No Manning is a failure in my book

As I posted probably a month ago I was fed up with mediocre play at QB. I said it was time to get an elite QB instead of hoping a backup can be our Trent Dilfer. Rarely does that pan out in todays football world. Its almost liek watching the 90's all over again. A team full of talent, but not the major piece needed to get there. It looks like the worst upgrade plan is all that is left (Orton) and we still may not get him back. What went wrong?

My choices for the new QB went like this. 1. Andrew Luck, 2. Robert Griffin III, and 3. Peyton Manning. With Orton being the failsafe to barely save face. Luck was all but gone after we won our first game. And RG3 was no longer and option after Friday. Manning was all that was left, to be a true upgrade and ballsy move by our front office. It would have been proof that it wasn't some ruse or smoke screen by our front office. Only smoke screens and lies by the front office are suppose to be used to distract and mislead other teams, not their fans.

Now I still hold out hope like a few left here still do. The one thing that gives me hope is that Pioli runs a tight ship, and news only gets out if he wants it out. The old "no news is good news" shtick. I don't trust the Denver Post crapola at all. It's typical Denver journalism. "We are the best and why wouldn't anyone want to play for us." line. I completely doubt he has a "source" inside this organization, especially because it's a division rival.

Problem is that everyone is taking his word as gospel. And no matter how hard I try to resist what i know is a lie. I can't help but feel sucked into the abyss that this lie created. If Mortenson especially says it I know it's a bad lead and without question false. But once you break a horse, no matter how spirited, it will do whatever you tell it. In other words I've heard the Manning isn't coming to KC and refused to see us stuff too much that it broke me to the point where I think its truth. Despite all the evidence to the contrary.

So Luck, Griffin, and now Manning are gone. Orton will probably get a starting gig somewhere, and he was barely an upgrade. Now all that is left is more of the same bull crap. Well will probably get stuck with a severe downgrade in Henne and have to listen to Pioli, Hunt, Daboll, and Crennel lie to our faces and say he is a good QB who will push Cassel for his spot. When we all know that it wont be a competion, and he isn't a QB to get us where we need to go. We will be lied to again and have either Cassel shoved down our throats again for the exact same results of inconsistency. Or have Campbell, Henne, or some other career backup journeyman to pretend to compete for the job and will be met with at best the same results as Cassel. Which isn't saying much.

I will cling the the hope as long as I can. But if we really are still in it, I need this front office to step up and say so. At least get a Meeting with Manning. Tell the guy we will bring in Saturday and Clark. And if he really wants to Wayne. I just dont get why Denver? Why Arizona? or Miami and the Titans for that matter. Denver sure has a ton of cap space but suck, and last year really was a fluke win. Sort of like Herm's first year of us backing into the playoffs. We would have won it if not for a blocked field goal. Arizona has Fitzgerald, and thats it. Oline sucks and D isn't great. Miami has a few players but are going through an overhaul of staff, and the talent they have isnt ready yet. Titans...well yeah not great. I just don't get how he can't see the pieces in place here and the fact that they are here to stay. We have a window open to the Super Bowl. With him he can at least make it realistic that we will get there. Without him it stays open with no chance of getting there, and it will close in our faces.

Come on Scott and Clark. Don't make us suffer through another year of "maybe" to "most likely not". Cassel can't get it done. And honestly I am not a fan of any of the QB's in next years draft. Especially Barkley...don't believe the hype with him. Seen him throw and play and dont like any of it.

Sorry for a long winded way of saying I still have faith even when I shouldn't. I just needed to vent. I just want the Front office to nut up and do what it takes at all costs to actually get better at QB. Not polish turds.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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