The AFC West vs Itself and Manning

Now that Peyton has joined the AFC West, there are some mixed sentiments floating around AP. I'm sure the same rumblings are happening with our rival fans in San Diego and Oakland. Be it extreme homerism or depression or something in between, our division just got WAY more competitive. Removing Tebow and inserting Manning just made things serious in the AFC west. It would also seem we have another year of the Denver media frenzy and yet another year where the Chiefs hit the media (if they hit the media at all) without that much love. Out with Tebow, in with Manning and cue the circus.

It's nice to get some competition, but damn, Elway. Just when we got our big signing in Winston, our bang for your buck acquisitions and with some added approval to our Brass, Peyton has eclipsed it. It's time to look at our division. So I did.

I chose to start the numbers when Cassel started for the Chiefs because as we go forward with the newest competition in our division and our biggest question mark being Cassel it seemed fitting. While this is about our division, it's about our division with Cassel and there was no need to dig any further back since this is our "direction" going forward. "Matt Cassel is our starter."

2009 Cassel starts, and the Chiefs look horrible. Blame who you want, be it Cassel, we hadn't built our team to what it is today, to our coaching staff to whatever. This is the divisional outcome. This sentiment remains the same for the next three years. Battle it out in the comments as to why we sucked, did better, and were mediocre below.

Chiefs 2009 Season: 4-12, finished 4th in Division

Denver: Win away: Loss home

Raiders: Win away: Loss home

Chargers: Loss away: Loss home

Two out of four wins against Division rivals on the road against Denver and the Raiders

Chiefs 2010 Season: 10-6, finished 1st in Division

Denver: Loss away: Win home

Raiders: Loss away: Loss home

Chargers: Loss away: Win Home

Two out of ten wins against Division rivals at home against Denver and the Chargers

Chiefs 2011 Season: 7-9, finished 4th in Division

Denver: Win away (Orton): Loss home

Raiders: Win away: Loss home (Orton)

Chargers: Loss away: Win home

Three out of seven wins against Division Rivals; Two away at Denver and Oakland, One at home against Chargers

In three years Chiefs had 7/18 Divisional wins: Average= .38

Chargers= .63 (11/18)

Raiders= .63 (11/18)

Broncos= .38 (7/18)

Okay, so our division has been back and forth. No real clear front runner. But now that we have Manning (debate the current Bronco team below) how has our division done against Manning and the Colts? I only took numbers from 09-10' because I figure to 1.) keep it fair to when Cassel started, as well as, 2.) Manning wasn't a Colt "factor" in 2011.

AFC West vs. Colts from 2009-2010

Chiefs played 2010: Loss

Raiders played 2010: Loss

Broncos played 2009 and 2010: Loss, Loss

Chargers played 2010: Win

Division beats Indy only 1 out of 5 games. Go Bolts? (nausea)

Now while I have on my most intense Homer Helmet and I do believe that we can handle our division, the history of our division plus the history of the AFCW vs Manning doesn't pan out in our favor. Not. At. All. Then again, this is a small picture that's painted in black and white. Still, I can't say that our division didn't just get tough. I can't say that my day wasn't ruined yesterday behind the façade of RAC City has his number!! It was like having the rug yanked out yet again. What's that thing about rising to the level of your competition? I hope the Chiefs do just this…and I honestly think they can…but man am I going to miss Tebow this year.

Tell me what you guys think. With Cassel, with our newest players, with the injured coming back, how do we shake out this year? In a division that could have been anyone's last year, who'll take it this year? Cause let's face it, Peyton-freaking-Manning is in our division. Cold hearted fact.

Go Chiefs!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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