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Just call me "269" Oh wait you did! :0) Great stuff guys! Don't know that you can truly appreciate what it means to be a part of it from my perspective but, I'll try to help you after the jump.

Having been a fan since before many of you may have been born, it's so friggin neat to be able to interact with

fellow CHIEF fans! I may not agree with a couple (okay maybe a few, well maybe a bunch) of you but, it's still so

neat to see and hear input from others on MY team. You have to realize, for years the highlight for me as a kid, was

the Sears & Roebuck catalog coming out with the NFL stuff. Prolly more than half the items weren't available in KC

Chiefs so it was pretty slim pickings most years! Didn't stop a couple items a year from making my x-mas list


Seeing 1 or 2 Chiefs games televised in between Detroit and Chicago was a GREAT season for me in those

days. My opinions tend to be "slightly" slanted towards ND players and coaches for the simple fact that the golden

dome is visible from the tallest trees in my yard. I don't climb them often to see it, just saying there are worse

places to grow up in the shadow of than there. Having attended many games there watching some guys that

later were NFL greats (Theisman, Bleir, Montana, Bettes, etc.) was pretty cool too.

Due to my close proximity to Chicago and a friend who's family has had Bears season tickets for eons. I've

attended every Chiefs vs Bears game in the last 20+ years. I've been spit on, cursed at, had beer and food thrown at

me, and even exchanged a couple punches over being a Chiefs fan in Chi-town. Been to Arrowhead for 5 games

and of all 9 NFL venues I've attended it is the BEST!

So having a fellow fan or two disagree with my view doesn't cause me to lose much sleep. With all that said, Quinn

played some pretty good ball there for Willingham under an awfully bright media spotlight. I'm sure Weis would

hardily agree with that statement as well in hindsight.

To go from there to Cleveland, arguably the septic tank of the NFL, had to be quite an adjustment for a guy that

had previously been surrounded with lots talent. A crash course if you will. Then to Denver and that mess which,

before Tebowmania caught fire, had been awful quiet back to Elway's days, had to leave much to be desired.

Now we have KC with a starter who has some weaknesses that may have been exacerbated by some inept

offensive line play to compete with and a ton of talent elsewhere. If that isn't a perfect storm for Quinn to come of age

I don't know what is! It all creates a scenario for an awful interesting season to say the least! Enjoy the ride folks!

On a side note, some of the posters on here could do well taking a little advice from Sgt. Hulka from the classic

film Stripes and uh, "Lighten up Francis!" Go Chiefs!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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