Will Shields Lands In The Chiefs Hall Of Fame

Will Shields is a Hall of Famer. Well, a Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer, Not quite the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- yet. The Chiefs announced on Saturday night that Shields is the latest member of the Chiefs Hall of Fame.

Via KCChiefs.com:

"Will gave us every bit of energy he had for 14 seasons both on and off the field and we are truly grateful for all of his contributions," Clark Hunt said. "His love for the game, commitment to the Kansas City community and his unprecedented play made him an easy selection for the Chiefs Hall of Fame."

The Chiefs wait five years after a player is retired to send them to the team's Hall of Fame.

Shields was up for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year but didn't get in. As Clark Hunt said at Saturday night's 101 Awards, we can expect that to happen, eventually.

When I heard this news, it was like, 'Well, duh.' That's the type of guy Shields is. There's no doubt he's a Chiefs Hall of Fame player and soon the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He's a Man of the Year. 12 Pro Bowls. 223 starts. Didn't miss a start after a 1993 injury to Dave Szott forced him into the lineup. He's one of the all-time great guys. Not just football players -- but people. One of the types of folks that make you proud of your team. That's Shields.

He'll be honored at halftime of a game next season. All the members of the Chiefs Hall of Fame are posted after the jump.

G Will Shields (2012)

CB Kevin Ross (2011)

Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer (2010)

K Nick Lowery (2009)

DT Curley Culp (2008)

CB Albert Lewis (2007)

DE Neil Smith (2006)

Administrator Jack Steadman (2005)

RB Joe Delaney (2004)

LB Gary Spani (2003)

T John Alt (2002)

LB Derrick Thomas (2001)

RB Christian Okoye (2000)

S Lloyd Burruss (1999)

DE Art Still (1998)

T Dave Hill (1997)

S Deron Cherry (1996)

RB Curtis McClinton (1995)

C Jack Rudney (1994)

LB Sherrill Headrick (1993)

K Jan Stenerud (1992)

RB Abner Haynes (1991)

LB Jim Lynch (1990)

RB Ed Podolak (1989)

P Jerrel Wilson (1988)

Head Coach Hank Stram (1987)

CB Emmitt Thomas (1986)

LB Willie Lanier (1985)

G Ed Budde (1984)

WR Otis Taylor (1982)

DT Buck Buchanan (1981)

LB Bobby Bell (1980)

QB Len Dawson (1979)

RB Mike Garrett (1978)

T Jim Tyrer (1977)

C/LB E.J. Holub (1976)

E Chris Burford (1975)

HB/S Johnny Robinson (1974)

TE Fred Arbanas (1973)

DT/DE Jerry Mays (1972)

RB Mack Lee Hill (1971)

Founder Lamar Hunt (1970)

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