Chiefs Football shaped Crystal Ball, wait that could mean…

The Offense edition

As I look around AP there seems to be a common string that leads to the most heated debates, Quarterback. Examining the Chiefs roster I don’t get caught up in the “what ifs”, but today I’m going to do just that. After the jump I’m going to give my predictions to the Chiefs 2012 season along with my logic behind my educated guesses. The conclusion may shock you, well maybe not.

For any other reason then it is just scrimmage I’m going to skip preseason and jump right into the meat which is the regular season. Not having the regular season schedule isn’t going to stop me either, as I concentrate mainly on positions on the roster and how I see them playing out and some guesses at production.


By no later then the forth game, I see good but not great play out of M. Cassel especially with the departure of Todd “they tapped my phone” Haley. Consistency is Cassel’s strength, which he will have, but I see a loss or two due to his inability to put up elite numbers and carry the offense on his back. Before the beginning of the second quarter of the season I predict B. Quinn will have seen some action due to injury to M. Cassel that doesn’t seem that bad but is a serious enough excuse to sit Cassel and give Quinn a look. With Quinn getting his first chance to start since his dismal opportunity in Cleveland, we will see Quinn having some success but also forcing passes and trying just a bit to hard. Look for him to post some ugly wins and for the “Stanzi should start talks” out of AP. Quinn will win more games then he losses as we see him carry some forth quarter comebacks and those chants for Stanzi shrink. But beware at the first look that Quinn begins to meltdown, Cassel will be ready to jump back into the fray, and so begins the QB carousel that seems to happen everywhere Pioli or Crennel have a stamp.

The Bad: A Qb Controversy, believe my conspiracy or not the front office has more duties then just player personnel and that includes selling tickets, which has a lot to do with attention. Look for the front office to pull off some antics that take away a little of the spotlight from grandpa throwing balls and back out in Denver

The Good: By the end of the 2012 regular season there will be a concise direction of who will be leading the Chiefs to the promise land. And eerily similar to both the Bledsoe/Brady and the Len Dawson effect, my prediction is M. Cassel sees the door and is traded while Quinn gets the nod and Chiefs fans get there First round Qb they have been asking for. Despite not being actually drafted by the Chiefs.


Yeaaaa, we got our monster RB back and he will finally start, or if you’re a pessimist ohh my god our starting Rb is coming off an ACL injury he will never be the same. Either way I disagree… What, how, well allow me to elaborate. Going into the 2012 season the smartest approach to the running game is to continue doing what has worked best for you in the past. Look for the chiefs to have picked up a RB in the draft that is fast and has good hands (if I had my way Turbine in the 4th). With that addition I also see P. Hillis getting inserted onto the roster as a fullback only to fill the positional needs so that 3 other Running backs can be carried as well. With a rotation of Charles, Hillis, Mccluster and Turbine…I mean whatever back we draft getting touches it allows the coordinators to feel confident in Charles continuing to heal properly while still using him as an advantage. I predict our Chiefs will have two Running backs with 1000 yards and one with 1000 yards in total yards from scrimmage with the rookie having at least 500 yards combined catching and running the ball.

The Bad: J. Charles will not increase from his 2010 numbers, and will remain a NFL best running back sleeper. Also look for B. Dabool the new OC to utilize our backs ability to catch and carry for more yards then usual which means just as many screens that we seen last year.

The Good: Top 5 Rushing offense for 2012, and the optimism of seeing a back that can replace our beloved Jamaal Charles just in case he never returns to running for 13.8 yards a carry. Also we will see the chiefs extend Hillis, as it becomes a match made in heaven for both parties.


Weapons, that’s what I think of our WR core. Pioli has assembled a group of wide outs that exemplify what every team wants in a wide receivers across the league, I can best describe this in a breakdown of what they will become this season

Dewayne Bowe

Big possession receiver that runs superior routes and demands double coverage to prevent big plays, and extends plays with YAC


M. Colston N.O. Saints

A. Johnson HOU Texans

J. Baldwin

Big possession receiver with elite speed, good hands and top of the line jumping ability, can stretch the field for deep threat and is a nightmare for defenses in the red zone.


C. Johnson DET Lions

S. Breaston

Possession receiver that runs superior routes with above average speed and finds seams for easy completions. Doesn’t demand a double team but demands above average Defensive back to defend against him


L. Fitzgerald PHX Cardinals- The Poor mans Brand

(Some may consider this comparison ludicrous, but if you identify Breaston and his ability to be a clutch receiver, it doesn’t sound so crazy)

Also look for the Chiefs to add a receiver via the draft that fits the mode of WR/TE hybrid with adequate speed to round out the core of 5 receivers after a late and surprising late free agency addition. With the coming out party of B. Quinn look for the receivers to have success and middle of the pack numbers as the ball gets spread out a little more.


Tony Gonzales 2.0 doesn’t seem to be panning out the way we all hoped when we first seen him catch that 1 handed grab for a touchdown. Regardless of the disappointment of injury after injury look for T. Moeaki to contribute. The myth of his injury prone propaganda is largely exaggerated by fluke problems like fractured wrist and torn shoulder labrums’, due to his use as a blocking tight end in college. Look for him to be used more as a reviving tight end with the acquisition of K. Boss. And speaking of the Ex-raider, look for Boss to do the same contribute. It’s speculated that the chiefs would like to run more 2 tight end sets, but a closer eye and shaper intuition can lead one to see that the 2 TE sets will be used more in the running game with tony playing a huge part in play action plays that will benefit form the running game both tiring and confusing defenses.

Also look for the Chiefs to add a TE type in the draft as noted in above in the Wide receiver section

Offensive line

The Art of war dictates that you send your heaviest and strongest forces up the middle while you flank with speed. The offensive line looks to be getting solid as Pioli suggested it was an area that needed upgrades. With the addition of Winston, I like 80% of AP see the Chiefs addressing both Guard and tackle in the Draft extremely high. Doing so solidifies your offense for years to come, despite any shortcomings in skill positions around them. I for one don’t believe that the front office will grab Decastro at #11 and look for them to trade back and still grab a guard that could start day one while addressing the NT/DE in the next pick. This is almost a guarantee unless something happens that drops a gem in our lap at which point BPA may be better then settling. Look for B. Albert to get an extension during the season, which would account for the cap space. Pioli doesn’t like extending players in the offseason and opts to do it while they are still motivated and feel a sense of obligation to the orginatization and fellow teammates.

I don’t see to much wiggle room predicting the regular season record for 2012. If I had to compare the Chiefs to a team last year it would be the Houston Texans. With the other teams in our division having so many changes occur in the offseason that should throw off continuity in the organization I see the Chiefs finally begin to show themselves to be SB contenders for 2013. Moving forward the chiefs would be the only team that shows consistency across the board in players retained, the QB position and front office competency, with the exception of the chargers whose GM and Head Coach are on the hot seat. Romeo Crennel has been with the Chiefs for 2 solid seasons improving the team as DC for most of that. Look for the Chiefs to ruffle some feathers as they take on the likes of Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens, and along the way slay some favorites with New Orleans Saints and Pittsburg Steelers.

2012 regular season prediction

Home games

Denver Bronchos

Oakland Faiders

s.D. Sparks

Bal ravens

Cin bengirls

Atl Falcons

Car Panthers

Ind losegamestogetluck

Away games

Den Bronchos

Oak Faiders

s.D. Sparks

Pit Dontmindrape

Cle dookie brown

N.O. caints

T.B buccaneers

Buf Seals

11-5 +/- 2 games

Sorry for the misspellings in the last part , didn’t have a chance to spell check, and I don't

know how to type maniacal laughter ...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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