What's Really Gonna Happen In The Draft

First off let me say thank you Steve_Chiefs for making me realize why the draft is not going to play out how most of you think. If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out his Two Deep article in the fanposts section.

What I am talking about is the obvious weakness of our team, the sides of the line that look at each other in practice every day. On O-line our LT and LG both have expiring contracts, and on the D-line our RDE has an expiring contract and our NT has... what does he have again? Oh yeah, there isn't one. So what will we do this year to keep ourselves from being completely screwed not only this year but next year? Follow me and I'll tell you what I think is the most likely scenario.

Since I am not blind, deaf, and dumb I have realized nearly all of you have decided DeCastro is our best first pick. You say even though NT is a greater need you don't trust Poe and don't want to draft another NT on the board this high... I agree about Poe, but there is another solution.

With our first pick we take Brockers and with our second pick Zeitler. Now let me break down my reasoning why.

O-Line Draft Reasoning:

On O-line I see us making a serious effort to resign Albert, he has been the type of player we have extended and for that reason I think a late T (Datko?) will be sufficient to improve depth and add a small measure of insurance after next year. As far as our LG position goes we all know we have to draft one next year because even if Lilja did play... well we have no backups. I know you all want DeCastro as he is the second coming of Jesus, but the bottom line is stone cold hard fact.

1) G's do not work in space like T's and therefore it does not take the same athletic specimen to play the position, which brings me to point 2...

2) A starting quality G can be found in rounds 2 and 3, with the dropoff in talent not as great as other positions. We all know and love Asamoah (3rd round pick), yes? What if we had his clone on the other side? Would we complain or be thrilled?

... This is why DeCastro is unnecessary at our top pick, and why Zeitler would be fantastic in the 2nd.

D-Line Draft Reasoining:

Next we move on to why I think our 1st round pick will be Brockers... are we in worse shape on O-line with 2 starters destined for FA, or D-line where we HAVE NO starter in one position and another starter destined for FA? Tough one, yes?

As I mentioned earlier I think Poe is worthless, I value production over combine. That is why I think by drafting Brockers we can move Dorsey to NT. Our own coaching staff believes this to be a possibility, they mentioned it multiple times over a couple of years. So... let's take the pick that best fits our D-line with an extremely talented 3-4 DE in Brockers and move Dorsey to NT. I know plenty of you on here have said this can't happen, but I tend to trust professional coaches and player evaluators over people who have spent a few days looking at some clips (I love all of you, but it is true)

The bottom line is we can't afford to miss on our D-line pick, which is why we will use our 1st rounder there... if we miss on our O-line pick our starters are at least still there for one more year. Also regarding Bailey, they drafted him to be doing exactly what he has been doing, playing 50% of the snaps in our 2 lineman base set in nickel and dime. Don't screw with a good thing especially since it looks like we are going to be looking to replace Gilberry, the other lineman in those sets. Besides doesn't having a 6'6" 320 lb man sound better than our 6' 300 lb Dorsey? His lack of height would be less detrimental once he is slid inside.

Do you agree with me?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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