matched by the city?

In Miami you're just another superstar in a town that barely shows up for playoff games. The Chiefs enjoy one of the biggest home field advantages in football thanks to our rabid fan base.

Now, you're 36-years-old and unfortunately nobody can beat father time. If you can stay healthy, it's fair to say you may have three good years left before it's time to start preparing your speech for Canton. Do you really want to toil on a team that has some talent, but not enough to seriously compete for a championship?

Think about it this way; who is your supporting cast in Miami? Peyton, you would be handing off to Reggie Bush while throwing to Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess. Granted, Marshall is a great player but a little mercurial no?

In Kansas City, you would be handing off to Jamaal Charles and passing to Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston, Jonathan Baldwin and Tony Moeaki. Not to mention you would have the makings of a major defense who made real progress in the second half of last year.

Here, you become an instant title contender. You also get to run the offense in this situation. Joe Philbin was hired to install his west coast offense. Brian Daboll is flexible and will get out of your way.

Let's address the last lingering issue that has been talked about Peyton. It's been reported you're not a fan of playing in cold weather. Miami is certainly not cold, but it is oppressively hot and humid. With the Chiefs, you're getting beautiful weather into November, with just a few games in the winter.

Isn't having a few games out in the cold worth a chance to play in multiple Super Bowls? The supporting cast is locked in for years here with a general manager that has been part of three championships.

Ultimately it's your call Peyton. The money won't be too much of a factor because any team with real interest is going to pay you. By the way, we do have more salary cap space than anyone else in case you were wondering.

We thank you for considering our fine team here in Kansas City, and we hope to see you soon.

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