Chiefs Mock Draft 2.0

1st round- DRE KIRKPATRICK CB Alabama- I know most of you want Dontari Poe but with Manning now in the division, i think it will be a pass first division. We need to strengthen our secondary and this pick will provide exactly that. Kirkpatrick is versatile and can play safety if taught. With this pick we will have the best secondary in the NFL : CB- Routt CB- Flowers FS- Lewis SS- Berry CB- Arenas CB- Kirkpatrick. We could also make Arenas a more offensive weapon like Devin Hester.

1st round Alterante- Luke Kuechly LB Boston College

2nd Round- KEVIN ZEITER G Wisconsin- I feel like the DeCastro pick could help us but we have a pretty good pick with Zeiter. He is a strong blocker and quite fast for a big guy. He could provide a huge improvement at our O- Line. He would be a great replacement for Ryan Lilja when he leaves and a great guard in 2 years.

2nd Round Alternate- Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

3rd Round- NICK JEAN-BAPTISTE NT Baylor- He is a run stuffer, reminds me of Haloti Ngata but not as good. He causes a great amount of disruption in the backfield and is really hard to block when he bull rushes. I think this is a great pick right here.

3rd Round Alternate- Mike Martin DT Michigan

4th round- TREVOR GUYTON DE California- This guy is a great 5 technique defensive lineman. In a 3-4 defense like the Chiefs this guy will help us out enormously with the run and with the pass rushing. He would fit well in the rotation with Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, and Wallace Gillberry. Excellent pick here, Low risk high reward.

4th Round Alternate- DeQuan Menzie S Alabama

5th Round- MARQUIS MAZE WR Alabama- A small, quick versatile guy that would help a lot in the slot position. Great pick here, sort of like a Antonio Brown.

5th Round Alternate- Garth Gerhart, C/G, Arizona State

6th Round- EDDIE WHITLEY S Virginia Tech- Great pick and provides depth at safety with a pretty good player with ton of improvement. Comes from a university where they excel at secondary (Brandon Flowers).

6th Round Alternate- Darron Thomas QB Oregon

7th round A- BRADIE EWING FB, Wisconsin- This guy paved the way for Montee Ball so he could help us out greatly with blocking Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis and Dexter McCluster. Great pick here.

7th Round A Alternate- Mark Asper G Oregon-

7th Round B- TYLER NIELSEN OLB Iowa- This pick will help with with the pass rush and also a pretty good cover LB so this would lighten the load of Houston.

7th Round B Alternate- Jeff Allen T Illinois.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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