AFC West Winners/ Losers( Free Agency)

Red Hot Winners-

  • Kansas City Chiefs : By using smart tactics and jumping out of the manning sweepstakes early. The KC Chiefs managed to get an arsenal of players that will be able to give the chiefs offense the push it needs to became true contenders. Mix that with the cheap price we paid for each and every player we got and you have a team primed to win the AFC west this year.
  • Peyton Manning: Forgive me chiefs fans, but this man has been able to leave a colts team that is on the serious downside right now. They will not be good again this year or any year that Manning is still able to play as far as I'm concerned. Peyton gets a ton of money and a chance to at least compete to get to the Superbowl one more time. This is a win for him.
  • Broncos Receivers: You just got a hell of a lot more interesting when FF starts back up. Neither of you were really worth the time of day but consider yourselves top round picks in the receiving category with Tebow out.
  • Scott Pioli: You managed to show that you are a man that can negotiate in Free Agency. You silenced most doubters by signing Eric Winston that always believed you couldn't possibly make a big move in FA. Congratulations on this.
  • Kyle Orton and Brandon Carr: Cowboys offered big bucks to take players that aren't even our number ones. What do you think that says about the chiefs? These guys will be making bank and for that they are super winners.

Regular Winners

  • Eric Winston: The only reason you are not a red hot winner is you really didn't make what many expected you to on the FA. However, you came to a great city, you will be one of the most loved Olinemen since 2003's line. Expect Kansas City to make you an instant favorite
  • Malcom Floyd: You are now the goto receiver in San Diego! Congrats for that, This also means no more VJ for us to worry about. Consider Rivers job to beat KC a LOT harder
  • Brady Quinn: You're not the started but fans here sure hate Cassel. If anything goes downhill, this is your job to lose.
  • Ron Batell: You get to replace Routt. Good for you
  • San Diego Chargers: You managed to help fix up players you got rid of with similar talent. (Except for Bush). This allows you to still be somewhat competitive this upcoming season. Don't expect to be favored over the chiefs or broncos though.

See the losers after the jump

  • Phillip Rivers: You lost your number one receiver(besides AG) and your beast of a running back. This makes your team much more vulnerable and puts even more pressure on you to not fumble the ball at the last second of the game
  • Tim Tebow: Sure you will find a home elsewhere but don't expect the same level of Tebowmania, or the fans wanting you there. John Elway pulled a giant turd out of his bum and smeared it all over you. Enjoy that.
  • Mike Tolbert: You head off to a Carolina team that is already smashed with overpaid running backs. Expect less time on the field and less touches in general. You made a pretty dumb mistake.
  • Denver Broncos: Sure you won the manning sweepstakes, but to get him here you have to fill your team up with second hand talent that could barley perform in Indi. You are taking a huge risk by doing this and it will most likely blow up in your face. You wont get any of the players you were hoping for originally while teams like the chiefs fill up all of their holes.

Bottom of the bunch

  • Oakland Raiders: You lose everyone important to your team. You were so far over the cap you had to chop all of your big names just to get a chance to play a little FA game. How stupid.

If you can think of anyone else to add to the list please let me know in the comments.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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