A Lost Bet Is A Lost Bet

This post is being written in accordance with a lost wager on my part with Upamtn. The bet was to whether or not Peyton Manning would be a Kansas City Chief or not, and I lost that bet and this is my punishment.

This post will be dedicated to the awesomeness that Upamtn displays each and every day and on each and every fanpost, fanshot and story that hits this site.

The newish "editor" of this fine establishment has been known to talk and comment on anything and everything Chiefs, and even a lot of stuff that isn't football-related. But there are also a few other things that Upamtn does around here that helps Arrowhead Pride continue to show each and every person that comes to this site what a great site it really is.

Learn a few of those things after the jump if you wish....

During the season one of the things that we tend to get a lot around Arrowhead Pride is people coming over from other SB Nation blog sites around the interwebz. One of the reasons that we get those people to come to our site is that Upamtn goes over to their site the week before the game and throws up a fanpost. In case you've ever checked any of these posts out he does a very good job of sticking with the Chiefs, despite being behind enemy lines and insulting/bothering anyone.

It might not seem like a big deal in each individual circumstance, but over time and a lot of posts and comments there tends to be a positive vibe around the blogosphere in connection with Arrowhead Pride. There are others who go and do the same thing but Upamtn does it consistently and has always represented AP well on these other sites and in these other threads.

Whenever a newb writes a fanpost that isn't exactly up to snuff, you can always count on Upamtn to say 'something' in the comment section. For the most part it's always pretty positive.


AP is rarely a boring place and some of the longest, most debated threads you can find Ups right in the middle of all of it. Now you can find Ups soothing voice on Arrowhead Pride talk radio, where you can find out how awesome he is on a whole other level.

We can all only strive to compete with the awesomeness that is Upamtn. I, myself, don't even feel like I can comment in a thread that Ups has already commented on for the same reason that Craig doesn't throw his photoshop skillz onto a Sembower "Posterized", you just don't mess with awesome.

The only thing that can make Ups more awesome is if we draft David DeCastro with the first pick of the draft. So if you have an idea on someone that we should draft and it's not DeCastro, don't even bother posting because Ups will take his awesomeness and throw DeCastro's awesomeness all over your thread. That's too much awesomeness for AP to handle, there was a reason that AP was down for a while last week. Maybe it had something to do with a particular "editor's" awesomeness, maybe it didn't. Prove me wrong.

If Sean Weatherspoon, Brodie Croyle, Kyle Orton and David DeCastro were in a hut at the bottom of a mountain. Ups wouldn't have to come down, they'd have to go up to see him, that's how awesome he is. Tim Tebow's trade to New York wasn't held up because of a contract clause, it was held up because any 'perceived' awesomeness coming out of a state that Ups lives has to go through Ups first.

AP is truly a community for a large number of people that frequent this site everyday, and everyone here knows Ups. We don't always agree and most of the time we don't agree on a lot of things, thus the reason for some of the longest threads. But I can tell you that these threads will not be boring and now that Ups has editor capability, even if they were boring, he'd delete them and fill them with awesomeness.

Cue a lot of random pictures. Go!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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