Official Mock Draft Thread 3/14 - 3/21 (Free Agency Addition)

Hey everyone! Another week has passed and we are officially in Free Agency. The Chiefs are rumored to be interested in a couple running backs and a major OT that needs to be signed now. The following thread is here to discuss all of your draft ideas / needs. And make sure to rec this up to the front page!

My Ideal offseason is as follows:

Free Agency: Winston (RT), Tolbert (RB), Carlson (TE), Guyton (LB) , Routt (CB)

Resign: Daniels (CB), Belcher (SILB), Gordon (DT/DE), Bowe (WR), Richardson (OT)

Trade Scenarios:

Trade Glenn Dorsey and our 3rd rounder to Carolina for their 2nd round pick this year.

Trade down from pick 11 with Cincinnati for their pick 21 as well as their 2nd round pick this year.

1. (pick 21): Dontari Poe, DE/ NT, Memphis



I had Fletcher Cox here last mock simply because I believe that Cox will be a better 3-4 DE. But Poe has the unique ability to possibly be able to play NT down the road and be close to the same caliber of DE. Truly has great potential but he is very raw and will need to adjust to the NFL. Could probably start immediately as a 3-4 DE in a rotation with Poe.

2. (pick 8): Dont'a Hightower, SILB, Alabama



Hightower is a very good SILB prospect for a 3-4 defense but he falls because of his lack of potential as a 4-3 LB'er or 3-4 WILB due to his lack of great speed. He possesses very good instincts and quick read and react ability but lacks that elite sideline to sideline speed. Does show solid pass rush moves that could prove to keep him in the game on 3rd down.

2. (pick 12): Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin



A powerful guard who also shows great agility and quickness. A leader on one of the best offensive lines in the country that shows a very good work ethic and great technique. Instant competition with Lilja and I think he takes over his second season.

2. (pick 21): Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma St.



With the Chiefs filling many needs in FA they can focus on a more BPA combination. The safety class isn't spectacular this year but you do have some very solid safeties that would be perfect to pick as some competition / depth for Lewis. Martin is a natural FS with athleticism and good ball skills.

4. (pick 12): David Molk, C, Michigan



Depth at the center position in a prototypical ZBS center. Would most likely be on the PS or a game day inactive roster spot for the first few seasons but I really like this kid as a prospect. I have him slipping some because I don't think he can play in a PBS.

5. (pick 11): Akiem Hicks, DT/ DE, Canada



A potential sleeper at the 3-4 DE position he is very stout against the run and has some underrated albeit raw pass rush moves. A pure potential pick that may spend a season maturing and adjusting on the PS.

6. (pick 12): Austin Davis, QB, SMU



Davis is a typical Pioli late round QB pick. He has solid size and is a heralded leader of his team that possesses average mobility and an average arm. But those are the same things said about Brady and taking a late round shot to try and find another Brady is always worth it.

7. (pick 11) Sean Cattouse, SS, California



More young potential and depth at the safety position. He possesses very good size and athleticism and is capable of covering tight ends and playing a good zone coverage.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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