Official Draft Thread 3/26-4/2

I'm not going to mock any trade downs or further FA signings. I think those are too difficult to predict. What I'll do is mock what I think would happen if the draft went down tomorrow. I took all of my projected rounds off

1. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford


I have recently read some fairly good arguments against drafting DeCastro. Namely, that Lilja isn't that bad and the drop off between DeCastro and someone like Zeitler is minimal. In the end, I don't think it matters. When you have the opportunity to pick up the next Will Shields, you do it. DeCastro will be a long time starter and he, along with the Winston signing, will completely turn our OL around.

Other possibilities:

Luke Kuechly: A great ILB that could possibly come in and replace Belcher in his first year. However, he projects more as a WILB (where DJ plays) and thus isn't a perfect fit.

Dontari Poe: A big body who impressed everyone at the combine. He is projected as a NT, but is athletic enough to play DE as well. The biggest knock on him is that he played sub par competition and still didn't have huge production. I agree with that and would be a little disappointed if we took Poe this high.

Michael Brockers: Would immediately fit into the rotation at DE and could open up the possibility of Dorsey playing the nose. This is way too high for Brockers and Dorsey won't be all that great of a nose. I hate this pick here and would rather have Fletcher Cox if we are going DL this high.

Dre Kirkpatrick: A corner here would be an interesting pick, but I just don't see it happening. Kirkpatrick could push for starting time at both FS and RCB. In a pass first league, this is not the worst idea I've ever seen.

Trade down: This is probably what will happen.

2. Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama


Do I really think Hightower will fall this far? He is projected to go in the 2nd round according to NFL draft scout. If you look back through drafts, run stopping ILB's typically fall to about mid 2nd round. I really do think that Hightower could be here when we are picking in round 2.

Other possibilities:

Brandon Boykin: Any corner chosen here would be a wise choice. For the same reasons Dre Kirkpatrick in the first wouldn't be a terrible idea, adding more defensive back help here could really take our defense to the top.

Colby Fleener: I know, I know. We just signed Kevin Boss. Why would we draft Fleener in the 2nd? Because he is incredible, that's why. Because we are the Patriots of the West. If we had Fleener and Moeaki on the field at the same time, that might just be enough weapons for Cassel.

Devon Still: There is a small chance that a player like Still could fall this far. The defensive tackle depth this year is very good. Still would be a versatile player who could rotate in with either of our DE's.

3. Alameda Ta'amu, NT, Washington


I think your first reaction here would be that Ta'amu would be a steal in the 3rd. Remember how far Powe fell last year? I not only think it is possible that Ta'amu will be available in the 3rd, but he might last until the 4th or 5th. Between Ta'amu and Powe, our NT position would be locked up for years.

Other possibilities:

George Iloka: We need depth at safety badly. We got exposed last year when we lost Berry. Iloka may last this long, but I doubt it.

Robert Turbin: If we are going to focus on running the ball then we could really use one more back. If Charles goes down again, we are down to Dex and Hillis. A big, versatile back like Turbin here would be a great pickup.

Ladarius Green: He would be more of a receiving TE if we brought him in. But he is big enough (6'6", 253) and fast enough (4.58) to be a match-up nightmare.

4. Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

Marvin-mcnutt-iowa_mediumI really like McNutt here in the 4th. He's got the size (6'3", 216) and the speed (4.54) to be a productive WR. If you saw him play, then what you saw was a receiver with very good hands and a great route runner. He won't pile up YAC, but he is in the mold of a possession receiver that could provide insurance if we can't get Bowe signed long term.

Other possibilities:

Janzen Jackson: Even though he is projected as a 4th rounder, I have a feeling Jackson is just too interesting to last this long. My gut tells me someone will take a shot on him in the mid-late 3rd. If he falls to us though, he could push Lewis early for a starting spot... or be a complete flop.

Nate Potter: A guy who could come in and be our swing tackle right away. I think we could be looking to these mid rounds to pick up some OL depth and Potter really fits the mold.

Travis Lewis: Lewis can play ILB or OLB depending on our need. For someone who will most likely be a backup for at least his first few years, that versatility is useful. He won't get much pass rush at the OLB position, but along with TJax, they could shut all runs to that side down.

5. Eddie Whitley, FS, Virginia Tech


So at this point in the draft there are really two possibilities: continue drafting for need, or just start picking BPA. It really seems like Pioli and co. like to continue to draft for need late and if they are going to take a flyer on BPA, they will do it early. Whitley is a solid prospect at FS. I don't think he will push Lewis early but he is good enough to fill in for either Lewis or Berry if one of them goes down. We desperately need depth at safety and Whiteley would be a good one to fill this hole.

Other possibilities:

BJ Coleman: If we are going to take a QB, I don't see it happening before the 5th. In fact, I have a feeling that in spite of what Pioli has said about taking a late round QB every year, we will not take one this year. I think between Cassel, Stanzi, and Quinn, we are pretty set and any more would just be a crowd.

David Molk: Molk would provide some good depth at center and could fill in at guard in a pinch. He is someone the Chiefs have showed interest in so he is definitely a possibility here.

Andrew Datko: More OL depth is always needed, unless we really think Mims is the answer. I'm not as high on Datko as some, but if he is available this late, I could see it as a possibility.

6. Brandon Bolden, RB, Ole Miss


Bolden is a good sized back (222) who can produce in game and also contribute on special teams. If Charles goes down again we are going to need something more than just Hillis and Dex. Bolden fits this role and could also contribute to special teams play.

Other possibilities:

Austin Davis: I had Coleman as a possibility in round 5 and I said there I wasn't sold on the possibility of it happening. I'm still not sold here but I think Davis is more likely in the 6th than Coleman in the 5th. It would be a relatively low risk investment. I still think there are better directions we could go.

DeVier Posey: Many of you are high on Marquis Maze here, but I'm just not sold on the idea that he will be any more useful than Dex. Posey has the size and ability but slides to the 6th due to his off the field issues. I think he would be a steal here.

7. Tank Carder, OLB, TCU


I'm a fan of Carder. He is intense and could provide some quality locker room leadership. He is versatile enough to play inside our out. His size probably will project him towards the outside in the NFL. He can contribute to special teams right away.

Other possibilities:

James Hanna: Hanna could provide a quality 3rd TE behind Boss. And if Boss doesn't work out, Hanna is good enough to contribute in a year or two.

Coty Sensabaugh: I've been seeing this name all over AP in the mock threads so I can't exclude him. We can always use more corner depth so Sensabaugh would make sense. He also has very good speed (4.42) and good size (5'11") for a late round corner.

7b. Donte Paige-Moss, DE, North Carolina


Paige-Moss looks to be a very solid prospect at DE. He does have some character concerns but in the 7th, we can take that chance. He's not a great fit at 3-4 DE but he's someone that we could develop or could rotate in during passing situations. Projecting for 6th-7th rounds is a crap shoot.

Other possibilities:

Vaughn Meatoga: Another big NT prospect, Meatoga could end up being a late rounder for us. We've shown interest in him.

Jordan White: Another player we've shown interest in is Jordan White. He had a ton of production at W. Michigan, so he might be worth consideration here.

I can already feel the Weeden supporters shaking their heads. This draft isn't perfect, but that's also probably why I am not working for the Chiefs. Hopefully this can provide a starting point for discussions over the next week.

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