A Few More Free Agency Thoughts


The Chiefs are off to a nice start in free agency, one that as a long time Chiefs fan, I am happy with and surprised also. I didn't expect them to land Winston; history told me he was the kind of guy who would visit but not sign. His signing was a perfect fit filling a need with a very good player. Well done Kansas City!

I also like:

Routt ( a proactive move),

Hillis (great insurance and depth and an upgrade over Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle, who are UFA's)


Boss (see Hillis).

I was enticed by the Manning talk but I am not sure his play on the field will equal the publicity that went along with the courting of him. I am hopeful that Cassell can revert back to 2010 and utilize the weapons around him rather than his abysmal 2011. The depth behind him is again shaky, I am not sold on Brady Quinn and I'd feel better about Ricky Stanzi if he'd had gotten a chance to play last year. And although it's shaky, it's not Tyler Palko-shaky!

What I'd like to see before the draft is the addition of a few players for either depth or to compete for a starting role at a few positions. I think we have made great strides in Free Agency, but the work isn't finished. Here are my remaining thoughts:

Antonio Garay- I am not sure what the feeling is on this guy or why he is still available, he has flown under the radar thus far and I wonder why. I know his production dipped from '10 to '11 as he played more snaps but geez; the guy was pretty darn good in 2010.I would like to see him come here and be a part time NT, maybe playing 2/3 of the time while Powe or another youngster gets some time too.I like this option rather than drafting a NT such as Poe who looks the part but doesn't play like he looks. He didn't dominate, was inconsistent and despite wowing folks at the Combine could have potential "bust" on the back of his over-sized jersey. He would give us an upgrade over Gregg and we would be taking a rivals player as he would become a former Charger.



OJ Otogwe- With both safeties coming off of surgery (Eric Berry torn ACL, Kendrick Lewis, Shoulder)I think this is an underrated need for the team. I am not sure we need a starter but we certainly need depth. He has been an on/off starter and seems like a good fit. I can't imagine at this stage any of these remaining [players will command top dollar. I cannot go through another year watching Sabby, Washington, Langford and McGraw chasing open receivers. We need an upgrade at safety and I like Otogwe. He could also fill in as a starter for the first few weeks if Berry or Lewis is not yet 100%, and also would be a great 3rd Safetie to use in certain packages. If McGraw comes back as the 4th guy I am OK with that but he can't play as many snaps as he did last year. I can also see them drafting a young safety late and developing him behind the veterans.



Jerricho Cothery-He would come in and immediately upgrade what is an already strong wide receiving core. he could be the 4th guy at this stage in his career and through the rigors of a season, he'd get plenty of time. Dwayne Bowe is a borderline All pro, Steve Breaston a great complimentary receiver and 2nd year man Jonathan Baldwin could develop into a stud. Terrence Copper is a great guy to have on the team as a special teamer and locker room presence but Cotchery would step into the 4 slot and also add some veteran leadership to the wide outs and to the locker room. I like him as another complimentary player who upgrades our depth.



LB Depth- Not sure who to target here but I see names like Clark Haggan, Phillip Wheeler, Omar Gaither, Channing Crowder (interesting guy who was out of the league last year). I think we need some competition for Javon Belcher and maybe someone to supplant him as a starter. I didn't get too specific here because I can also see a 1st or 2nd round LB coming in the draft.



OL Depth- I like Vernon Carey as a veteran who can fill in at either tackle or guard; I also would be OK with bringing Barry Richardson as a swing tackle. We need 3rd tackle capable of stepping in.



Well that's it, let me know what you think. I like these guys to fill out the roster, add some competition and to provide quality depth to a roster filled with emerging talent!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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