What to do with number 11?

Hey Chiefs fans, how are you liking this FA period so far? At the time of this writing the Chiefs seem to be in heavy negotiations with Eric Winston, which I know AP would BLOW UP if we see that article title "POP the Champagne: Eric Winston is a Chief" I’m drastically hoping for it, you are too, and the entire city will shake as it’s announced. So, I’m going to assume that Eric Winston is wearing Red and Gold next season for this post.

So now with RT no longer a need, for hopefully 10 years (what’s the limit on NFL contract length?) The next big move (imo) will be number 11. When April 26th rolls around, the Chiefs have to make a HUGE move. Will it be DeCastro? How about Dontari Poe? Maybe Trent Richardson? The usual Scott Pioli trade back? I’m not sure, but I think I have narrowed it down to 2 choices based off the moves we have seen thus far ... Trent Richardson and David DeCastro by far fit the mold of what the Chiefs are trying to do this offseason. Which is to improve the run game and offense simultaneously. So the debate is…if both are available, what do you do? Now in Madden, I would trade back one spot over and over until one leaves the board and then take the other, but this isn’t Madden. Pioli could trade back a few spots hoping one is left at our next pick, but they could easily go back to back, leaving us empty handed. So let’s assume for debate sake, Decastro and Richardson are available at 11, and nobody will trade with us. Who do you choose?

First lets break down what we are talking about here. Both men are considered head and shoulders above the rest of their respective class, and about as close as you can get to "sure-things" in the NFL draft. Both are considered elite prospects, and first round talents. They also are not highly valued positions, mainly because many consider it "easy" to find very "similar" talent in the later rounds. So now let’s look at the prospects.

Trent Richardson
Richardson is 5’11 225lbs. Which is a very solid build. He can run a 4.5 40, can bench nearly 500 lbs, can "easily" squat over 600, and is an absolute freak and workout warrior, known as a leader and good locker room influence (sounds like a better version of a young Thomas Jones). If you haven’t watch some highlights of this guy you should. This guy can truck, stiff arm, stop and go, cut, and flat out outrun defenders with the best of them. Check out these links

Video One

Video Two

This guy is truly sick, in his 3 year career he has 540 carries for 3130 yards (5.79 average) and 35 rushing TDs. In his final year, he had 10 games of 100 yards or more and including 5 games of 167 or more. Many are saying this guy is the next Adrian Peterson. That is a very tall order to fill, but the guy certainly has the potential.

David DeCastro
DeCastro is 6’5 310 lbs. and is being regarded as the best OG to come out in years. He played in a pro style offense, and is considered a day 1 starter anywhere he goes. Very few interior linemen have gone in the first round in recent years, but you’d be hard pressed to find a guy as good as DeCastro appears to be. The guy is prototypical size, above average strength, is quick off the snap, and has PERFECT technique. Theres not as much to be said about lineman (as they don’t have stats) but the guy is being compared to Will Shields (we all remember that guy) and Steve Hutchinson. The potential upside of DeCastro would set our OG positions for years along with Jon Asamoah.

I like the player comparisons, because both Hutchinson and Peterson play for the Vikings. Obviously Hutchinson has been around much longer than Peterson, and was good before he got there, but has he made Peterson look better than he really is? I don’t believe so. Think about this then, would you choose Hutchinson as a rookie, or (excluding his recent injury) Peterson as a rookie. I have to tell ya that’s a very difficult decision. I personally believe Peterson and Charles would be unfair to opposing defenses, but Hutchinson, would help any RB be just a little bit better than is they were running behind…ummm let’s say Ryan Lilja.

So you have a guard who would improve both the run game and passing game, due to his superior blocking, and a RB who would drastically improve the run game (for obvious reaons) but would slightly help the passing game, as a receiver out of the backfield, and would more than likely force defenses to stack the box. Sorry, I’m losing my train of thought here, bottom line is… Both are elite, BUT at positions that are considered "easier" to find in the later rounds…so if given the choice…who do you take?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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