Random Musings Part 1

Numbers I like:


Number of NFL teams that don't have you know who as their starting quarterback that will suit up and compete in 2012. As far as I know no team has conceded their season.


The number of Superbowl championship rings that Romeo Crennel has.


The number of home games the Chiefs will win in 2012. Yes, we will take care of business in our house.


Positive yards from scrimmage on Hillis' first carry in 2012.


Total number of penalties called on Routt the whole season. We have, perhaps, the best secondary coach in the game.

To be filed under the heading of '" Saying whatever comes to mind'" :

" It makes things tougher "

Romeo's response when asked what Manning playing in the AFC West means.

Welllllll, yeah but I would have preferred something like: "The Chiefs will be ready to compete against all division rivals."

Something tells me that RAC and the microphone will provide a lot of fan post material this year. Could be a wild ride.

Point to ponder - A

If Will Shields, Brian Waters, Willie Roaf, John Tate, Eddie Kennison, Priest Holmes, Tony G., Dante Hall, Tony Richardson, et al, we're not the players they were, would Trent Green been rated an average quarterback?

Point to ponder - B

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, the reason Pioli brought in Haley is because nobody else wanted the damn job? I mean, even a minuscule of due diligence uncovers one unholy mess of a team.

And the 2011 Bob Dole "Where's the outrage!" award goes to:

Bill Muir for his pathetic impersonation of an offensive coordinator. Seriously. Okay so you lost key people. How about adapting? You know, a little improvisation wouldn't have hurt. A rollout here, a boot there, a quick slant every now and then. No wonder no TD"s when you keep trying to run up the middle in the red zone.

Happy retirement, Bill.

Maybe I'm behind the times but.....

......what the hell is wrong with a multiple ball control offense? Something like 175 or so rushing yards and 250 or so passing yards per game while controlling the clock and keeping the opponents offense of the field. Now you have to score on your possessions and when you do you make the other guys have to deal with what is becoming a kick-ass defense.

For foodies only

How long will it be before either Jack Stack or OK Joe's offer The Eric Winston Platter on the menu?

Entertainment Tonight

What could be better on a damp and dreary night than listening to or watching the greatest American art form..........................JAZZ

A classic.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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