Two Card Monte


Scott Pioli has some Cards to play. The Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel is reported to say the Chiefs have no holes on their roster and can have Draft flexibility.

The 1st three picks in the 2012 NFL draft are pretty much set in CONCRETE as of March 27th.

Andrew Luck

Robert Griffin III

Matt Kalil



The overall #4 selection belongs to the Cleveland Browns who have plenty of Holes according to walterfootball

1. Quarterback: There are a handful of Cleveland fans in denial about this, but Colt McCoy is not a franchise quarterback. The Browns will never be a perennial playoff contender until they acquire one. As mentioned, Robert Griffin could be theirs this April.

2. Wide Receiver: The Browns' offense is so limited because they don't have a No. 1 receiver. Greg Little could be a nice secondary option down the road if he stops dropping passes. Cleveland could consider Alshon Jeffery or Kendall Wright with their second first-round selection.

7. Running Back: Peyton Hillis is as good as gone. Montario Hardesty can't stay healthy. The Browns need a talented running back to either complement Hardesty or replace him when he goes down again.

How could Scott Pioli help "The Walrus" Mike Holmgren while also helping the Kansas City Chiefs? Why we could make a trade. But, not a normal trade, a contingent trade. Holmgren can grab his WR at pick #4 and have the assurance from Scott Pioli that Trent Richardson can be had at Pick #11. The Vig is a 4th round value to the deal. The Chiefs receive picks #22 and #36 for our 11th. Trade chart wise that is +70 for the Chiefs (a 4th round pick). Cleveland gets Justin Blackmon and Trent Richardson to energize the Offense.

The Chiefs could of course take Richardson themselves. Jamaal Charles is recovering from an ACL injury and Peyton Hillis is on a 1 year deal. In running a simulated draft on, Richardson could fall all the way to the 21st pick. I doubt Cincinnati is all that worried about Cleveland retooling their offense, they would like Richardson themselves. Oh, Cincy has pick #17 also, so Cleveland has to get higher than #17 anyway.

Trenton Richardson falls through the 1st 10 picks and Scott pulls the trigger and trades #11 for #22 and #36.

Now it gets interesting. The Chiefs are sitting right in front of 4 teams that would like Defensive Line help. 4-3 DT, 3-4 NT, or OLB the Steelers, Broncos, Texans, and Patriots would all like Some help and we have Dontario Poe sitting on the Board. We could use a NT (badly) some might say. What to do? Entertain another trade down? Why Yes.

Forget it Broncos!

Nice we got Bill Belichick on the line. Swap picks (#22 and #27) and we can have pick #93. I doubt Bill is after Dontari Poe though. Okay!

Hot Damn

With the 27th pick of the 1st Round (while netting the #36 and #93 picks in this 2012 draft) The Kansas City Chiefs select Dontari Poe NT Memphis

Round Pick Team Selection Psn School CRI Delta ReachValue
1 1 Indianapolis Andrew Luck QB Stanford P6Grab +0 Value
1 2 Washington Robert Griffin QB Baylor P1Grab -1 Reach
1 3 Minnesota Matt Kalil LOT USC Grab +1 Value
1 4 Cleveland Justin Blackmon WRF Oklahoma State P2Grab -2 Reach
1 5 Tampa Bay Morris Claiborne CB LSU P2Grab +1 Value
1 6 St Louis Michael Floyd WRF Notre Dame P2Grab -7 Reach
1 7 Jacksonville Riley Reiff ROT Iowa Grab -1 Reach
1 8 Miami Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M P1Grab -18 Reach
1 9 Carolina Fletcher Cox DT43 Mississippi St P2 -2 Reach
1 10 Buffalo Mike Adams OT Ohio State P2R -9 Reach
1 11 Cleveland Trent Richardson RBF Alabama P3Grab +6 Value
1 12 Seattle Quinton Coples DE43 North Carolina P2 +2 Value
1 13 Arizona David DeCastro OG Stanford P4Grab +4 Value
1 14 Dallas Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama P3Grab -13 Reach
1 15 Philadelphia Michael Brockers DT43 LSU P3Grab +0 Value
1 16 NY Jets Whitney Mercilus OLB34 Illinois P2 +4 Value
1 17 Cincinnati Peter Konz OC Wisconsin P1 -5 Reach
1 18 San Diego Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina P3 +2 Value
1 19 Chicago Jonathan Martin OT Stanford P2Grab -5 Reach
1 20 Tennessee Mark Barron SS Alabama P3Grab +0 Value
1 21 Cincinnati Zach Brown OLB43 North Carolina P2 -2 Reach
1 22 New England Courtney Upshaw OLB34 Alabama P3 +8 Value
1 23 Detroit Cordy Glenn OT Georgia P3 -6 Reach
1 24 Pittsburgh Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College P3 +17 Value
1 25 Denver Devon Still DT43 Penn State P1 +7 Value
1 26 Houston Andre Branch OLB34 Clemson P3O +9 Value
1 27 Kansas City Dontari Poe DT34 Memphis P3 +2 Value

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Geaux Chiefs

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