Calm down fans

I've got to be honest I am very disappointed in chiefs fans at the moment. Before you go crazy on the comments and tell me that your team is the worst team ever and you hate your life for being a chiefs fan take a step back and look at what we are doing first. There are multiple reasons why you guys are freaking out for no reason what so ever.

Complaint number one: We didn't get Manning! How can the chiefs let him go elsewhere!!!

My response: Stop acting like a five year old whose older brother got a present and you didn't. There were 12 teams interested in him and we got past the first cuts. The chiefs can not play mind control and tell a player to join us when he clearly is not interested. They went for it( regardless of how hard the tried) and he didn't bite. Sometimes fish just aren't that hungry. Deal with it.

Complaint number two: John Carlson left early to go sign with Minnesota, that must mean someone was crazy in KC.

My response: Do you guys even look up information before making a complaint? Listen a simple wikipedia search and you would learn that Carlson is from Minnesota. Let me clip that for you

He was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, however his family moved to Litchfield right after his birth.

Now tell me, if you were a player playing for a team like Seattle, born in Kansas City and grew up a chiefs fan wouldn't you jump at the chance to play pro ball in your hometown with family and friends around to see you play? He left for that reason and that reason only. The contract was there, regardless of if pioli matched it he was still going to go there. This is where Scott made a great decision. He stuck to his guy offered him what he was worth and the player walked. Too bad. End of story, this is not some conspiracy theory.

This article helps back up my statement on this -

Complaint number three: Why didn't we go after RG3, hes a mega stud.

My response: Do you have any idea how much an unproven, college qb would have costs? Regadless of his stature, we would have been stuck regretting that trade for the next 5 years, because thats how many draft picks we'd have to give up just for a chance at him. Get real guys, this was never an option

Complaint number four: Chiefs wont go for the big names

My response: The chiefs already have big names, we just didn't do it in FA. Charles, Berry, Hali, Johnson. Free agency has big name players, dont get me wrong. You can not tell me that locking up these big names though takes less presidence than getting a guy in FA. I would rather Pioli sign all of these guys up to big contracts keep them here where we love them and use the free agency to get a load of mediocre talent. This is much smarter than breaking the bank on three players then finding out in two seasons Hali's got to go because you spent all your money two years ago to get everyone else here. Plus what do you call Tolbert, and Eric Winston are not big names. These guys have multiple suitors though, don't expect us to break the bank for them when we can easily draft a player to fill in that gap during the draft.

Complaint number five: Matt Cassel is going to ruin us

My response: Give the man a break for christ sakes. That offense has been shifted around more than a stir fry. ( That analogy probably didn't make a ton of sense.) We have changed coordinators on him more times than you can imagine. The people that have success in the league do not have this sort of issue. They are not working on figuring out new plays season after season. They don't have 5-6 people telling them how to do this and that. Is he the answer? Probably not. But you guys talk about him like he is the worst qb in the nfl.

Guys who may begin 2012 as starters, but have no guarantee to last without improved performance.

Tim Tebow (Broncos): A nice storyline, but was frankly pretty bad as a passer in terms of accuracy. He has to show significant development, hopefully starting with some mechanics issues. No doubt he'll be working hard.

Blaine Gabbert (Jaguars): He needs more weapons around him, but looked overmatched as a rookie. Might have been a mistake to start him.

Colt McCoy (Browns): You get the sense the Browns could have another quarterback in mind (Robert Griffin III?) even as McCoy currently sits at No. 1 on the depth chart. I believe in McCoy, but not sure he has a great chance to succeed there.

Christian Ponder (Vikings): He will be the Week 1 starter, but will need to show he's on an upward trajectory for 2012.

Rex Grossman (Redskins): May be relegated to a future as a backup.

Tarvaris Jackson (Seahawks): The Seahawks might believe in his future, but league perception is that they could probably do better. He has to show more, because the Seahawks aren't devoid of weapons.

Curtis Painter (Colts): Almost certainly a backup to enter 2012.

John Beck (Redskins): See: Grossman, Rex.

go tell me that any of these guys is better than Cassel in the league right now. You can't? Oh who would have guessed. The problem is there are more teams then there are great Qb's. You guys need to realize this. I'm not willing to settle, but the chiefs won't be the worst team in the NFL with him behind the center. Stop thinking about how we aren't super bowl champs. You should be damn happy we aren't botttom dwelers anymore.

That brings me to my last issue. The chiefs have gotten better EVERY SINGLE SEASON since Pioli has been here. His way may not be the best way or the flashiest but you can't argue with me that he helped this team to get better. The talent at this level is 100% better than it was before he came along. People actually want our players. Our #2 Cb is going to get number 1 money in Dallas now. It's because instead of breaking bank on one player he gets them young, cheap, and grows them into stud players. It's a system. You may not like it but this site is getting flooded with complaints that Pioli is dumb and needs to go. I think you need to look at the big picture first then you can complain

Let the flood of hate comments begin...... Now

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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