Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/31

Good morning! Today's Kansas City Chiefs news looks back to another pick at the 11th spot in the draft, a report on Berry's knee, and updates on prospects and pro days. Also, thanks to Joel for covering for me the last few days. Go Chiefs!!

The Chiefs traded first and third-round picks (16th and 73rd overall) to St. Louis for the right to move up and select Hancock 11th overall. St. Louis used the trade to choose Luis Sharpe, a three-time Pro Bowl selection at offensive tackle, with the 16th overall pick.

Once the first nine picks had passed in the '82 draft, Kansas City felt there were two can't-miss players available at picks 10 and 11. Whoever the Raiders selected 10th overall didn't particularly matter. The Chiefs would select the second of what they viewed as two outstanding prospects.

Chiefs Draft History At Pick No. 11: WR Anthony Hancock from The Mothership

Now Berry says his rehab is going well and that his knee feels "great." That's good news for the Chiefs coaching staff and fans who need him to return now that Peyton is in the division. When asked about his rehab in a recent interview with WHB, Berry gave the good news.

"Right now I'm doing very good. My knee feels great. I'm actually down in Florida training with my trainer, so everything's looking good. Been doing a lot of drills, lot of working out, lot of weights. Just trying to make sure I'm ready to go this season. As you know, I got hurt at the beginning of the season so I've had a lot of time to sit back and let my body rest and let it heal up. So right now I'm just very anxious to get back on the field. Everything's looking good, so I'm just gonna continue to work hard and just make sure I'm ready to go come fall."

Eric Berry Injury Update: Chiefs Star Safety Says 'My Knee Feels Great' from SBN Kansas City

The 2011 season was like a bad day. Ever had one, a bad day? You're irritated, back hurts, and coffee gets spilled on the shirt. You can't find the keys, you're late and traffic won't move.

You trample through it, but can't wait for it to be over...

...Adversity, that's what happened in 2011. Wasn't enjoyable, or exciting to watch, but I think the Chiefs will improve because of it.

Brown: 2011 Wasn't Total Waste For Chiefs from The Examiner

"If the two quarterbacks [Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III] go 1-2, and the Vikings are not in the market for a tailback at No. 3 because of Adrian Peterson, this kid is going 4, 5 or 6," Mike Mayock of the NFL Network said on March 27. "He's the best tailback I've seen come out since the aforementioned Adrian Peterson. He brings toughness, he brings speed, he brings pass protection.

"Richardson might be the best position player in this draft."

Trent Richardson Pancakes The NFL At Alabama's Pro Day from Yahoo Sports!

I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Chiefs show interest in other quarterbacks in the coming weeks, such as Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, Arizona's Nick Foles, and Arizona State's Brock Osweiler.

The Chiefs don't have a ton of pressing needs, so this might be the time to try to snag the quarterback of the future, and I'm sure that is why the Chiefs are taking pre-draft looks at players at the position.

Chiefs Smart To Look At Rookie QB Prospects from ESPN

Eight NFL teams and one CFL team were represented at Bethune-Cookman's pro day Friday at Municipal Stadium.

The scouts put about 18 players, including 14 from B-CU, through several tests and position drills. They kept the results close to the vest.

"Numbers are numbers. You don't really know anything until you can see the film on them," said Kansas City Chiefs special teams assistant Derius Swinton.

Davis, Wildcats 'Feel Good' After Pro Day At B-CU from The Daytona Beach News-Journal

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