Poe or DeCastro. DeCastro or Poe.

I know everyone is on the DeCastro train right now. And its a good ride to be on. But for me I am kinda straddling two bandwagons right now. And boy are my arms tired...wait...that doesn't apply here.

I have one foot on the DeCastro bullet train, and one and the Poe freight train. Either choice is fine by me. But I got to thinking, how would everyone feel if both are there at #11 and they pass on DeCastro? As in take Poe or someone else or trade down/up. For me it better be one or the other. But if this scenerio happens don't worry. With the more I think about it I keep leaning towards the Poe side of things everyday.


With the 11th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Kansas City Chiefs select, Dontari Poe, DEFENSIVE END, Memphis.

Notice I said DEFENSIVE END? That is because I see Poe's skill sets being a waste as a NT. Regardless of his size I don't think he was made for NT. I think Dorsey may be gone. Just my opinion, but we have an issue coming up after the 2012 season and that is Bowe, Jackson, Dorsey, and Albert will all be up for contracts or restructuring. Jackson will either restructuring or get cut. With 8mil agaisnt the cap this year bumping up to 13-15mil he will have only those two options. Dorsey is in the last year, and regardless of his run stopping ability, I think he would be much better suited for a 4-3. Albert and Bowe mean more to this team, but Bowe could be the one to go as well. We don't know. But with Pioli's draft history he does sometimes like to draft premptively. Baldwin was a Bowe insurance call for example. Poe is the same for Dorsey or Jackson. He can push the pocket alot better than Dorsey or Jackson. Which will help in the passing NFL we live in, and with Manning now twice a year. Also Poe can kick in to "NT" when we go to our subpackages on passing downs. Our coaching has me not concerned about his lack of production in college. He has the tools, and Crennel and Pleasant will show him how to use them.

Now as far as upgrading guard and solidfying that spot for the next 10 years.


With our second round pick...Kelechi Osemele

The guy has first round talent, but will fall because of team needs. That and his name isn't DeCastro, and he also comes from Iowa State. Scouts love him though. They dude is massive, and has played LT most of his career. But with his size he is better suited for OG or RT. He is a nasty run blocker, and for me I was quite surprised at his pass blocking for his size, especially for playing LT. Plus we all know how much Pioli likes versatility, and well with LT on your resume you know he is versatile.

I would not be upset with getting bigger and more agile in the first two rounds. And you shouldn't either if it happens. Its a solid first two rounds in my book. But having said that I wouldn't be upset with getting DeCastro either.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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