Alright Alright AL-right!!! AP, MY RED and GOLD Faithful, My battered and bruised bretheren we are T- Minus 4 hours and counting to the start of Free Agency officially begins. To date we have been drug through the ringer with Pey Pey Manning and his exploits using his frequent flyer miles all across the continental United States.. Beyond this circus event - roller coaster ride of emotion/heartbreak and speculation we can move forward…

Thus far this is what we have done…

We may lose Brandon Carr to FA:

Pioli Fix : Sign Stafford Routt

We needed to keep depth at the DE position:

Pioli Fix : Extend Amon Gordon

We chose not to extend/re-sign T.Jones

Pioli fix: Maybe the Law Firm, Tolbert or draft a RB to compliment Charles.

We have yet to resign Kelly Gregg

Pioli fix: We may go after NT Paul Soliai from Miami or another FA NT or draft a NT

We need to fix the Right Tackle, maybe a Center (Weigs may finally retire) and or a Guard we need new BEEF for the O-line other than (MIMMS):

Pioli fix: This is where I believe Pioli will do a bit of both: He will sign a FA (Levi Brown, Eric Winston) at the G/C position and RT and draft a kid as well.

We need a compliment TE for Moeaki who, though awesome and a high ceiling, is injury prone.

Pioli fix: We may go after TE Dallas Clark or maybe TE Boss. I believe we go after a TE late in the mid rounds and get TE Michael Engnew.

Quarterback: WE have 2 quantity QB’s on the roster: Cassel and Stanzi.

Pioli fix: We may go after QB Orton or another FA for competition, if we don’t then expect a mid level draft pick, I believe we go after a QB late in the mid – late round – Case Keenum- Houston.

We need quality depth at the ILB position:

Pioli fix: Give a second round tender on Belcher for some feelers but we know he is the starter for next year. I have been called crazy and told to get back on the wagon BUT... I like the idea of RAC getting Burfict into our fold and having Ol' Poppa Bear Romeo educate the kid and train him to be a team player, team first guy and have him be the final nasty hard hitting piece to our LB corps puzzle.. but thats just me...

Now my question to you AP is this: Utilizing this logic of where we are at on our basic needs we can watch all this week and next week and get an idea of what we are doing in the draft.


We sign Mike Tolbert = We are not going to target a RB in the draft

WE DON’T sign a RB = Look for a shocking pick of Trent Richardson in the 1st

We sign Kyle Orton = We more than likely wont target a QB in the draft

We don't sign a FA QB = Maybe a Tannehill draft pick or { Enter unproven non RGIII/LUCK player here}

So what are your gut feelings on how we spend that hard earned blue collar allocated salary cap space that Pioli & Co have at their disposal….

One thing is for certain AP, what ever moves we make in FA, which this APer beleives will be big splashes and fairley quick in all positions minus QB, will ascertain what direction we go in this upcoming draft. Unlike most teams, WE the underratted underdog Kansas City Chiefs have very minute (quntity) position that need addressed. We have a great young talented foundation of players now..

as they say in the movie MAJOR LEAGUE :" .. all we need is something to bring it all together..."

......Stay Classy Kansas City…....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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