The worst...what if Denver gets Peyton.

I've been a big fan of trying to get Peyton Manning to KC, so reports of Denver being one of the favorites for landing him are like a big kick in the balls. So what if Peyton ends up in Denver? Here are my reactions:

1. The AFC West just got harder to win. This one is obvious so I won't dwell on it, though how much would it suck to have Denver win the division two years in a row?

2. The AFC West just got QB heavy. PM, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer. Palmer is past his prime but all of them are big name QBs with years of starting experience behind them.

3. Does this increase the chance of bringing Carr back? You can never have too many (great) CBs. The case for spending money (and over-paying) on Carr may be justified when looking at the quality of QBs the Chiefs will have to face each year to win the division.

4. You can never have too many CBs. Even if we don't bring back Carr, a S/CB will need to be drafted to ensure we have adequate depth and are continuing to develop talent in the backfield.

5. NT in the first round. Time to stop putting band-aids on the center of the DL. I understand that we don't actually spend a majority of every game in the 3-4. However, taking away the middle running lane with just one guy is an efficient way of freeing up the rest of the defense for stopping the pass and Peyton offenses are pass heavy (kind of like the opposite of a Tebow offense).

6. Dorsey has to go. He is a good run stopper but is terrible at disrupting the passer, don't take my word for it, that is what MNchiefsfan says. There is a question as to whether you have to rush the passer in order to disrupt PM since his release is so quick, but being able to collapse a pocket with just your DL seems like a must. Dorsey ain't cuttin' it.

7. Emphasize defense or offense in the draft. I'm intrigued as to whether Pioli decides to counter PM's presence by shaping the team to be able to out score PM or to defend him. Where will Pioli's focus be during the draft? I think we are closer to being dominant on the defensive side so I am leaning that way.

8. Face type. I didn't realize that size of your GM's head would play such a big part in where PM wanted to play. I'm thinking face/off. Get it. (in my best Travolta impersonation).

9. I just wanted someone who understands what I am going through. Seriously. Why Denver? If this happens I just don't get it. They have young WRs but none that are proven. Their run game success may not be repeatable if Tebow is not behind center (or even if he is). No TE of note. I heard on ESPN radio that the supposed connection of "old guns in their latter years" that may exists between Elway and PM is the major draw. Hard to believe a logical guy like PM would fall for something like that. Besides, isn't that what his Dad is for?

10. The great escape. I also can't bear the thought of Denver escaping from the mess they are in by having Tebow as the starting QB. He is terrible. Yet media and fan pressure may prevent them from replacing him during the year, even if he is terrible. I was looking forward to QB controversy constantly swirling around mile-high.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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