Why David Wilson is my ROY?


  • Excellent speed and acceleration
  • Potential as a receiver despite being seldom used
  • High motor - always fighting for more yardage
  • Home run hitter
  • Doesn't open himself to a lot of big hits - elusive in the open field
  • Great balance and agility
  • Impressive first step
  • Tougher runner than his size suggests (5-foot-10, 205 pounds)
  • Of good character - always puts forth a strong effort
  • Makes the most out of limited work (averaged at least 5.5 yards per carry every season throughout his collegiate career)
  • Special teams return experience
  • If KC don't end up getting Trent Richardson, Pioli could consider try drafting him late 1st RD by trading out of the 11th pick and picking up a late 1st RD plus possibly adding a late-2nd RD pick (giving KC two 2nd round picks. Depends where he is projected to go in the draft. He may be an early 2nd RD. In my mind, I think he could be a steal late 1st or early 2nd RD. My definition of "a steal" here is about me clearly making a statement that I am 99% confident that Wilson could possibly be the Offensive Rookie of the Year. (for all you fantasy guys, draft him even if he doesn't end up a Chief, you will come back and thank me afterwards) If he is not, I am going to return here and eat my crow.

    I have reasons to believe that David Wilson will be a Stud Running Back in the NFL. A MUST SEE - Check out this video of him pumping up his teammates in the lockerroom + highlights afterwards

    This guy has great vision, driven, loves the game, loves to compete, tremendous balance, extremely quick and knows how to find the endzone.

    Scouting Report:

    Looks a lot thicker than his frame would suggest. Possesses natural girth through his lower half, thick legs and a bubble. Is a little thinner through his upper body, but has the lower body girth to hold up inside as the next level. Is an explosive athlete with natural quick-twitch ability when asked to press the hole. Showcases a "plus" burst on the toss sweep to the edge. Exhibits impressive balance and footwork running the corner and possesses the quickness to simply side step defenders at full speed and explode into the open field. Plays fast in space, drops his pad level well and keeps his knees bent when looking to make a defender miss. Looks like a 4.4 guy with top end acceleration.



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