My Dream Draft

Rd 1 - David DeCastro - G - Stanford

I'm sure noone needs an introduction to him.

Rd 2 - Alameda Ta'amu - DT - Washington

Likewise with this gentleman.

Rd 3 - Doug Martin - RB - Boise State - 5'9 210

"Martin combines powerful north-south running with surprisingly agility, sometimes making it look like his upper and lower bodies aren't connected as he changes directions downfield. Though he lacks the elite speed of a Maurice Jones-Drew, Martin's low center of gravity and toughness will certainly make scouts imagine he could have similar success at the next level."

Rd 4 - Trenton Robinson - FS - Michigan State - 5'10 195

"Robinson has the size and speed of a cornerback but it doesn't take much film-watching to see why the Spartans like his physicality at the safety position. This under-the-radar high school recruit has more than exceeded expectations during his first three years in East Lansing."

Rd 5 - Chase Minnifield - CB - Virginia - 5'10 183

"Chase is tall, lean and plays alertly within the framework of the system. He is high cut, and could use a little more heft if he can handle it because he already isn't exceptionally fluid when flipping his hips. Minnifield is a menace in press coverage as he re-routes receivers well and has exceptional ball skills, aided by excellent leaping ability and long arms."

Rd 6 - Vernon Oliver - OLB - Miami (FL) - 6'2 261

"Vernon has an NFL-caliber combination of size and athleticism. He is far from a finished product, however, and NFL teams will have to ask themselves what type of dedication to a team he'll have considering the fact that he left Miami so abruptly." - He was suspended for the Shapiro scandal tho.

Rd. 7 - Levy Adcock - OT - Oklahoma State - 6'5 322

"A decorated three-sport star in high school who gained 30 pounds his senior year, Adcock is a late bloomer who took the junior college route to Stillwater. He coasted as a sophomore at OSU but made a stronger commitment in 2010 and '11 with the athleticism and long-term potential to attract teams in the later rounds."

Rd. 7.2 - Darius Fleming - OLB - Notre Dame -6'2 245

"Fleming has a very good combination of size, strength and athleticism, but he lacks explosiveness and isn?t dynamic in his movement skills, unpolished but offers some versatility with his work ethic and body of work. He is a good effort player, but had only marginal production at a position where you expect bigger results, underwhelming collegiate career and simply doesn't have a large impact on the game. Fleming has enough tools to get looks in the NFL, but didn't make enough plays at the college level to be considered anything other than a later round pick."

Thoughts? Burns?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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