Man(ning) Down

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" - Michael Corleone

Let me start this litte diddy by giving a H/T to the fellow AP members Wait and See and Fong KC

They both shared links in a recent thread that may or may not have been discussed at length at some point in the last few days (if so, I apologize for the redundency), but I think they are very compelling and very good reasons to believe that the motherload, the end-all, the savior, reason-to-believe-in-miracles, Peyton Manning, will NOT come to the Kansas City Chiefs and lead us to the promised land (Super Bowl Championship, not Sofia Vergara's cleveage, for those who were confused on what "promised land" meant).

Let's jump right in

Not that, sillies; jump into the post.

So, Wait and See posted a link to this article that explains Peyton's agent, Tom Condon, and his past dealings with the New England Patriots, home to our beloved (beleaguered, beligerent, beguiled, be....killer Bs?) Scott Pioli for so many years. This article discusses the impending free agent WR Brandon Lloyd and his potential pairing with his soulmate OC Josh McDaniels in New England. The article goes into details about how Condon and the Pats haven't dealt with each other since 2004! This involved former Patriot TE Ben Watson, who was represented by Condon at the time, and his length-of-contract dispute. This ultimately led to Condon firing himself as Watson's agent so he would agree to a six-year rookie contract and the NFL banning six-year contracts for rookies.

After this dispute, Condon is quoted in the article saying, "We pretend there are 31 franchises in the NFL now and (the Patriots) pretend we don’t exist, even though we represent 140 of the best players in the NFL. That’s fine." Yikes.

But wait, exploring further, KC Fong posted this somewhat of a rebuttal that explores the fact that Tom Condon would, despite past hard feelings, field any calls or offers to Lloyd, including any from New England. It is pointed out that Condon's agency, CAA, represents several current Patriot players, and that Condon himself would do business with New England, elaborating himself on the Pats' and his relationship, "I may never like them and they may never like me, but I appreciate that they’re smart guys who usually get what they want. I usually get what I want, too, and what I want is what my client wants". So, Condon doesn't like the way New England does it's business, but he knows it's ultimately about his clients and what they want in the end, and he's willing to put aside the past to get a deal done.

So the painfully obvious question is does that bad blood carry over to Pioli to this day? I can't exactly say if Condon reps any of our current Chiefs' players, but we all know that we are desperately seeking Peyton and hope against hope he finds his way here to the home of the Chiefs. But unfortunately I'm going to go the depressing route, and say that Condon's past dealings with the likes of New England will come into play when we are talking about arguably his biggest client.

To say that Condon would listen to New England if they inquired about a WR who has only found consistent success under one OC who likely wouldn't get the kind of action he claims isn't really soothing. Lloyd wants to stay with McDaniels; New England needs a WR. Lloyd isn't exactly a marquee name in the free agent pool of wide receivers, and was a journeyman not three seasons ago. Of course Condon would listen to one of the few teams that would have reason to inquire about his services.

But Peyton, that is a horse of a different color......yeah, that just happened, does that blow your mind? Peyton may command the BIGGEST yearly salary in the history of the league, especially if teams start a bidding war for his services. Peyton is not the interviewee, he is the interviewer of these teams. He is in the drivers seat, at the controls, in the saddle. There is no reason to waste time with a GM who may carry that same New England attitude regarding contracts going into Peyton-palooza. If Condon feels Pioli would low-ball him, give him some BS incentive-laced contract with no chance of hitting said incentives, or anything of that nature, Condon would tell his FAIC (Free Agent in Charge) KC cannot lean on him, when they are not strong. He won't be their friend. He won't help them carry on.

Again, I do not know exactly what players Condon reps that have been signed by Pioli in his tenure in KC, but needless to say, they are not Peyton Manning. Condon would see no reason to suggest Peyton even see what we are about nor what we could offer him. Of course, I would hope if Peyton truly has interest in us, Condon would put those feelings about Pioli, if they exist at all, aside to appease his golden calf, ahem, I mean goose, to allow him to finish his career where he chooses. But I am starting to be concerned that Condon is steering him away from the likes of any former New England management.

It's easy to see why Peyton would choose the places he has visited and is expected to visit in the next week; he's friends with John Elway, John Fox, and Ken Whisenhunt. He lives in Miami, and he went to school in Tennessee.

However, while it's very convaluted to decipher the teams he is avoiding, KC may have more of a reason to be avoided than we can either prove or compare, unfortunately. The Pats obviously don't need the Tom Brady Wannabe. Tom Dimitroff and the Dirty Birds aren't looking for Pey Pey. There is no one that hopes this whole 1000 word article of conjecture is completely inaccurate more than I do (except for the pic of Sofia Vergara, she is the unquestioned truth) and we can be fairly certain we will never know the facts of Peyton's decisions, but one hammerfist to the crotch of all Chiefs fans is staring us right in the face.....or crotch, and his name is Tom Condon, not Robert Paulson.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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