If Marshall Faulk is Right. My Peyton Manning Prediction

As a nobody on the outside looking in, there is no reason to even remotely believe in my prediction. Either way, I'm going to give it to you hard and dirty. Right now there are seven teams really in the hunt for Peyton Manning from what I have read. They are the following in no particular order.

Redskins, Dolphins, Cardinals, Seahawks, Chiefs, Jets, and Broncos.

According to Marshall Faulk

"If you're in the NFC, you're out. The Mannings (won't) play a regular-season game,"

I completely and 100% believe this will be true. As a result you can cross off Redskins, Cardinals, and Seahawks. This just got a hell of a lot better for all the remaining AFC teams.

You now have

Dolphins, Chiefs, Jets, and Broncos

Now lets start with the Jets. -

This is a team that has no reason to be in this hunt. This is a greedy organization that does not have cap space and already has Mark Sanchez. I along with countless others would agree that this move just does not make sense in any aspect. This is a team that I think wants to pull the trigger but forgot its ammo back at home. 0% chance

Alright now we are down to the Dolphins, Chiefs, and Broncos

Broncos are up next -

Why are the broncos in this race? We have already decided that Denver has a case of Tebow fever. While I could see Elway wanting to bring in a real QB instead of reality tv star; I just can not figure out how this could possibly work. I would put Denver at about a 10% chance of winning the Manning Lottery. They have way to many issues to fix already and the weapons just aren't there to support Manning. I'm leaving the Broncos on the list, but in reality no one wants to be a Bronco.

Now to the other AFC west team, the Chiefs -

Why not? I'm one of the few believers that does not hate Cassel. I think all of the haters in Kansas City need to go look back at the games this season where the right tackle completely missed his assignment forcing a lot of running on Cassel's part. I do believe Orton is a better quarterback but that's another subject entirely. Anyways, back to what I was saying. We all know why the Chiefs make the perfect fit. You've read it on here 100 times. Let me tell you why we don't make the perfect fit instead.

  1. We can not sell our O-Line to him.
  2. Read one
  3. Re-read one

Thats pretty much it. I think if we sell the following to him, we have a great chance of picking him up.

  1. Let him know that the chiefs will be going all out on Oline this offseason, through free agency as well as the draft. Let him know where we stand and that if he comes here we will fill up every hole we can on the line
  2. Offer him a shit ton of money and a structured contract that he can't argue with.
  3. Make the transition as painless as possible. Let him feel as though you will do anything to get him.
  4. Inform him that we have a new oc who he can work with and set up the new gameplan together. He wont be taking over the job of another teams current Oc. Instead let him know that with this new coordinator he would have the ability to have complete control with Brian and start the design from scratch. I believe this is a major factor in him wanting to sign with us over other teams.

Overall, I would put the chiefs at a 40% chance of signing Manning. They can't be the favorites, because the Chiefs are never the favorites in any story. I do however think that if we make the right pitch we will be seeing him in a Chiefs uniform within the next few months.

This leaves the leader in the race, Miami Dolphins.

They are in a similar situation as us with possibly a bit less talent. They have a better Oline and can probably use that, plus the weather to beat us out. As much as I would hate this, I think unless the chiefs as an organization can step up the Dolphins will be the favorite and his final choice.

Lets Recap -

Redskins are not going to happen, Marshall told me

Cardinals same as Redskins

Seahawks Also out, thank you NFC

Denver a small measly but respectable 10% chance

Chiefs are not near the underdog people put them at in other articles at 40%. They are a clear second in my eyes

Dolphins win in the end just like they beat us this season with the remaining 50%.

I'm hoping I'm wrong,

A fellow Dolphin hater.

Edit: I'm adding a poll, of the 7 teams I'm metioning. I want to hear your opinions.

One team is down, REPORT, redskins are out. Manning does not want to play for them. Five teams left to beat out!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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