I told you, I dont drink Kool Aid

Since ArrowheadPride came into being, it has brought a new conduit to the many fans out in ChiefsNation, that was sorely missed for the previous 46-47 years. (Cant remember exactly when it started, yes I'm old)

This site brought to the fans a chance to tell one another, Hey I'm a Chiefs fan and I love this team! Or, What about them Chiefs baby! Chris and Joel deserve all the credit for bringing this site to the forefront of SBNation and I everyday have to thank them for this opportunity they provided me, simply just a fan, for a place where I can call home as it relates to my favorite team.

Now, for any newcomers or new Chiefs fans, this site hasn't always been around. Back in the day before cable, if you didn't live within KC and the city where the team they were playing was from, you pretty much didn't get to see the game, at all. There was no ESPN, no NFL Network, so be happy with all the coverage they do get now. We were tickled when USA began a daily paper that we could actually get Chiefs news twice in one week!

I say all this to bring up a point about ArrowheadPride. After reading a few posts and shots this morning, I caught myself looking at the name. Arrowhead Pride...simply put, a fan friendly place where I can log on anytime day or night, from any computer or smartphone and smile about news concerning my (our) Chiefs. Pride...for 48 years I have watched the Chiefs, once from my Daddy's lap, to now holding my two year old grand daughter while she cheers for our Chiefs on game day. Pride..watching the men (Lanier, Dawson, Buchanan, Bell and so on) I grew up imitating and defending to my friends, that they were in fact the greatest of all time. Now I defend all the players who currently make up this roster, why? Because I'm a Chiefs fan, and that's what I do.

Pride...such a wonderful word that makes you feel good about something. If your prideful, you dont call people incompetent jackasses, morons, tell how much they suck, wish them to die, nor anything else negative. It makes me wonder why the few who seemingly hate Pioli or Cassel still come around here and post the trash that they post. Whats prideful about that?

I'm not criticizing ANYONE from talking about our problems, but you all know what I am referencing and it cuts deep. We do have problems, Cassel has to prove himself, no matter what this year. He isn't the only problem and I know that. But what gets me, is how all this started with Pioli. What exactly did he do to you? Why is there such hatred for the man who is trying to build this organization back up? No one is perfect. I listened to one of the radio calls with Eric Winston and I never heard how much the front office sucked or how much of a dick Pioli was, where did that come from anyway? why do you keep coming here? I think you should take liberty and start a new site. I have some names for you to choose from, just use Arrowhead and insert one of the following: disgrace, humiliation, shame, demureness, humiliated,or one of your own. That way, those who think like you, will have a great place to air their grievances or for people with my IQ, a place to bitch. Then, those of us who like the Chiefs for who they are, can talk about things with ourselves and deal with the occasional troll.

I'm only referencing about 10-12 poster's (commenter's) and they will show themselves once this post goes live. Just watch, you'll know them by the, "Its a free country, I can say what I want" or "Don't accuse me of not being a fan, I just..."

This really is still a great site and I still enjoy it immensely!

Have a great day and Go Chiefs!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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