A different way to look at the Chiefs QBs

There has been a lot of talk about QB’s and who should/will be the starter or who the Chiefs should go after or who the fantasy QB would be for the Chiefs to get. There has also been a lot of negative talk about the situation the Chiefs have right now at the position. At first I started this as a reply to a post but then realized it was going to be way too big and then thought I would put together my first Fan Post.

Now rather than being a post of the same old Chiefs QB roster bashing I figured I would try to come up with something a little positive and a way to look at the position with some optimism. We’ll see how that works out.

Like many of you I am pretty tired of the old song and dance of trying to acquire QBs that have done great things elsewhere. I do wish the Chiefs would take a chance on a QB in the draft but I also know that for that to realistically happen the right situation has to present itself which I am not so sure has in recent memory. Almost a few times but not quite, I’ll get to this in a minute.

The way I see it right now (and I have spent some time pondering this over the last few days) I think that as the Chiefs stand right now the situation could be seen as an opportunity ripe for the picking for a QB to make a name for himself and do great things here. That right, I said it. With the weapons the chiefs have, the improvement the Chiefs have made on D and the addition of Eric Winston at RT to help the O-line there is an opportunity for a QB to do something special. I do not think that there are only 3 or 4 QBs that currently reside on other teams or the draft that are the only ones that can rise to the occasion.

This is where I am going to throw a name out and some people may stop reading or gasp at the idea but please bear with me. I am not naming a starter nor standing on a mountain shouting that our savior walks among us. I am simply going to look at one individual that has the potential to fill a void but, of course, like anyone else would have to step up and take advantage of this opportunity and make something happen or it could be the end of the road, not high stakes at all.

Pretty sure you get by now I am talking about Brady Quinn. Here is my train of thought. The Chiefs FO tried to make a run at Manning and wanted to bring back Orton but they both had other ideas. Who was brought in was a guy that the Chiefs where looking at in the ’07 draft (granted different FO but still) that got snagged by the Browns after a trade gave them the pick ahead of the Chiefs. The kid came out with what was thought to be huge upside and thrown into a very bad situation like MOST 1st round QBs are. Some excel and some do not. Those that do rarely have to deal with such a mess of an organization as the Browns and all the staff changes and refusal to commit to a starting QB that organization had during Quinn’s time there. The poor kid goes to Denver and is forced to sit in the back seat behind Tebow…Come on; even I can feel his frustration.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again; If Cassel starts (of course he will…right?) and goes down, the Chiefs are NOT even close to the same situation as last year with Palko. Quinn is a much better QB IMO and maybe, just maybe the Chiefs do actually give him a legit chance to compete for the starting roll. How would you feel if Quinn won out the job? This could happen, after all the playbook will not just be new to Quinn. I would like it, and the Chiefs would have finally found that 1st round QB everyone has wanted except without the 2+ year NFL learning curve. Make no mistake about it, Quinn is better that Stanzi, I promise. I like Stanzi but he was not even close to a 1st round talent.

So, if Quinn could seize the opportunity I think he does have the tools to be a good QB. With the team KC has built to this point I think a player like Quinn could step up and surprise everyone. He has the arm, he has NFL exp (limited exp but more than Flynn and more then Cassel had when he came to KC) and he is still pretty young. He fit the mold of Drew Brees in the sense that he didn’t get the support he needed with his previous team but blossomed in a city where the organization and the fans stood behind him and look what that did for Brees. (I’m not saying Quinn is just like Drew Brees but at the same time who is to say he cannot be? Even Drew Brees needed a chance before he became what he is today) What I am saying is the makings for something special are there and it doesn’t have to come from a player that earned their way to the HoF with another team.

Yea, all the negative Nancys out there can say a boat load of negative things about Quinn and really ANY non previous MVP QB out there but the reality is not every QB can be a Manning, Brees or Brady. It just simply is not reality. The fact is Luck and RG3 are not even options, Manning wanted to play for Elway and Orton took a job in Dallas with a nice bank roll. What else could the chiefs do? (Don’t even say Flynn because we are currently hampered by a starting QB in Cassel that came to use the same way Flynn would and we all see how well that’s worked) I personally think that bringing in Quinn was the best possible move the Chiefs could have done at the QB position this off season with all that’s happen to this point. How about you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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