Walls, Windows And Peyton Manning

From the FanPosts. Open the damn window, it's hot in here! -Joel

A window is oft regarded as a hole in a wall which light can pass through, sometimes a breeze. They come with much variability in form and function. Double-hung, single-pane, double-pane, tilt and slide, stained glass, skylights, french, casement, porthole, and the list goes on. Symbolically, windows can represent the separation of one environment and another, hope, opportunity, and promise. We jockey for windows in offices, and on planes, trains and automobiles. There is something special about being close to whatever it is the outside world provides. It seems that the other side of the pane always has something more to offer.

If you'll continue with this allegory, the stipulation that comes with windows is that they require a wall for support. Whether the window is short or tall, thin or thick, it cannot physically exist without a surrounding structure. This wall must be built sturdily, and it must be maintained. In our case, imagine a wall built of Red bricks, with Gold mortar. It may take many people to hold up a wall, constant inspection and scrutiny to make sure that it is prepared as much as possible to bear a load.

A master mason must research and generally manage the wall. Let's call him Scott. Scott is one of the most renowned masons in the nation. He is known for his ability to find exceptional Red bricks and place them successfully into a wall, maintaining them at a manageable cost to a certain scrupulous financial backer named Clark, whose goal is to appease the Gold Mortar that supplies his livelihood and lifestyle, in fact holding this very wall together.

Walls, however, do not provide much when in place other than protection. There is little elegance that emerges from a lone wall. Red bricks can become particularly boring and promote complacency and frustration in those who look upon it, especially when the possibility of something more lies beyond the wall. We often yearn for what is found on the other side. As far as many can remember, the Red and Gold wall has been built, crumbled, and rebuilt; often coming close, but never reaching its full potential. It seems that Clark and Scott, our protagonistic, agonistic masons are in the final stages of repairs on our Red and Gold wall. There are many strong bricks. Some of them are arguably the strongest bricks of their type.

The Gold mortar, as always, remains and it shall remain. Unbeknownst to some, these young bricks have provided something new, something that hasn't been seen in over a decade: a window. The window is closed, rumored to be jammed shut. What lies on the other side is beautiful, and though it has been seen recently, its glory has not been reached in over three decades, an enormous part of a lifetime.

As much as the view through a window calls to us, provides hope and visions of prosperity, opening the window to get a better look, and maybe even reach out and touch the prize that lies beyond sometimes seems like a feat of unsheathing Excalibur from its stone. The opportunity to open the window is closing. The stagnant air from the jammed window is becoming suffocating.

But what if Clark and Scott found that there is now a man available to open the window? He has done it before. Some stories state that this man, though more of legend than man, built a blue-bricked wall completely on his own. His orchestration of bricks and mortar seems to transcend all others before him, and has changed the world of walls forever. Clark and Scott have a unique opportunity, one to realize what is on the other side of our window. Will they take this chance to open it, if only for a short time? Can we finally feel what it's like?

Through some admittedly extended metaphors developed in procrastination and insomnia, the point is that Peyton Manning is the window of opportunity we have been waiting for so long to come around. All of the pieces are in place to take us to the promised land of the Super Bowl. Chiefs fans do not deserve to watch their team struggle outside a window, fall apart, and be rebuilt season-in and season-out. We have sat with hope behind some very thick glass for years. For too long, Chiefs Nation has watched others experience what we haven't come near to in decades. It is time for a real franchise quarterback. It is time for Peyton Manning to open the window for Kansas City.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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