Moving on to plan D at QB......

First of all, I would like to say that I am rather enjoying my 1st off season on AP. This what the NFL is all about, opinions, wish lists, critiques of free agents etc.... Everyone has opinion about who this team needs to sign and re sign to make this team more viable for the future. We all get to play Monday morning GM for a few weeks. And then the regular season happens and we realize that just maybe that high price free agent we wanted ,probably wasn't the best thing for this team as we originally thought. And we hope no one was paying attention when we called Scott Pioli a jack ass for not signing said players , because we usually look like the jack ass in the end.

Of course the number one guy on everyone's wish list is that one guy who played for that one city that has that one NASCAR race at the end of the year. His name escapes me, but yeah, that guy. He wears number 18 boasts a 7 - 1 record against our beloved Chiefs. What was his name oh ya



Peyton Manning

Manning has become the most wanted man in KC since Charles ''pretty boy Floyd. Most of us have come to the conclusion that Matt Cassel is NOT the answer this team needs at QB. And what better replacement to have than a future HOF QB ending his career on top with a championship trophy in hand. Many fans are convinced that Manning is the missing link between KC and that ever elusive Lomabrdi trophy that has escaped this teams grasp for the better part of 40 years. Many people have made lists in their heads as too why it makes perfect sense for Manning too want to come here. And there are many compelling reasons as to why KC would be very attractive for Manning

KC finished with a 7 -9 record this past season. But, there are several asteriks by that record. This team had too overcome a tough schedule , major injuries, incompetent coaching by Todd Haley. All things considered , that record might be the most impressive 7-9 mark of recent memory. Manning has to look at this team and see real resiliency ...right? Then there is the talent on the roster. On offense, KC has an elite RB ,three top receivers and an above average LT. This team defensively, are a NT away from being special. Manning has too be impressed with the talent here ....right? And what about the city itself? KC is very much like Indianapolis in terms of population and midwest charm. He wouldn't have to face a media circus like he would in NY,SF, Miami. That has to appeal to a good ol country boy like Manning....right? There is also this issue of money. KC could match any financial offer that any team could throw at Peyton and still sign a couple more free agents. The deep pockets of Clark Hunt must appeal to Mr . Manning...right? Well , apparently not

Manning coming here makes a ton of sense on so many levels. But alas, the golden boy won't give KC the time of day, not even so much as a returned phone call. What's the problem? What is wrong with this city, this franchise, this team? Fans are saying ''I''( insert your name here,), made up my mind that Manning was coming here. ''I ''have went through all the reasons in my head as to why it makes sense. '' I '' had visions of Manning winning a championship with this team. And now because ''I'' didn't get what I want, now someone must pay( I am as guilty as anyone about this). And that person facing the brunt of the fans ire is..........



Anyone who has read my posts over the subsequent months , realizes that I am not a Scott Pioli fan. I have blasted this guy time and time and time again on here. But, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this issue. He extended the olive branch to the Manning camp and Manning shot him down. That is period cut and dry as Mike Ditka would say. I'm not sure what people want this guy to do. Is he suppose to abduct him in the dead of night and water board him until he signs a deal? Tell you the truth, I have seen some growth with Pioli that gives me some hope. The mere fact he pursued Peyton in the first place, tells me he is admitting we need an upgrade over Matt Cassel. And the 1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. He has also shown me that he can be aggressive and out bid people as the Stanford Rout signing proves

There is also this issue of free agency this year. People are down on Pioli for not signing some of these high price free agents. I'll even defend him on that ( wow what is wrong with me tonight) Who was he supposed to sign?

Vincent Jackson- we don't need another WR

John Carlson- 5 million per year is a lot for a fragile TE. We already have one of those on the roster

Carl Nix- I would love to have him on this team. But not for 31 million guaranteed. He is 28 and this is the deepest guard draft class I have seen in years. OH and Nix was a 5th round pick

Paul Sioli- never wanted to leave Miami in the first place

Brandon Carr- sorry , he isn't worth 10 million per year

Eric Winston- coming here today

Kevin Boss- coming here today

Peyton Hillis - signed

Mike Tolbert- still a real possibility

They could have spent 52 million on Pierre Garcon and Josh Williams like Washington did!!!!

When you look at who else was available, they were either overpaid or didn't fill a need. I'm not going to crucify the man for not overspending.I might take that back if we don't have some new faces by Monday(be that as it may). As far as Manning goes, hey look, I have been telling you guys for months that he wasn't coming here. But, rejection hurts, it never feels good. And we all have been rejected at some time or another. whether it was for a job , a person we wanted to have a relationship with, a loan...whatever the case may be. We all end up asking ourselves what is wrong with us. I have been against Manning coming here since day one. But even I feel some rejection in this deal. I thought Manning would at least give this team a listen before he moved on. However, the fact he blew this team off in favor of going to the Broncos, talk about a cold drink to the face...ouch.

I think when he signs somewhere ,it is going to be all about the guaranteed money.So don't make scapegoats and don't take it personally. Don't let Peyton's aww shucks, southern bumpkin, humble pie routine fool you. This guy is as shrewd and as smart of a business man as it gets. The fact he hasn't thrown for at team , should be a warning call for this team and others. I think this could turn into a disaster for whoever signs him. Why ? I am so glad you asked. I have said this for months , but I don't mind going over it again

The Elephant in the room

You can't talk about Manning without first talking about his neck . Afterall, it is why he is a free agent in the first place. Manning neck is no longer in danger of further injury. It is the damage he already has that is what is cause for concern. His nerve damage might be permanent or it might not. He may regain all the strength in his shoulder or he might not. Nerve damage is a very tricky and serious thing, much more so than a broken bone or a torn ligament. How much further he progresses is pure speculation . Not even his doctors know for sure. And what kind of toll will those surgeries have on neck dexterity and flexibility? A QB has to be able to snap his head from side to side quickly. I believe he had a vertabrate fused, so it is going to be more difficult for him to go through his progressions. His medical issues is a huge issue but it isn't his only issue

He's getting old folks

Even in the best circumstances , you are getting a QB on the downside of his career. His efficiency ratings have fallen off a cliff. You might be able to get 2 maybe 3 years out of the guy tops. And something else to remember, he hasn't thrown a pass in a game in over a year. How long is it going to take before he is in game shape? At least half of next year will consist of him shaking off the rust , getting acclimated to a new system, etc. So now you have more time cut off on his already borrowed time. There have only been 4 Super Bowls won by a QB 36 years or older

Jim Plunkett 36

Johnny Unitus 37

John Elway 37

John Elway 38

You could argue that those names are some of the greatest QB's of all time . And since Manning is a Hall of Famer, there is no reason he couldn't be on that list as well. Good point, however, it brings us to another issue

Manning's Playoff Record

Peyton has a less than amazing record in the post season. In fact ,he has had more neck operations (4) than playoff wins(2) in the past 4 years. He has a 9-10 playoff record for his career. Take away his Super bowl year in 06 and he is 5-10 in the post season. Speaking of that Super Bowl run , it wasn't all that I can assure you. The team won in spite , yes I said IN SPITE of Manning.

in the 1st round he played the Chiefs that needed 6,895 things to happen in order for them to make the playoffs. He threw 3 picks at home against an average KC defense

The next week he played the Ravens. He completed 50% of his passes ,no TD's ,2 int's as Adam Vinateri kicked 5 fg's to win the game

in the AFC championship game , he did enough to win the game. 57% comp, 1 TD , 1 Int ,79 QBR. But if Asante Samuel doesn't drop that INT, we are talking about manning not winning the big 1

In the Super Bowl he played a very average Chicago Bears team. If the Bears don't turn the ball over 5 times, they win that game. Manning played average.

Peyton had the worst post season of any QB to win a championship

Manning isn't the same outdoors

Manning's numbers decline when forced to play out doors. That is kind of a big deal when you play in KC. He wins an impressive 73 % of his games in doors. But his record outside is 60%. That is slightly above average

Manning would add much needed excitement to this city. Fathers would take their kids to see Manning, just as their fathers took them to see Joe Montana play. it would be a nice story to be sure. I just don't think it is a story that will win a championship.

So what is the next course of action? Pioli '' wants'' competition for Cassel. But the few QB's left are dropping like flys. Where is this competition going to come from? I have a pretty good idea who and where



''Oh god no''. ''Saints you have lost your freaking mind'' Have I? Can anyone out there honestly tell me Brady Quinn got a fair chance? If you think he did, maybe this will change your mind . We will call it......

The Brady Quinn timeline

April 28 2007 :

Brady Quinn is selected with the 22nd pick in the 2007 draft. Quinn was regarded has one of the top players available in that class. Scouts praised his work ethic , leadership, size and athleticism . However, it was predicted that if Detroit didn't select him with the 2nd pick he would free fall. And that he did , falling all the way to his hometown Browns. His homecoming would meet with criticism however. Former and fellow Notre Dame QB Joe Theisman would criticize Quinn for chewing gum and having long hair( really Joe , just shut up) Brady would later apologize to fans even though he had nothing to apologize for


Quinn ends a hold out with the browns and signs his rookie contract. Despite out playing Derrick Anderson in the pre season, Head Coach Romeo Crennel names Anderson as the starter.


Quinn sees his only action in a blow out win vs the 49ers. Derrick Anderson and the Browns have a Cinderrella season and Anderson is named the starter for the 08 season


Quinn finally makes his 1st start of his career against Denver. Despite losing the game , Quinn goes pass for pass with future pro bowler Jay Cutler. He completes 65% of his passes with 2 TD's and no int's with a 104 QBR


Quinn makes his second start against the Bills. Despite hurting his finger in the 1st quarter , he leads his team to a 29-27 victory


After struggling in the first half against Houston, it is learned that Quinn played 2 games with a broken finger that would require season ending surgery. Quinn showed heart and toughness that was enough for Crennel to name him the starter for the 09 season.


This never came fruition as Crennel was fired a day after the season finale.


Having apparently not been satisfied with 1 apple from the Bellechick tree, Cleveland decides to take another bite with recently fired Jets coach Eric Mangeni. This is met with massive backlash from fans and media members alike. S.I columnist Joe Posanski called it ''the worst hire in 25 years''. Mangeni had a bad reputation for alienating players and fans. And his conservative offense was criticized by Brett Favre. Not an ideal coach for a young inexperienced QB. This is Quinns second coach in 3 years


A team in desperate need of play makers decides to trade one of the few they have on the roster. Kellen Winslow was an all pro TE at the time. Yet, Mangini decides to trade him to the Bucs for a 2nd round pick. It was said Winslow was traded because his ''attitude wasn't right'' (hmmm sound familiar?)


The browns trade the number 5 slot to the Jets for the Jets 17th pick and 3 players(all jags) . Despite having no speed on offense, the Browns pass on Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin, Jeremy Macklin and decide to trade back and take center Alex Mack. To be fair , Mack has been one of the better young centers in the league. In the second round the Browns take 2 possession receivers and ignore the desperate need for speed on the outside


After refusing to name a starter for the regular season , Mangeni finally names Brady Quinn as the starter. Many in the media blasted Mangeni for failing to name a starter . Many wondered how either QB could establish leadership and consistency by only taking half the snaps in practice. It seemed that Quinn was doomed from the start of the Mangeni era.


Despite only taking full snaps with the 1st team for 2 days. And despite being massively out gunned, Quinn puts up a decent game in a losing effort against MN Quinn completed 60% of his passes for 205 yards and 1TD. Again , not bad for a guy that had 1 FULL PRACTICE WITH THE 1st TEAM!!!!


Despite only starting 7 quarters and completing 60% of his passes , Quinn is pulled for Derrick Anderson. Later controversy would ensue when it was made public that Quinn had a 10 million dollar esculator clause if he played 70% of the snaps. Mangeni denied knowing about the clause. Many in the Cleveland media blamed Mangeni for playing politics instead of looking out for the teams needs


Mangeni again raises eyebrows by trading the only WR capable of making plays downfield. Braylon Edwards was traded to the Jets


After the worst offense in the NFL, Anderson is benched for Quinn . Quinn has a bad game against Baltimore. However, he lights it up in an epic shoot out against Matt Stafford and the Lions. Quinn throws for 304 yards and 4 td's. ( I am telling you guys the kid has real talent)


After a tough loss against Cincinati, Quinn again goes pass for pass with another star QB. Despite being out matched by Phillip Rivers receiving core, Quinn throws for 271 yards and 3 TD's in a close loss to San Diego. Quinn proves yet again he has talent despite having no playmakers


In a game with 28 mile an hour winds ,Brady Quinn once again prove his moxy by getting the Browns in FG range to win against the Steelers


Quinn pulls out a win vs KC breaking his foot in the process

Quinn out performed Derrick Anderson and it wasn't even close

comp %

Anderson 44.5

Quinn 53.5

Td ;Anderson 3 Quinn 8

Int % Anderson5.5 Quinn 2.7

You get the idea. And Quinn's ''weapons'' hah laughable

Mohamed Massoqui 34 rec Bust at WR

Jerome Henderson 34 rec Backup RB

Mike Furry 23 out of the NFL was a former safety

Josh Cribbs 20 KR

Chansi Stucki 19 slot receiver

Even Moore 12 out of the NFL

There isn't a QB in the world that could have won with that cast of out casts. The fact He had some good games is a miracle. This kid HAS REAL TALENT!


Quinn is traded to Denver. This is his 3rd head coach in 4 years


Broncos draft Tim Tebow


Josh McDaniels is fired. Quinn now is on his 4th coach in 5 years.


Despite beating out Tim Tebow as the 2nd QB, Tebow makes his first start,as John Fox and John Elway cave into fan pressure

You can't establish leadership and consistency in 12 starts. Even Peyton Manning needs help. i don't make excuses for guys , but that is rediculous . It is unfair to label this kid a bust given the incompetence around him. I would love to give Quinn another chance, a real chance, a fair chance. And given his tyes to Crennel and Daboll , don't be surprised if he is the QB competition Pioli has referred to. It was also rumored that Pioli wanted to trade for Quinn during the 09 season

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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